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I'm With Bai Yuegang (MTL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
I'm With Bai Yuegang (MTL) by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
Author: Jiang Shenyang Translator: MTL Novels .... For offline purposes only. We do not own the novel.
𝙒𝙊𝙈𝙀𝙉 by kaysgf
𝙒𝙊𝙈𝙀𝙉by kaysgf
𝙁𝙚𝙢 𝙓 𝙛𝙚𝙢 𝙨𝙢𝙪𝙩𝙨
The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap by grayALIBASTER
The Reincarnated Vampire Wants Gray Alibaster
A polite and lethargic boy was reincarnated in another world as a vampire bishoujo. In this world of swords and magic, this protagonist who was reborn replete with all k...
Charm ☘️ by Tharawon_TTH
Charm ☘️by ☘️💛
ဒီဇင်ဘာရဲ့ အချမ်းဒဏ်ဟာ ချမ်းရဲ့ပါးချိုင့်နက်နက်ထဲ ပုန်းရှောင်နေလိုက်မှ သက်သာသွားတာ။ - နန်း နှောင်ကြိုးတွေ။ ဒီသံသရာကန...
The Summoned Demon Wife   by NobleKnight177
The Summoned Demon Wife by NobleK
The young orphaned adventurer, Y/n tried summoning the devil to help her career as her own skills are lacking. The devil comes in the form of a beauty who offers to gra...
The President Is A Crybaby by 6ravity
The President Is A Crybabyby iamnoangel
After graduating, Kim Jiyeon became an intern at a company. The atmosphere in the company was nice, the work was relaxing, her coworkers all took care of her, except for...
VTuberなんだが配信切り忘れたら伝説になってた。 by yrusoogayy5ever
VTuberなんだが配信切り忘れたら伝説になってた。by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
1'm a VTub3r but 1 F0rg0t T0 St0p the Str3am and B3cam3 a L3ge3nd Author: 塩かずのこ Translator: TheLazy9 Tanaka Yuki, aka Kokorone Awayuki, was miraculously accepted for the...
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I Woke Up To Find I Have A Child (MTL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
I Woke Up To Find I Have A Child ( 4EverMerry&Gayyy
Han Feixu says goodbye to her deskmate and agrees to skip cram school later tonight so they can go see the goddess performing in the city's center. She went home to take...
Thank you for the invitation, the actress and I have made it GL MTL by a54m1ismysoulm4t3
Thank you for the invitation, a5am1s4tois4hottie
谢邀,影后和我牵手成功了 Author:木亿 Before the filming of the romance drama "First He...
MatMar 1  (MTL) (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
MatMar 1 (MTL) (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) 4EverMerry&Gayyy
Matrilocal Marriage Yun An was a volunteer chosen among thousands by the space time research institute. Simply planning to record the true historical events of the mili...
One Summer With You || FreenBecky [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
One Summer With You || deshu
"You know what is the Broken Destiny?" "It's about two people who love each other, but for some reason, they can't be together." A glimpse before the...
FAR FROM ERIS  • FreenBecky • by Rolaklak
FAR FROM ERIS • FreenBecky •by Ro LakLak
For you, whom I don't remember, neither your face nor your voice. But whom I carry with me, I wish you come back. ----------------------------- Translation from LEJOS DE...
WHMOMYAS (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
WHMOMYAS (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL) by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
Who Moved My Ashes? Jiang Xichu was Chen Man's secretary for many years. There was an inevitable dispute in the workplace. On this day, she just had a big fight with Ch...
WTODO (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
WTODO (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) (GL) by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
WHAT TO DO IF THE SYSTEM FORCES YOU TO EXERCISE The frail and sickly Wen Jiexi had always wanted one thing: a healthy body and like a dream come true, one day, she was s...
persona || paige bueckers by JiaJia_28
persona || paige bueckersby JiaJia_28
The first mistake Kazzi Kovers made was running a Paige Bueckers twitter fanpage account while being the basketball star's self-proclaimed rival. The second mistake she...
When the Wingman Falls | Darlentina / JaneNella by summerqueen07
When the Wingman Falls | eyardeeeee
Jane De Leon, a 4th year college student, has an unbreakable bond with her bestfriend, Joshua Garcia; but what if they both found themselves falling in love with the sam...
Crush On You ♡'・ᴗ・'♡ by JennieLove422
Crush On You ♡'・ᴗ・'♡by Lily
do you believe in destiny ✨💖
daddy's son (gxg)  by itsdesna
daddy's son (gxg) by Desna
Aren kendi dertleriyle sahil kenarında vakit geçirirken kucağına atlayıp bacağına sarılan bir oğlan çocuğunun, kendisine "baba" demesini elbette beklemiyordu...
Ellie & Quinn ❄️ || WLW (Eng) by MissWriter13
Ellie & Quinn ❄️ || WLW (Eng)by Lotta
After dropping out of college, Ellie is forced to join her parents on a three month stay to Canada. Not being used to the cold weather, the mountains and all the snow, E...
A Better Boyfriend (GirlxGirl) by AsteriS47
A Better Boyfriend (GirlxGirl)by Bella
Scarlet and Destiny have been best friends for years, but there's always been one major thing staring Destiny right in the face, and that is the way that she feels for S...