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Mated to 4 volturi guards by ncis_4ever
Mated to 4 volturi guardsby ncis_4ever
Meredith Cullen is the sister of Carlisle Cullen. She decided to go and enjoy the world a little before returning to her brother and his family. One of her gifts are qui...
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Taken by the volturi (completed)  by 1998rochelle
Taken by the volturi (completed) by Rochelle
(Completed) Bella and Edward have twin daughters but one is more powerful but the Cullens don't know about Anna's power they thought Renesmee was the gifted one but when...
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Aro Volturi's Heart- My Hands  by A_Bookworms_Name
Aro Volturi's Heart- My Hands by Anonymous Alison
Bella Swan is done with being played and let down by her mother, her father, and Edward, she knows what she wants and she is ready to grab it with both hands. Edward is...
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Your Pain Is My Misery ~ Jasper Hale by Catlove3321
Your Pain Is My Misery ~ Jasper Ha...by Catlove3321
Pain. It was a thing people avoided at all costs. They hated thinking, feeling, and looking at it. Everyone wished they never encountered it. But Violet Andrews never...
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The power of love by vampireowl
The power of loveby Secretly a vampire
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TroubleMaker (Twilight) by lele_tiaun
TroubleMaker (Twilight)by Malea
Alex is what you call a street rat who steals to survive in this harsh world. She didn't believe in the government and hated her parents for abandoning her to die in the...
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Street Rat - Jane Volturi by 1Partypanda1
Street Rat - Jane Volturiby 1Partypanda1
Selina has lived on the streets since she was five years old and is well known for stealing for a living. She's not someone you want to mess with and has her ways of rev...
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volturi ( renesmee cullen ) by --timeless
volturi ( renesmee cullen )by — MEGAN
a volturi queen and a cullen hybrid. in which the lonely queen didn't know she was lonely until she met the one who was supposed to be with her forever. ( rene...
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Heiress by Polkadottedgiraffe11
Heiressby Polkadottedgiraffe11
What many had seemingly forgotten was that Charlie Swan had a twin sister. Perhaps it was because Rachel Swan had left Forks for the lights of New York. Eventually, the...
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Dangerous (Alec Volturi) by alice_arasj
Dangerous (Alec Volturi)by Alice
She is the least wanted member of the Cullens. He is one of the highest guards in Volturi. What will happen if those two meet?
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Baby Steps by LisaMuller5
Baby Stepsby Lisa Muller
Twilight Fanfic Demetri Volturi ❤ OC Around the time Renesmee reached maturity and stopped aging, Carlisle and Esme found a baby girl abandoned in the woods and decided...
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The Hybrid  by HarliLawson1996
The Hybrid by HarliLawson1996
Surprise! This is a Marcus Volturi love story.
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S U N S H I N E - Demetri Volturi by M_Mikaelson05
S U N S H I N E - Demetri Volturiby M_Mikaelson05
I want to sink my teeth into your bones, to lose control, and consume you whole. To swallow you up and gorge on your soul. So that you will know, so that together we ca...
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Rosalie's Mother by LillyLovesManga
Rosalie's Motherby Lilly
Twilight/HP Crossover (mostly twilight) Disclaimer: Don't Own Twilight nor Harry Potter. At the age of 21 Valerie goes through a creature inheritance, four years later a...
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Mio Amore (Caius Volturi) by pockadotunicorn
Mio Amore (Caius Volturi)by pockadotunicorn
Ximena, a girl rescued from an abusive home, moves from Los Angeles to Forks with her new family for a fresh start when she meets famous Bella Swan. The pair become thic...
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The Purest of Cullen's by KolMikaelson63
The Purest of Cullen'sby Kol Mikaelson
She's got the eyes of innocence, The face of an angel, A personality of a dreamer And a smile that hides more pain, Than you can ever imagine. #1 bellacullen (28/10/18) ...
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Desires of the Mind by Enchanted0ne
Desires of the Mindby Araka
|| Genevieve Cullen || || The One who Holds Knowledge || When Alice tells Genevieve what Edward is about to do in the clocktower, Genevieve goes and rescues him in thoug...
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Destined ➺ Jasper Hale [1] ✓ by animechey
Destined ➺ Jasper Hale [1] ✓by Frosch
destined /ˈdɛstɪnd/ adjective (of a person's future) regarded as developing as though according to a pre-existing plan.
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Destined by vampireowl
Destinedby Secretly a vampire
Elizabeth Swan, twin sister of the vampire loving Bella Swan has a destiny she never imagined. With Bella's new family in danger Elizabeth is pulled into the ugly mess t...
butterflies • volturi by Wolf_Queen_101
butterflies • volturiby a bisexual disaster
in which a girl with eyes filled with innocence and veins filled with power is mated to the volturi kings and their trusted guards • " butterflies can't see their w...
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