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▪️Stupid Injection (Yizhan)▪️ by WangYibo860
▪️Stupid Injection (Yizhan)▪️by WangYibo860
What will you do when you wake up after a long time and you see your belly is big What will you do when you wake up and found out that you are pregnant Come and let's...
My Favorite Laoshi (mpreg) [completed] by nnaj2004
My Favorite Laoshi (mpreg) [ nnj
Wang Yibo, 18 years old, extremely cold high school student. Famous with the girls for his good looking and rich family, but hated by the guy cause he always threaten th...
The Untamed Meme Book by TheUntamedMeme
The Untamed Meme Bookby The Untamed Memes
"The Untamed" is a Chinese drama with a thrilling plot. Enjoy the memes. Credit to original posts- mainly Tumblr. Thanks for reading!
YIBO IS MINE! ✔ by FatumaHabuya
YIBO IS MINE! ✔by Fatuma Habuya
this is just a short story
She's a clear Halo [Mdzs/The Untamed FF] by moonrabbi7
She's a clear Halo [Mdzs/The Moon Rabbit
At the foot of the mountain was where she was thrown. Lan Xichen found her and took her in, naming her Lan Mingxia. Let's watch her grow up and find out who she really i...
My Love, The Yiling Laozu!  by HoneyAloner05
My Love, The Yiling Laozu! by Yang Seolhee
When someone just decide to make a bad impression for the first meeting. The 2nd prince of Gusu just snap at the Crown prince of Yiling in front of the Royal Jiang's.
The Rise of the Divine Oracle by BlakSalt
The Rise of the Divine Oracleby Blak Salt
What comes easy won't last long, and what lasts long won't come easy. Wei Wuxian has a destiny that has yet to reveal itself. Hardship was just the beginning, sacrifice...
Oh My Heart! [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
Oh My Heart! [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
Xiao Zhan experiences his own small and modern Cinderella story when he meets the popular and respected youngest son of the Wang family. This story is another fan ficti...
Schoolmate [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
Schoolmate [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
Xiao Zhan is 16 years old and new at the school. He was looking forward to his first day at the new school and hoped to make some friends there. Too bad that an unplanne...
His Race (YiZhan Fanfiction) by Kimnielle88
His Race (YiZhan Fanfiction)by Enyel Elyen
June 2020 Being friends since high school. Xiao Zhan was there always for Wang Yibo, supporting him and cheering for him in every way he can. Now he's already a teacher...
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I want you back[Completed] by Taragirl96
I want you back[Completed]by Taragirl96
This is the sequel to my first Fan fiction. Wei ying was looking at the paper on the table that lan zhan has asked him to sign up. All night he stood there staring at t...
Book 1: The Cultivator's Son by Naomi_Chihaya
Book 1: The Cultivator's Sonby Naomi Chihaya
Many people celebrated the fall of one of the greatest cultivator sect in the world, the Wen Clan. The success of the Sunshot Campaign of the Four Great Clan gives light...
Collide and Cry by Bangtanarmy581
Collide and Cryby BANGbangtan
Wei WuXian was the secret of the Jiang sect. Not many knew of him, and everyone was warned against going towards the house on the river. All who tried were punished, sev...
The Fifth Concubine {Wangxian} by _MooBerry_
The Fifth Concubine {Wangxian}by ❛︎wuxing❜︎
Wei Wuxian is the fifth concubine of Lan Wangji. He don't care about it at all, and friend with the main wife and the other 4 concubine. But what happen when Lan Wangji...
Black ~ A ¥iZhan Lov€ $tory by eroticfictionauthor
Black ~ A ¥iZhan Lov€ $toryby LuvLaws
In the world of utter darkness, blooms a musical prodigy. To the world he was a maestro, yet he himself was wrapped away from the worldly being. He was Xiao Zhan. Innoc...
Two Worlds by moonlygth
Two Worldsby 一战
"I don't believe in Angels until I met you." 06/04/2020
Let Me Chase You by anazianblonde
Let Me Chase Youby anazianblonde
Wang Yibo is a celebrity known for his dancing skills and involvement in the motorcycle racing world. Xiao Zhan is an Internal Medicine doctor at Yunmeng Hospital. Afte...
Wangxian Story by Cruscios
Wangxian Storyby Cruscios
Another wangxian story. ~~~ It's a slow story. Super slow. I keep re-editing chapters. Too many ideas and stuff. Hopefully it turns out well. Characters are slightl...
Crazy Something by iiZuuCoe_614
Crazy Somethingby DAYTOY(coe)
▶just pieces of pain◀ (Wang Yibo * Xiao Zhan)
[Yiling Wei Clan's Leader?]  by goldenseagull1997
[Yiling Wei Clan's Leader?] by 97_on_Top
What if a clan called Yiling Wei existed? and it ranks first in the cultivating world? What if Wei Wuxian was never taken care of the Jiang Family-instead when he was an...