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Sapphire Cullen {Renesmee's twin sister} by teya-bre
Sapphire Cullen {Renesmee's twin teya-bre
My 4th attempt at a Twilight fanfic XD [Don't judge me:( ] Sapphire Jewell Elizabeth Cullen, the younger twin sister of Renesmee Claire Cullen Sapphire had always been...
The Forgotten One //SLOW UPDATES// by imakerandombooks
The Forgotten One //SLOW UPDATES//by imakerandombooks
Faith Mikealson was twins with Hope Mikealson the beauty of the family,the one everyone cares about,the one who was loved the most.Faith was so tired of her "Family...
Lessie by Gracejenniferanne
Lessieby Gracejenniferanne
Lessie has always been alone and unloved. she has always been criticised by her mother. she has never being cared for and felt loved. she has only given others love and...
Todoroki's Twin Sister *BNHA* by HaloStories1
Todoroki's Twin Sister *BNHA*by Halo
Cover by the amazing @thelittlenovel Please also check out her amazing stories she creates! This is a Katsuki X Reader story. I do not own My hero academia! I do not ow...
The Alpha King's Army Medic by infinitelight_
The Alpha King's Army Medicby Ella
Being in the army was difficult, to begin with. Being an army medic and surgeon was even harder. Being the only human where I am stationed is probably the hardest thing...
The Lost Potter by read_write_thrive
The Lost Potterby RWT
(Sorry about the working title, brainstorming left me empty handed) Sybil never finished the prophecy. While she only catches to first section, it was the last verse tha...
Golden Girl- James Potter Love Story by jade_diamond11
Golden Girl- James Potter Love jade_diamond11
She closed her eyes, picturing all she held dear. "It was well worth the adventure." Ella Vine is different. She's a witch at Hogwarts School but that's only...
Not the Same by EmeraldSapphire_02
Not the Sameby •
❝Who we are and who we are to survive are two very different things.❞ Adeline Esmeralda Hale-Kingston is a 16-year-old girl with a rough past. Overcoming the things that...
Not Everything Goes as Planned by val_jezamine
Not Everything Goes as Plannedby Valerie Macias
Catalina Moretti - Vargas has had a complicated life. After her mother and father divorced and she was sent with her mother, who left her in a alley at the age of 3, her...
Burning White || My Hero Academia by the_Insomnia_queen
Burning White || My Hero Academiaby B E R E N I C E
Kasai Todoroki is the epitome of rule breaker, the literal definition. She lived to defy everything. She has a temper that is as hot as fire. People will claim her to b...
Siriusly, another Potter by xxxlovexreadingxxx
Siriusly, another Potterby Killa_D
When James' sister Allison gets expelled from Beauxbatons. She has to go to Hogwarts. What will happen when she meets the marauders. How reacts a certain Marauders when...
Long lost Princess by instabaddie16
Long lost Princessby instabaddie16
Victorri De Luca, the mafia princess was kidnapped at the age of 2 by her mother. What will happen when a tragic event happens that kills her mother and stepfather? Will...
Maybe Someday by ScarletWSilver
Maybe Somedayby Scarlet W Silver
My name is Annabelle Rogers and I was born in the 1910's. I am Steve's twin sister and younger by almost fifteen minutes. He went off to war and I was taken by an organi...
Rose Lily Evans (H.P. fan fiction) by irishsnowflakeluv
Rose Lily Evans (H.P. fan fiction)by Bella White
Book One ---------------- Harry James Potter. The boy who lived. What if there was another person who lived that night. Someone that no one knew about. Rose Lily Potter...
The Warrior by aliciarenenell1993
The Warriorby Alicia-Rene Nell
Meet Adelaide twin sister of Merlin, and like him she has magic but she can control hers. follow her as she falls in love with someone who is beyond her reach. this st...
My Possessive Alpha. (ON HOLD) by mayamoox
My Possessive Alpha. (ON HOLD)by M
Nova was a normal girl. Wrong. She was the girl who didn't shift at 12 or 13 or 14. She shifted at 18. She had been beaten by her family, her pack, her own twin. Once sh...
Twincest by roarkshire
Twincestby R O A R K
I love my twin sister in more ways than one. I love her smile, her body, her spunk, but nothing prepared me for this year... This series contains nsfw and LGBTQ+ materia...
His Majesty's Sister by ZenitZui
His Majesty's Sisterby Mae Min
Ever thought that the 'King of the Court' have a sister? A twin sister that's older than him? No? Well meet Aiko Kageyama, Tobio's twin. Let's join her journey with Kara...
Reborn As Sakura's Twin by EyescreamTamago
Reborn As Sakura's Twinby DewDrop°
"Keep pushing!! Another one's coming out!!" "Haruno Sakura" "What about the other one?" "Haruno Sumire" Reborn as a twin to one o...
My Other Half (Sasuke's Twin Sister)(Editing) by cuddles2405
My Other Half (Sasuke's Twin Crystal Do
Sasuke wasn't the only one that Itachi spared that night. Itachi spared both of his younger siblings, Sasuke and his twin Tsuki. Sasuke and Tsuki have been inseparable s...