I Lost my Soulmate...
By RathaNot
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Y/N loves BTS. She found there music during a very difficult time in her life, and it helped her to realize the truth: none of it had ever been her fault or ever would be. Now she can focus on what really matters. She can find her soulmate. The first words you hear from your soulmate are inscribed on your wrist, and the style it is written in hints at the kind of relationship you will have. Y/N checks her wrist every day, but so far she hasn't met her one and only. What will happen when she comes home from a fanmeet and the words spoken to her by Kim Taehyung are on her wrist in cute, flowery writing? Kim Taehyung has hoped for a long time that he will find his soulmate, but what will he do when he gets to their hotel room after a fanmeet and he doesn't remember the girl who spoke the words he discovers on his wrist?

1 Year Before

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I Lost my...
by RathaNot