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By Duke_Aaron
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Following the incident of Asia Argento's Sacred Gear and the increase in activity of the Fallen Angels, an envoy of Angels is send to Kuoh to investigate and keep tabs on the movements of both the Fallen Angels and the Devils, knowing full well that they are still hanging on a thin thread when it comes to peace between the three races. Having received orders from the said Faction to act as their agent and overseer, Lucian Kristoff, enrolls into Kuoh Academy and soon gets entangled in a web of events, unfolding new and peculiar experiences for him. Will he be able to contribute to the notion of peace that exists or will the supernatural world be plunged into another war? Cover - @ImberLapis (I do not own High School DxD or its characters. They belong to their rightful owner. All I own is this fanfiction and my OCs)

Chapter 1

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High Scho...
by Duke_Aaron