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AT THE BREAKING POINT (bini_mikhaxfemreader) by ninililicutie
AT THE BREAKING POINT ( ninililicutie
when y/n the ninth member of the bini reach her breaking point.what will her friends/member do to stop y/n from doing what she want to do what will mikha do when she fou...
Unconditionally  by SleepyPanda95
Unconditionally by MinasDaddy
Mikha found out one of her closest friend is pregnant and that girl is Aiah, the girl that she likes
isteriku fesya by bungasex
isteriku fesyaby z
Kisah isteriku fesya yang bersikap nakal dengan jantan2 hidung belang
LOST CONSTELLATION (BINI) by kristina_alexa7
BINI X KRISANTHA ‼️: KRISANTHA is just a fictional character! The thoughts, actions, or beliefs of the characters (BINI members) in this story do not portray their thoug...
Mirage by AlliLovesBini
Mirageby Alli
Mikhaiah AU Mira just got out of Jail and became a new tenant in Aliyah's current compound. They are neighbors and their lives will start to intertwine. /// Aliyah Vil...
Never Less by AlliLovesBini
Never Lessby Alli
Jhocey Oneshot AU So ayon nagtanong ako kung anong ship trip niyo kaya ayern Jhocey HAHA Thank you pala sa mga nag suggest! heart heart sainyo <3 :)) Disclaimer: This...
SCREAM (bini story) by EllaizaAlvarez3
SCREAM (bini story)by Ellaiza Alvarez
8 girls on a one circle, there are 1 or more killer behind the mask
When You Slept On My Shoulders - MIKHAIAH by binicave
When You Slept On My Shoulders - rkayve
Maraiah's motorcycle is undergoing repair, so there's been a change of plans for her way home. She thought of one solution, and it's by commuting. The woman rarely commu...
Unang Tingin || Macolet by smileeyy09
Unang Tingin || Macoletby ley
This story is for fun and entertainment purposes only! •Appreciating everything that comes to your life can be easy. Therefore, it can be hard to let go.
"hate or love?" | MIKHALOI AU by anakngmikhaloi_
"hate or love?" | MIKHALOI AUby renica
An au wherein... They used too be strangers to lovers...
my cold fiance  by AlryanaMBriones
my cold fiance by kia Lee
Title: My Cold Fiance Description: In the story "My Cold Fiance," the narrative unfolds through the perspectives of Aiah and Mikha, an engaged couple with cont...
Love Between Arguments | Mikhaiah by hanailia_luv
Love Between Arguments | Mikhaiahby hanailia_luv
"Why am I attracted to you?" What if two top students, complete opposites, constantly cross paths but clash every time? Could they end up in a classic enemies...
Many of us are uncertain about our life's direction, but some know when to turn and when to pause. In my 20 years of experience, I've felt trapped, unable to see the pat...
"From Probinsya Girl to City Girl: A Tale of Contrasts"   by AlryanaMBriones
"From Probinsya Girl to City kia Lee
Title: "From Probinsya Girl to City Girl: A Tale of Contrasts" Description: Yniee Luna Torres Padilla, a kind-hearted nature enthusiast, embodies the essence o...
Dilaw by frostmint_
Dilawby MintFrost
wherein Aiah decided to join the Music club just to be with the girl she fell in love with. Everything seems brighter than before could they be each other's "Dilaw...
BINI: Collection Of One-Shots x Reader by mikhawishtothestars
BINI: Collection Of One-Shots x Kageyama
Read this compilation of fanfic one-shot stories featuring BINI members x Male & Female Reader, all written by yours truly. What is BINI? Bini (stylized as BINI) is an...
A Secret Love Song (Bini Maloi x Female Reader) by ImcaptainJergi
A Secret Love Song (Bini Maloi x CAPTAIN_JERGI
Bini Maloi member of the Nation's Girl Group Bini falls in love with Jhoanna Robles' filthy rich cousin Y/N Y/L/N Robles but she is new to this feeling, falling in lov...
Tadhana | Jholet  by fltragedy
Tadhana | Jholet by fltragedy
A #jholet au wherein: A story about Two couple who once became 'Lovers' but now a 'Divorced' Couple, not until love miraculously begins to bloom again. Will Athena (jho...