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One Chance//Drarry by charlieelliot01
One Chance//Drarryby Charlie Elliot
Harry lives in a small wizarding village with a lot of his old school friends. His three children are attending Hogwarts and his beautiful wife is a rising quidditch sta...
My Mate//Drarry by charlieelliot01
My Mate//Drarryby Charlie Elliot
Draco's inheritance has finally setting in and him and Harry Potter have made a truce. When Draco's finally finished with his transformation he starts the feel very stro...
The Little Potter (Re-Written) by TheMiniBacca
The Little Potter (Re-Written)by TheMiniBacca
On the dreadful day of Halloween in 1981, James and Lily Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort - leaving their two children behind. Harry James Potter, one year old at...
I Solemnly Swear I'm the Dark Lord's Son by MrsDiablousRiddle
I Solemnly Swear I'm the Dark Sarah Buttler
Diablous Sirius Riddle, or Harry James Potter, heir to Hogwarts, his life just got a LOT bit weirder. With Aunt Petunia and Dudley as the good guys, Dia's life couldn't...
Wish Upon A Star ↠ 𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘺 by thisisprab
Wish Upon A Star ↠ 𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘺by Prabzhere
Harry Potter: a young boy in the Potter family, that was forgotten; left in the shadow of his brother-- the boy who lived. The only person to know the truth: who the rea...
drarry spoofs  by onlyonebraincell
drarry spoofs by i need sleep lol
quick psa: thank u all for 99k reads!! that's insane, i love you all 🥺 ~ spoof = what u call a oneshot...
I'm finally at hogwarts(a Harry Potter love story) by ihaveazeinainmyroom
I'm finally at hogwarts(a Harry sourstiles
(all books are written in this story) Natalie starts off as an adopted sister to Hermione Granger. With her luscious black locks that frame her face and bring out her ey...
The Daughter of Sirius Black.   by TheWhovianHalfBlood
The Daughter of Sirius Black. by Caitlyn.💀
(BEING REWRITTEN UNDER THE TITLE 'BACK TO BLACK') Mary Lily Alison Dragonwood is the daughter of Sirius Black and Lucy Dragonwood. Lucy got pregnant with Mary, when she...
The Slytherin (book 1) by BriannaEstrada6
The Slytherin (book 1)by Brianna
Y/n Potter is Harry Potter's twin sister and they are 'The twins who lived'. They live with their Muggle Uncle,Aunt,and Cousin. They absolutely hate it there. Y/n being...
Safe and Sound  by charlieelliot01
Safe and Sound by Charlie Elliot
You and I'll be safe and sound.... ‼️ I don't own Harry Potter! Also the inspiration for this book has been given in the first chapter so please read it!‼️ ‼️Also 500 f...
The Diva of Hogwarts -  A Harry x Reader by TheCovalt
The Diva of Hogwarts - A Harry TheCovalt
The flash of green light, your mother screaming, you're voice shouting. A hollow voice echoing, shrieking "Give her to me". Another flash of green, then follo...
A Slytherin and Hufflepuff's Journey  by pessimistic_bean
A Slytherin and Hufflepuff's 💚Charlie🖤
Isabella James isn't just your ordinary girl, she's a witch. She was finally accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was time for her to leave her d...
The Closet (draco x reader) by halffeather2
The Closet (draco x reader)by Hava Beaty
Heya!! So this is my first fanfic and stuff. Not really sure how this is gonna go but we shall see. Also, I would appreciate any advice and feedback! Thank you so much...
The Potter Twins and the Philosopher's Stone by heartlessxreckless
The Potter Twins and the Bri
LOOKS LIKE THE INNOCENT FLOWER - BUT BE THE SERPENT UNDER IT Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. For Harry Potter, all...
I N STAG RAM \ MARAUDERS by wolflmoon03
HELLO potterhead Well I'm trying to make Instagram of marauders ............... I siriusly hope you like it #79 in McGonagall #8 in theboywholived Wooww.... Enjoy it l...
the girl who lived (Cedric × reader) by JezalHaddad
the girl who lived (Cedric × Jezal Haddad
( all year ) (y/n) is known as the girl who lived with her twin brother she looks a lot like her father but has her mother eyes she is just like Harry she has glasses an...
Potens ▹book 1.1 by O-Obliviate-
Potens ▹book 1.1by JustMae1998
The story of Harry Potter, the boy who lived, with a twist; thanks to a black haired beauty who came in with a bang. Raven Howendale; a name that will go down in wizardi...
Long time, no see by Ahsoka_TCW_Queen
Long time, no seeby Nat 😋
Jess Byrnes is a 5th-year witch in the Marauders era. She left Hogwarts in her 2nd year without goodbyes. Now halfway through 5th year, she has to work her way back to f...
against everything i stand for - ron weasley  by alexweasleyx
against everything i stand for - alex weasley🙈✨
in her 5th year in hogwarts alex greenstone, a pureblood slytherin, has to make a big choice between good and bad. will she be pushed into the dark lords ways by her par...
Percy Potter by bluecookiesamazhang
Percy Potterby Blue Cookies
So, this is gonna be another one of my attempts to merge Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Percy and his older twin, Harry's parents were murdered by Voldemort, and separa...