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The Last Witch by Evangleline
The Last Witchby Evangleline
She died in the Great Witch Hunt of 2059. So when she wakes up as Genevieve Helen Swan with a newborn little sister named Isabella and a Charlie and Renee for parents, t...
𝙁𝙡𝘼𝙈𝙀 // 𝙀𝙑𝘼𝙉 𝘽𝙐𝘾𝙆𝙇𝙀𝙔  by musingmind1
𝙁𝙡𝘼𝙈𝙀 // 𝙀𝙑𝘼𝙉 𝘽𝙐𝘾𝙆𝙇�...by ❣︎𝗘❣︎
🎵We set fire to our insides for fun🎵 Kate Quinn moves 5000 miles away from home when seeking a fresh start and hopefully a new life. As she joins the 118 she hopes tha...
Take on the world by Insparation101
Take on the worldby Anime-Niac101
When your family ignores you but you still did your best too support them only to find out they never cared about you at all, what do you do?. What if you get the chance...
Another Universe | Peter Parker by carolinescouch
Another Universe | Peter Parkerby Caroline ;P
SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME SPOILERS! In which Peter Parker meets a female version of himself and is torn between universes. Petra Parker is your friendly neighborhood Spid...
AVENGERS:THE NEW HERO by infern8king101
AVENGERS:THE NEW HEROby samuel dausab
what happens when a thousand year old spartan warrior meets the avengers. In short, this is a story based on the God of War game but instead of Kratos I inserted my own...
Avengers react to Peters's Instagram *On Hiatus* by EmsStories04
Avengers react to Peters's Instagr...by Em
*On Hiatus* The Avengers all got Instagram and decide to check up on their little spider, to their surprise and others' horror (manly tony) peter has a girlfriend. (Pete...
𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐓𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐍 ━━ 𝘫𝘫 𝘮𝘢𝘺𝘣𝘢𝘯𝘬 by fynnaroo
𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐓𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐍 ━━ 𝘫𝘫 𝘮𝘢𝘺...by ❛ 𝐅𝐄𝐙
❚ chum for the sharks ❚ ❝ like baby shark? do do doo... ❞ ❝ mcfly! cut it out! ❞ ❝ okay... ❞ ...
HOLLOW ━ klaus mikaelson x male!oc! by inkpilferer
HOLLOW ━ klaus mikaelson x male!oc!by soft weeb
Klaus drags the tips of his fingers from the middle of Zero's chest down to his soft stomach. "Purr for me," he murmurs hotly, equal parts commanding and posse...
§ Painkillers §    Bucky Barnes by JinxedSanity
§ Painkillers § Bucky Barnesby JinxedSanity
Alexandra Carter was a normal girl. Nah cut the crap. She was insane. To some who knew her she was Alexandra Carter, close cousin to Sharon Carter. But to most she wa...
❦ azami ➵ bnha by mikaela_abandon
❦ azami ➵ bnhaby queen.
❝ You're fucking weird ❞ ❝ I was never normal to begin with❞ 一✮一 Azami Yamada-Aizawa, or Azami Aimada, is the biological child of the two pro heroes known as The Voice H...
My Weird Husband[COMPLETED] by _bikeee_
My Weird Husband[COMPLETED]by [ ဗိုက်ပူ ]
[Unicode & Zawgyi] ငါမြင်ဖူးသမျှထဲမှာစိတ်ဝင်စားဖို့ကောင်းပါတယ်ဆိုတဲ့မိန်းမတွေတောင် မင်းလောက်စိတ်ဝင်စားဖို့မကောင်းဘူး၊ အဟက်!မင်းကတော့ တကယ်စိတ်ဝင်စားဖို့ကောင်းတဲ့ ယောက်ျား...
𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕠𝕤 𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕤 • One Piece by HeyaDemons
𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕠𝕤 𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕤 • One Pi...by 𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕙
❝Our family was never meant to have a happy ending were we❞ ❝No we weren't❞ In which a girl fights to put the...
Redemption || Klaus Mikaelson by Anna6307
Redemption || Klaus Mikaelsonby ✭Anu✭
!!!!! SLOW UPDATES !!!!! || ❝ Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence. ❞ || When Stefan Salvatore begged his old friend...
CHANGE , sasuke uchiha by TheAnimeSociety
CHANGE , sasuke uchihaby —KAI🔮
Forever Young 영원히 젊은 Park Jimin by PastelPinkCookie
Forever Young 영원히 젊은 Park Jiminby Hyemi
Cheon Gaeil, better known by her stage name Gale, is a member of YG's newest girl group: BLACKPINK. This is the story of how she lives her life as an idol, and how she f...
Dragonball Mae by kadenzajinx
Dragonball Maeby Dragonball Mae
*Completed* Mae is the daughter of Goku and twin to Gohan. All her life she has worked hard to keep up with her father. Spending a large amount of time training with Veg...
Beast Speaker, Monster Tamer by EliseWolfsong
Beast Speaker, Monster Tamerby Elise Wing
In a world where Pokemons are deemed as evil, Elise has an unheard of quirk that allows her to summon, catch Pokemons and establish a connection with them and understand...
Burning White || My Hero Academia by the_Insomnia_queen
Burning White || My Hero Academiaby B E R E N I C E
Kasai Todoroki is the epitome of rule breaker, the literal definition. She lived to defy everything. She has a temper that is as hot as fire. People will claim her to b...
Another Manager (Akashi Seijuro x OC) by LoveAi2
Another Manager (Akashi Seijuro x...by LoveAi2
Haikyuu!! x Kuroko no Basket A second-year manager for the Karasuno Volleyball Team and the same age as the Generation of Miracles. Original character, Akatsuki Ai 暁 愛...
The Right Swan: Edward LS by NotDeadYet16
The Right Swan: Edward LSby TwilightUnite
Toni Swan, younger sister to Isabella Swan, is moving into her dad's house in Forks with said sister. On the first day of school, she catches a glimpse of the famous Cul...