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"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x Asia (Tensura x High School DxD) by Spirit-Rimuru
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x...by Spirit-Rimuru
Asia was a Girl that have Suffered through out her life. when she Thought she have Found a Family that she had been looking for she was Betrayed by the very person that...
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The Multiverse Of (Y/n) by code_ghost15
The Multiverse Of (Y/n)by code Ghost34
does not take place in my two stories but will have some characters in my stories (Y/n)...an individual known through out the multiverse but what if you see other univer...
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The Human of DxD by JaeZInsane
The Human of DxDby Jay Jay
You know what this is... 2024 #1 In Kagari 1/28/24 #1 In Akeno 1/19/24 #1 In Sung Jin Woo 1/11/24 #1 In Monarchs 1/5/24 2023 #1 In Solo Leveling 12/8/23 #1 In Dragons 12...
Father of Humanity (Highschool DXD x Adam RoR reader) by MenacingR
Father of Humanity (Highschool DXD...by Menacing
After the most glorious battle to happen in Ragnarok, Adam (real name (Y/N)) dies to the hands of Zeus. However his soul didn't die but rather was transported to another...
Bodyguard of Gremory  by -Ruby-Red-
Bodyguard of Gremory by -Ruby-Red-
Read and Find out xx Naruto x Highschool DXD Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or DXD
Why would anyone hate you? (Multiverse x child oc) by DarkNarukami112
Why would anyone hate you? (Multiv...by Dark Narukami
A boy was abused then left on the street because he had zero powers. No quirk. No Sacred Gear. Not even a semblance. This is where Ruby found this little angel and took...
Redemption of Darkness: The Neglected Rias Brother"  by Dustinsage
Redemption of Darkness: The Neglec...by Dustinsage
Rex gremory, younger twin of rias gremory, one would have expected him to grow up to be just like his brother, but unfortunately was born without the power of destructio...
Superman's Lust BOOSTED (Highschool DXD)  by Johnysins629
Superman's Lust BOOSTED (Highschoo...by Johny Sinns
It's a Alternative Story of Superman where Unlike Others he is . . . Very lust full due to certain reasons. his life was getting frustrating since his breeding Instincts...
HighSchool DxD: New Visionary Prince by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: New Visionary Prin...by Red
After months of consideration, and recognizing now seeing that his twin sister is weak, our main character decides he wants to fight... ...for the right to be the next t...
The Demon Dragons Reign  by HoneybadgerSama
The Demon Dragons Reign by HoneybadgerSama
Fairy Tail and Highschool DxD crossover. Natsu Dragneel a 19 year old high school student trying to live his everyday life as a regular human along with his little sist...
HighSchool DxD: The Shy Boyfriend Who is the Grandson of a Fallen Angel by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: The Shy Boyfriend...by Red
Issei fails to land a beautiful blue haired girl named Xenovia Quarta as a girlfriend. It's mostly due to the fact that she already had interest in someone else and bega...
Naruto The New Sage Of Six Paths by KiritoBinns
Naruto The New Sage Of Six Pathsby 𝓜𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓬
Naruto brings back Sasuke but gets banished for completing the mission find out what happens in my new book Naruto the new sage of six paths Best Rankings #1 Banished #...
What's a devil king to a demon god (Sonic EXE x Highschool DxD) by The_lost_searcher
What's a devil king to a demon god...by
(At the end of every chapter, I need you guys to tell me what happens in the anime cause I don't want to watch issei get a harem , hope you can understand my reasoning.)...
HighSchool DxD: A Rejected Dragon (DISCONTINUED) by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: A Rejected Dragon...by Red
This is a Cheated DxD x Rejected Male Montaro Nakamura, also known as Montaro Nakiri, is a human affiliated with the Occult Research Club. He is aware that they are all...
HighSchool DxD: My Neko Wife by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: My Neko Wifeby Red
DxD Wife Series Volume 1 Issei never understood Koneko or how she was very close with a boy her age, Tadashi Shirogane. However, after saving Asia, he and her eventually...
Male Shota Vampire Reader X High School DxD by DarkArtermis56
Male Shota Vampire Reader X High S...by Dark Artermis
You are Vampire who is the son of the crimson fcker Alucard. Like father like son he was a mini version of his dad. one-day Integra had sent you to expand Hellsing and...
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.1 (Male Reader) by DanggaM12
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.1 (Male Reader)by Manra
(this book is just a random CROSSOVER mainly DMCxHDXD...) You are YN Redgrave/Sparda, son of Legendary demon hunter, Dante, and the grandson of Sparda, this is your life...
Rimuru in DxD [Book 2] by alexkuhar360
Rimuru in DxD [Book 2]by Alex
After finally escaping the world of Akame Ga Kill Rimuru ends up in a world with much more powerful beings than he previously was in, after his last evolution Rimuru wil...
High school dxd: The Fallen Dragon of Domination by thunder_god18
High school dxd: The Fallen Dragon...by Thunder_god18
In this story, Issei is the Son of Azazel and Seth the dragon queen of lightning, wielding the Red Dragon Emperor's gauntlet he will strive to become the strongest Red D...