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Starting Over  by _Elizabeth_D
Starting Over by Eliz_
Taylor Lawson is a Lawson. Being a Lawson comes with responsibilities. For starters never trash the Lawson name. Taylor's father was an NBA player. He was the best NBA p...
Warmth  A Lizkook/Liskook Fan Fic by seoulsam
Warmth A Lizkook/Liskook Fan Ficby seoulsam
She has a past thats unspoken of.... He cannot take his eyes off her.... Two strangers from two different worlds. Ranking No 1 on #BTSKPOP dated 15 November 2018 Complet...
The Knight Goddess (A Dxd Story) by CarshaShion
The Knight Goddess (A Dxd Story)by C. Shion- senpai
Erin Vermillion, the Daughter of the Greek God Apollo, and a descendant to one of the strongest Knight Lineage, encounters sudden twists as she got involved with superna...
He Is My Roommate by Katypenecil1
He Is My Roommateby Romance Novelist
Dark and sexy, Damon Carson has a reputation for turning down confessions from every single girl on campus - including Zoe's bestfriend Trish. But Zoe doesn't care, she...
I Just Want to be a Passerby! by AnitGnahz
I Just Want to be a Passerby!by AnitGnahz
Li Nuo had just become a world hopper. His mission is to go into different worlds, where there are characters who deviated from their rightful ending and help them achie...
A Girl'S Another Life❣️ by ITS-CK
A Girl'S Another Life❣️by ITS-CK
Its about a Girl find her Life, Friends and love, Struggles, Twist, Happiness, Sadness, and Finally a happy ending.🙂
The eighTEENS by kyxnnz
The eighTEENSby post-it • lobster
Adjustments for the four sisters who flew to the Philippines and transfer at La Vera High. As things get unusual, the more it become complicated when they met a group of...
Lycanthropy and Me: The First Semester(mlm) by TrixterDark
Lycanthropy and Me: The First Krystine
Meet Hunter Reeds--the new werewolf on campus. (Updates...If you ask lol) That kid on crutches in the back of your class with an overbite? That's him. Fresh off a full...
Bandung-Jatinangor by unguispurple
Bandung-Jatinangorby unguispurple
Perjalanan Bandung-Jatinangor atau sebaliknya, selamanya akan jadi perjalanan yang amat membosankan dan bikin pegal badan. Tapi tidak setelah aku membawa sesuatu yang b...
The Badboy's Hometown Princess  by author_Vrsh
The Badboy's Hometown Princess by Vrsh
Stella is a popular nerd, who can make any guy go head over heels for her, just with her smile. She never wanted anything complicated in her life, but things never alway...
The Bet  by Koko_1002
The Bet by Koko
Meet Bernadette Smith, a young and passionate young lady newly admitted to Kole University accidentally encounters the lean, astonishing, jaw-dropping Marco Alvarez the...
Sacred Oaths by Samfreddy
Sacred Oathsby Samuel Frederick
"I want us to take an oath." "'An oath?!'" I quoted, plainly beyond shocked. He nodded affirmatively. "But why? What for?" "I want to...
Imperfectly Perfect || BBH by Niawritess
Imperfectly Perfect || BBHby Niawrites
Just as Kim Ji-Ah {You} sorted her life on one track and was satisfied with it until a boy named Byun Baekhyun barged in her life like a storm and trouble was his middle...
Aiko by Yaxximilian
Aikoby Yaxxy
Aiko is studying in a prestigiuos highschool in Japan. She's been through the ups and downs of high school life. Let's join her through this journey of campus romance, m...
A Nerd And I by ararshin16
A Nerd And Iby Dingdong
Two person with different lives their nightmare are past, broke in a trial of love. Conrad Valerio Avejente ang mayamang nerd na may problema sa appearance niya, dahil b...
DxD Yuri! by CarshaShion
DxD Yuri!by C. Shion- senpai
This is the great book of Yuri One-shots featuring the Highschool Dxd Girls. Cuz you like DxD, then DxD is what you get! 💖 📌Maybe you've searched Yuri One-Shots but th...
Only You, Sykkuno  - (corpsekkuno fanfic) by savebage1s
Only You, Sykkuno - ( savebagels
Corpse gets into a tough situation, and Sykkuno comes to the rescue. A new friendship is formed, but is it more? Find out! Hihi! I'm bored so I'll write this fanfic :) ...
Petrichor by kimsuga86
Petrichorby Kim Suga
"Why are people staring at us ?" You asked. "Well, maybe they found it weird that the popular girl like you is here with me." Suga said. ________ Wel...
AMERTA by Byalawi_
AMERTAby Byalawi_
Kepada yang kembali Harsa, kamu tahu bahwa setiap manusia berhak untuk jatuh cinta? Tapi banyak pula dari mereka yang sesungguhnya belum siap untuk jatuh cinta. Jatuh ci...
Still waiting for you l'm Love by Danielleganda25
Still waiting for you l'm Loveby nielle
Paano kung mag transfer ang isang bad girl sa school na ang pangalan ay limson academy at nakilala niya ang tinaguriang demonyo pinaka kinakatakutan ng mga estudyante s...