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Path of the Lilies by Sorahana_
Path of the Liliesby sorahana
Ever since she was a child, Ye Jiao was treated as trash in Chen Kingdom. Suffering from countless beatings and endless humiliation, Ye Jiao endured the harsh life witho...
Master Fu's Beloved Petite Wife Is Calling for Divorce Again by eurigagarin_
Master Fu's Beloved Petite Wife Is...by euriii
Su Yu had loved Bo Yunian for five years. She did not hesitate to break off all ties with her family to marry him. However, once Grandpa Bo passed away, she was framed a...
Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse  by Ebonsolaris
Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse by Ebonsolaris
Ren Zexian had lived 10,000 years, had experienced many things, had lived through many things. That included the death of his own realm. But what he never expected to...
Rebel: The Inheritance System by iHateMilks
Rebel: The Inheritance Systemby iHateMilks
Synopsis ---------- All he wanted was a simple life, but fate toyed with him his entire life on Earth. Every time he would be close to getting a job, bigger powers would...
The Legend Of Fuyao Book 1 by MLouw619
The Legend Of Fuyao Book 1by MLouw619
Please note this is not my novel. I have no rights to the story, characters nor the translation. This is merely for offline reading. All credit goes to the original auth...
Making A Better Protagonist by Sin-devil
Making A Better Protagonistby Sin-devil
He always thought that he would sit alone reading novels .... Go to college, doze off , eat and then head back to his empty home to read. Who would have thought he would...
Bookhunting: Chinese Novels by Foenix8
Bookhunting: Chinese Novelsby Fo
Have you ever read a Chinese novel? Or at least been curious about them? Maybe you're just looking for something good to read? Check out this compilation of original and...
INYFL by _AtlasD
INYFLby Atlas Dyanthus
Not my own story. For offline reading purpose only. ㅡ Ye Yu transmigrated into a self-cultivation novel. Twice. After her second transmigration, she became the evil fema...
One-click Cultivation System by NovelDragon_Eizen
One-click Cultivation Systemby ND_Eizen
"Ding!" The first function is activated. Initiate auto-conditioning. The training speed is equivalent to that of a super monster! " "Ding!" &quo...
[This is not my work! For offline reading purpose only!] [1 Part = 20 Chapters] Author: Su Xiao Nuan, 苏小暖 Genre: Xianxia, Shoujo, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Hi...
MDZS Memes by FanficsLittleDevil
MDZS Memesby 小艺术家
(COMPLETED) Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed/Founder of Diabolism memes. All memes and pictures in this book are from google. I do not own anything. Does include some mature la...
[BOOK 1] The Interstellar Male God  by Hira_yaa
[BOOK 1] The Interstellar Male God by riyah
Short Title : IMG Alternate Title : 星际之国民男神 Status : Completed Author : Demon Fox With Fiery Tail Link :https://www.mtlnovel.com/the-interstellar-male-god/ When a genius...
Till The End Of The Moon (Black Moonlight Holds The BE Script) by Jingxi070
Till The End Of The Moon (Black Mo...by Zia
[ONGOING] Native Title: 长月烬明 Also Known As: Hei Yue Guang Wen Na BE Ju Ben , Yue Zhao Qian Feng Wei Yi Ren , Zhang Yue Wu Jin , 月照千峰为一人 , 黑月光拿稳BE剧本 , 长月无烬 , Zhang Yue Ji...
Lord of End of World by BlackyRose1
Lord of End of Worldby ☠️ Blacky Rose ☠️
I'm not the author or the translator of this story or own anything about this story For offline reading Synopsis This is a story about Gong Lixin who was the young maste...
Still Learning To Live As A Cultivator by Ebonsolaris
Still Learning To Live As A Cultiv...by Ebonsolaris
The continuation of Learning To Live As A Cultivator When Leon awoke in another realm, beneath the fist of another, he had no clue how to deal with the change. But now...
Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry) by Jingxi070
Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry)by Zia
[COMPLETED] When the ordinary human encounters difficulties and separation in his life, he can nevertheless resort to praying to the Gods and to Buddha - but what if one...
Wait what!? I got transmigrated into Tgcf !!! ( Fan Fiction ) by Jinx_gumiho
Wait what!? I got transmigrated in...by XieLian's Trash❤
*Ahem ... Third wheeling Hualian😉 《 Protagonist POV 》 Being a big fan of MXTX and Tgcf, I always wondered what if I could just get inside the novel and experience every...
THE VILLAIN's APPRENTICE - BOOK 2 by huntress2021
Da Xia and Yong Jie's relationship continued to flourish throughout their journey. They met a lot of people and experienced a lot of trials and tribulations along the wa...
Severing Time & Space by BrandonVarnell
Severing Time & Spaceby Brandon Varnell
MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Wu Jian is the clan heir of the Wu Clan, but his fellow clansmen bully him because he is weak and cowardly. The only person who cherishes him is his b...
Shooting Star [Never Let You Go, Again Book 2] by WangXianLovingLotus
Shooting Star [Never Let You Go, A...by FieryPhoenix
Absolute darkness. Everywhere Wei Wuxian looked there was nothing but complete blackness. The one thing to light up the place was... himself. Deep in a dark abyss, he st...