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"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x Asia (Tensura x High School DxD) by Spirit-Rimuru
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru Spirit-Rimuru
Asia was a Girl that have Suffered through out her life. when she Thought she have Found a Family that she had been looking for she was Betrayed by the very person that...
Y/N the bisexual alien [DXD] by B_nation1
Y/N the bisexual alien [DXD]by BHW
Instead of Y/N landing on his home planet he is knocked off course and crash lands in japan where he meets some new friends and learns the rules of the planet
The Soul Calibur Wielder- redux by Jedisage
The Soul Calibur Wielder- reduxby Jedisage
A redux of my First Soul Calibur Wielder. Don't worry one I get chapters up and running on the old one I post them here as well. So with that said please enjoy
The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x Highschool dxd ) by Anime_Progam
The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x Anime_Program
Your father was sent flying into the rocks, blood pouring from the many cuts in his body. Atreus "FATHER NO!!!" Atreus was grabbed by the man with an electric...
Thunder Berserker : Highschool DXD x Male Reader by MatheoJ
Thunder Berserker : Highschool MatheoJ
What would happen to the three factions if a new student arrive in Kuoh school, and with that an unknown power. Follow the story of this young warrior desperately tryin...
Octane male reader X highschool dxd by theelegantchicken
Octane male reader X highschool dxdby your mum
in this story you go by the name y/n and you moved to kuoh to transfer to the previous all girls academy Kuoh Academy. however you live with the hyoudou's and their perv...
Shield of the Waves (Highschool DxD x Male Reader) by Winter_Wanderer
Shield of the Waves (Highschool Grandpoggers
(Y/N) (L/N) is a strange person, one who always strives to help just about anyone. Yet he always seeks a master for some reason, some say he was a loyal samurai in his p...
HighSchool DxD: My Neko Wife by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: My Neko Wifeby Red
DxD Wife Series Volume 1 Issei never understood Koneko or how she was very close with a boy her age, Tadashi Shirogane. However, after saving Asia, he and her eventually...
Fire Burns Hotter With Anger (Highschool DxD X Cheated M! Natsu Reader X RWBY) by LukeBraniff
Fire Burns Hotter With Anger ( LukeTheDuke465
Y/n Dragneel, a powerful magic user and a loyal pawn piece in Rias Gremory's peerage. Y/n has been by Rias's side ever since they were kids as well as grew up together b...
Death Note DXD: A Male Reader x Highschool DxD by Bluebleo
Death Note DXD: A Male Reader x Author Man
Y/n, son of Ryuk. Yes, the same Ryuk that dropped the death note Kira used onto the Earth. Y/n was raised with the humans, not with shinigami, but always knew about his...
Being Of Power (DxD X Super OP Oc) by tTthHomAsS
Being Of Power (DxD X Super OP Oc)by tTthHomAsS
A young man dies and is given the choice to reincarnate with whatever wishes he desires, he has 2 wishes He chose to go to the DxD world and chooses 2 OP sacred gears, c...
HighSchool DxD: The Healing of a Maid's Broken Heart by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: The Healing of a Red
The full description of this will be in the bio, but here is some of the summary. Sirzechs does the unforgivable to Grayfia and is caught cheating on her. Heartbroken, G...
The Devourer (A Highschool DxD Fanfic) by Ast0ne
The Devourer (A Highschool DxD Ast0ne
With the impossible size of the universe, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there is life beyond just humans out there. Countless things have lived and died y...
I ALWAYS WIN (male reader Reverse Flash x DxD) by Shigeraki
I ALWAYS WIN (male reader Shigaraki
so basically Reverse flash in dxd and he has a giant hate for the good guys. Mostly Issei. Issei will have the speed force, but It won't be important till season 2 of t...
The new Fiance by MidenikoZero
The new Fianceby Acno peque
She felt doomed, there wasn't anything else she could do, she had recruited que red dragon, hoping it was enough. The hope came back when her brother told her that the m...
Battle Tendency DxD (Joseph Joestar x High School DxD) by SuperNova35
Battle Tendency DxD (Joseph SuperNova35
Joseph Joestar thought his life was over after defeating Kars but it turns out he's about to get a new one.
The Rejected Minecrafter by SoraTempezt
The Rejected Minecrafterby Sora Tempest
A boy named Y/n was a knight of Rias Gremory he loved her and every girls the in her peerage the moment he became her servant but when he was about to confess his love f...
Reset: Going back to the past with changes by RageRevan
Reset: Going back to the past RageRevan
Inspired by my evil dragon storyline from Tales of the dark Universe as well as Issei Dxd, the story takes place after the evil dragon war, Issei finally wakes up from c...
The Alpha Titan (DXD x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
The Alpha Titan (DXD x male reader)by Darrick Derleth
I don't own any characters from highschool DXD or Kaijus from Monsterverse.
From low devil to High class demon (Tensura x Highschool dxd x reader)  by JakeIlagan7
From low devil to High class Rei
(Y/n) a low class devil under the Rias gremory household who was casted aside for the newest member Issei hyodou. His master Rias gremory expelled (y/n) from the peerage...