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Just Say It Back ( Hanni x Male Reader) by Justarandomfan13
Just Say It Back ( Hanni x Male Justarandomfan13
Love hurts... Love is confusing... After dating for years, the now ex-couple, Y/N and Hanni, have separated. The busy schedule of Hanni's idol life had torn apart the r...
oh my god (hanni x fem oc) by jutdwaekki
oh my god (hanni x fem oc)by jutdwaekki
oh my god she took me to the sky
Kpop Fake Tweets by Baco0on
Kpop Fake Tweetsby Baco0on
Fake tweets and messages between kpop idols that probably have (I'd like to think) happened🫶 Also sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I do write fast and before...
LOST | Haerin x Reader by deathkidlvl
LOST | Haerin x Readerby
Being lost in life takes a new meaning when Haerin literally gets lost >.<
°WHAT'S WRONG WITH CEO RIKI?°NI-KI by flowernight1999
°WHAT'S WRONG WITH CEO RIKI?°NI-KIby flowernight1999
Season 1 is Inspired by a youtube ff series Meet my fake girlfriend BTS jungkookff By justAGirl. Disclaimer:this fanfiction is a work of my imagination and is not in anw...
The Secrets Between Us [P.HN x Reader] by Meow_meowmyhae
The Secrets Between Us [P.HN x ➤;𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐒𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 ♬
You helped Hanni Pham hide to her relationship. And that led to you pretending to date her. What if you end up actually falling in love during this pretend relationship...
Newjeans Oneshots  by deathkidlvl
Newjeans Oneshots by
Newjeans oneshots. fluff and angst. *read at your own discretion cus some mature content will be present*
notes; kang haerin [smau] by opertabry
notes; kang haerin [smau]by opertabry
theres this cute girl that always sleeps in your intro psych class.. she just so happens to be ginger AND your dorm neighbor gxg extension from a oneshot in my adore bo...
You've got me mesmerized by hjlovvv
You've got me mesmerizedby .
When miss popular gets fond of a beautiful nerd... What could happen ?
magnolia - daerin by 333tokki
magnolia - daerinby im writer
after the song of the same name by laufey kang haerin is a bookworm who keeps to herself. she's known as a reliable source to cheat off of during tests. people consider...
My Secretary by Trishakhatri75
My Secretaryby Trisha khatri
The cold CEO in search of a trustable Secretary... And What happen when her most trustable person is hiding something from her.
103│Bbangsaz by cherry_ryeong
103│Bbangsazby dodo
. . Hanni isn't Minji's to take but Minji won't be following the rules anymore. She won't repeat her mistakes. ⚠might contain mentions of homophobia and abuse in some ch...
good parts ;; minsung by ode-verse
good parts ;; minsungby 명재현의베프 ❤️🇵🇸
the walls of minho's apartment were paper thin, allowing him to hear the quiet sobbing of his usually cheerful neighbour
COME THROUGH  by Zucko10
Minji and Hanni are known by everyone for their rivalry in school but nobody knew about their enduring love. Separated by circumstances, distance and brought together ag...
VRU. - | Hanni x Reader  by deathkidlvl
VRU. - | Hanni x Reader by
The world is now VirtUal, but it's a lot more dangerous than U think... Hanni will soon find out. (Newjeans AU)
Partners in Crime [Bbangsaz] by Amariaaw
Partners in Crime [Bbangsaz]by ᴀᴍᴀ 🌿🌱🌸
Hanni, a warm-hearted sniper with deadly accurate aim. Her path crosses with Minji and soon both their lives turn upside down. Hanni has to choose between her work and...
Just Seeking Attention? by aWinnter
Just Seeking Attention?by aWinnter
New Jeans Male Member
រឿង_គុំនំសងស្នេហ៍ by Zenita12345
រឿង_គុំនំសងស្នេហ៍by .
រឿងគុំនំសងស្នេហ៍ គឺជាប្រភេទរឿងGL បែបអភិនិហាមួយ ដែលតួរអង្គឯកស្រីបានចូលមកក្នុងរូបរាងកាយមួយផ្សេងទៀតដែលមិនមែនជារបស់ខ្លួនឯង ក្រោយមកគេក៏រៀបគម្រោងការសងសឹកអ្នកដែរបានធ្វេីបាបគេពី...
Her favorite || Daerin by urgunsspiink
Her favorite || Daerinby Callisto._iyen
A story where a girl named Haerin meets Danielle , not under the best circumstances, as they were basically forced to get married suddenly and had to live with eachother...
DESPAIR | ( anton. l ) by derysaurus
DESPAIR | ( anton. l )by putri
"Can you speak louder, I can't hear you!?" "Well can you speak properly because I can't understand your accent." Anton the usually soft spoken guy wo...