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[COMPLETED] Fan Service (JENLISA) by awiama
[COMPLETED] Fan Service (JENLISA)by awiama
Just read it! I'm not good in writing description. This would be my first story, please support! I will try to write this story in full english hahaha
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Sisterly Love (Lesbian story) by Laluv1
Sisterly Love (Lesbian story)by lauren m
Lily is a high school sophomore who lives with her mom, dad, and adopted sister Tia. Tia was adopted a few years back and is one grade ahead of Lily. Although they're ad...
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Justification Of An Anomaly by iwasntknownbymyname
Justification Of An Anomalyby E
This story is an AU Fanfic for Hani and Junghwa of EXID. Hani is a writer that likes peace and quiet. Junghwa is a socialite that does what she want. If these two met...
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You Changed Me  by HeyImGhaila
You Changed Me by Ghaila Salciedo
*Tagalog/English *Jhobea *GxG
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something wicked // b.dennis  by avamariachancey
something wicked // b.dennis by avamariachancey
"I've never met anyone quite as extraordinary as you." •• The unaligned succubus and an original vampire. Who would've thought? •• highest ranking : NUMBER ON...
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Why can't we be together forever? (Yuzu x Mei) by MeiIzMahWaifu
Why can't we be together forever...by Okeh
Why does the perfect moment ruined? Why can't our love ones stay forever? And most importantly, Why can't we be together?
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SY by Valerie_Larson
SYby Val
Everything they seek is not always what's in reality.
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Isi Hati yang tak terungkap  by elly_shaaa
Isi Hati yang tak terungkap by Caaa
Aku risau apa yang aku rasa ni menjerat diri. Aku dah penat lukakan hati sendiri. Dah penat rawat luka sendiri. Biarlah ia terus dipendam sampai tiba masanya nanti.
Remembering You (GirlxGirl) by lauraaaaaa0609
Remembering You (GirlxGirl)by S
How can I forget that one person who made me feel that I was important? That person who made feel that I can be loved. That person whom I opened myself to and accepted m...
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The Keeper (One Shot) by Icieyou
The Keeper (One Shot)by R
Paano kung natutong mag mahal ang isang kamatayan?
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Strawberries & Cigarettes (Jenlisa Fanfic) by StarryStarryNini
Strawberries & Cigarettes (Jenlisa...by Jennie'sMain
The taste of cigarettes on your mouth and my strawberry lipstick mix together when we kiss was the best thing that I ever tasted. A JENLISA FANFIC FOR MY FELLOW JENLISA...
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DI NA KITA MAHAL (GXG 𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕥) by shesintoher39
DI NA KITA MAHAL (GXG 𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕠...by Otornenyo
This is just a oneshot story. Vote, Read and Support my stories guys, Luvlotsss.
My Darkness Life by Bidakcute
My Darkness Lifeby girt
CRIME ABROAD BURGLARY CHILDHOOD ABUSE PROSTITUTION DRUG LORD SERIAL KILLER The unfortunate thing about working but a good deeds in my entire life. I was cynical all the...
Loving Ms. ALEXANDRA (GxG) by criszycello
Loving Ms. ALEXANDRA (GxG)by ItsMeZylicious
Girlxgirl story ON GOING
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10 days by Yowinow
10 daysby Ywnw
"Kaya lamang ako nandito para sa grade requirements na yan, nothing else." Ano nga ba ang mangyayari sa loob ng sampung araw? Kaya't ating tunghayan ang istory...
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I'm Falling Inlove With Her by EmchieUrsua
I'm Falling Inlove With Herby MacCastrojeres
Natiese/Camren Fanfic
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The Idea of You (JENLISA) by xmoonlightdust
The Idea of You (JENLISA)by xmoonlightdust
This is an JENLISA fan fiction. If you're not comfortable reading this, you may stop now. 💕
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We Met For A Reason by dragonarius8
There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you're the one that will change theirs. Life is like a book. Some chapters...
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Ang REVENGE ng Isang TOMBOY by khulitJay_20
Ang REVENGE ng Isang TOMBOYby jayjay velez
Kailangan Kong bumangon mula sa pagkalugmok ko at kailangan Kong ipaghiganti ang sarili ko laban sa taong umapi sa akin. * Blessele joy " Bj " Dixon *
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