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Quarantined | taekook✔️ by btshopee
Quarantined | taekook✔️by Molly ✌️
Jungkook: hello Jungkook: I typed in a random number Jungkook: cos quarantine be hella boring Jungkook: I stg if this isn't an actual number I will cry Jungkook: I need...
Forced marriage/KIM TAEHYUNG FF by nxa_axn
Forced marriage/KIM TAEHYUNG FFby ☘︎𝘋𝘈𝘙𝘒𝘟𝘛𝘟𝘛☘︎
You are a normal 22 year old girl but nothing became normal until your parents forced you to marry someone, and this guy is rich and maybe help their company so you were...
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Feral - Hybrid!Taehyung x Reader by scoupsyouintomyarms
Feral - Hybrid!Taehyung x Readerby S.Coupsyouintomyarms
You work for a hybrid clinic, your aim is to save as many stray, abused hybrids as possible. One hybrid, Taehyung comes into the clinic and seems to be more animal than...
The Gucci Guy | KTH ✔ by SUGAHOBIC
The Gucci Guy | KTH ✔by ✧𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧✧
"Do you even know who I am??" he asked in frustration. "No. Are you some president here or something and I wasn't informed?" He shook his head and ga...
Touch Of The Poor [|✓Taekook✓|] by TzoBngtn
Touch Of The Poor [|✓Taekook✓|]by Softaekoohours
●Where Taehyung is a poor, hardworking boy, trying his best to survive each day and Jeongguk is a rich CEO who only knows how to brag about his wealth and power. ●If yo...
Forbidden Desires || Taekook ✓ by bangtanboyzarelife
Forbidden Desires || Taekook ✓by ᴮᵉTS⁷
"A mafia can't be gay, at least not for his fucking Rival" "I can say the same cause my hands are itching to fill your head with bullets right now" W...
TUTOR HIM | TAEKOOK  by vnrann
"من المفترض أن أقوم بـتدريسك ، لكنك مشغول جداً بالتحدث عني و أنا أمتص قضيبك." Credit to the owner: @joonthetic
Jungkook Sickfics [Oneshots-Minishots] by Ggukie_Tokki
Jungkook Sickfics [Oneshots-Minish...by ᴮᴱ𝕄ɪ𝔫𝔫ɪ𝕖⁷🥺
Just a bunch of Jungkook getting hurt, sick and more...
Bottom Jungkook Mpreg Oneshots by Ggukie_Tokki
Bottom Jungkook Mpreg Oneshotsby ᴮᴱ𝕄ɪ𝔫𝔫ɪ𝕖⁷🥺
Just a mpreg one-shots with Jungkook being the bottom in all😂 May contain: -Smuts (I'm not good with smuts, cringing is free jk) -Angst -Sad -Fluff -Cheating -And man...
Forth Beam one shots by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam one shotsby Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot. cover by @meha_k
Crossing Paths  by ur_hobi
Crossing Paths by ur_hope
V is the member of biggest K-pop boy group BTS. While Jennie is the member of the biggest K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. Two people from different groups will end up cro...
BABY HYBRID // KIM TAEHYUNG // by feelintae
BABY HYBRID // KIM TAEHYUNG //by feelintae
❝mommy doesn't suit you anymore, babygirl sounds better❞ B e s t R a n k i n g s : ↬ 2 out of 12 in #btshybridau ↬ 2 out of 3.07k in #pets ↬ 3 out of 125 in #btshybrid...
My cold husband - Tk ✔️ by _kookielucious_
My cold husband - Tk ✔️by kookielucious
Complete ♡(∩o∩)♡ where jungkook get married to taehyung because of business deal made by their dads but taehyung hate jungkook because his gf leave him will he ever lov...
Hayan Night [|✓Taekook✓|] by TzoBngtn
Hayan Night [|✓Taekook✓|]by Softaekoohours
[Under minor editing] ●Where Jeongguk happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up working in the VIP section of a club which is run by a guy named V. ...
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (3) by deebamanja
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (3)by Deebamanja
'I don't know...I just feel so sexy right now....since I'm not wearing anything under the duvet...' "W...what?! You...You're naked?" Bright's eyes went wide as...
An Indescribable Feeling by MissHelen95
An Indescribable Feelingby DayDreamRomantic
When a world wide sickness means BTS have a time limit to find their final soulmate, they come up with a plan to find them during their world tour. - Short chapters Week...
Through Games & Sorrow [|✓Taekook✓|] by TzoBngtn
Through Games & Sorrow [|✓Taekook✓...by Softaekoohours
●Where Taehyung is a young lawyer who always strives to prove his worth and Jeongguk is a college kid who doesn't know and nor cares about laws and boundaries. Their pa...
RIGID || TaeJin ☑️ by jinniyakim
RIGID || TaeJin ☑️by jinNiyakim
Taehyung: He is cold, expressionless and rigid. Seokjin: He's carefree, loving and patient. "Can you help me forget my past?" This is a TAEJIN fanfic. #1 - Tae...
Untamed |m.yg x bts| by -Sugamii-
Untamed |m.yg x bts|by 🌙
Min Yoongi is a lost untamed Omega. Suffering alone after his last pack kicked him out. The omega has lived as a homeless for 4 years being haunted by his past. Some wo...