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Human Dinobot Kids x Team RWBY by RWBYKnight4142
Human Dinobot Kids x Team RWBYby Alexander Olson
Who Needs A Bang When You Got A Yang? by Devdog756
Who Needs A Bang When You Got A Devdog756
It's just a normal day at U.A as Izuku's blonde bombshell of a girlfriend Yang and their friends arrive at U.A, resulting in an extremely crazy adventure
I'll Disassemble You [RWBY x OC] by SageEremita
I'll Disassemble You [RWBY x OC]by Sage²
"I was reborn with Sukuna's cursed technique... but there's a catch like this?!" "Not worth my wish! I WANT A REFUND!!!" Adam is a curious boy who ge...
The Cursed Hunter by SupremeUchiha
The Cursed Hunterby Supreme Uchiha
A boy dreaming of becoming a hunter one day, was suddenly shattered by reality of his own curse. Was it really a curse or a blessing in disguise. I don't own RWBY or JJK
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY) by Chute_Mi
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY)by Silenced Sins
One night, a young girl woke up to a strange bright light in the forest. Being the curious child she was, she ventured out into the forest and met a friend, a friend lik...
From Another World (PowerfulM!Reader x RWBY) by kdog2201
From Another World (PowerfulM! kdog2201
Y/N, an inter-dimensional hero. Y/N has become a complete legend in thousands of dimensions. Whether it is facing a monster, a disaster, a god, or other horrors, Y/N wou...
Technoblade enters RWBY by Malevolent1
Technoblade enters RWBYby Malevolent1
It was a very confusing situation when he woke up in the woods...not even near his home and worst of all...his polar bear was gone but hey when life gives you lemons, he...
The Forgotten Witch (Neglected Son of Gynda Goodwitch reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Shadow_Eureka
The Forgotten Witch (Neglected ShadowEureka
This story is a request by Noideafor and in this you are the son of Glynda Goodwitch and you have been Neglected by her and it was the last straw and you run away and yo...
Grimm Soul by Lunafan27
Grimm Soulby Deen Thomas
The creatures of Grimm, beings that lack a soul, that crave only one thing, the destruction of all humanity. But what happens when one of these creatures gains a soul?
RWBY : Past Mistakes  by ZomBaitBoom
RWBY : Past Mistakes by Zom "Wanted in the state of W...
Well, we'll, we'll if it isn't the consequences for my own actions.
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader)  by Knotavin
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader) by Knotavin
(Y/N) is a Mind Reader. At a young age, he caused trouble for his family because of his semblance...and now he's a runaway. How will his ability affect his hopes for bec...
The Life of a Wizard by Side-Man
The Life of a Wizardby Side-Man
I drank too much and woke up in the body of a headmaster to a fictional school in a fictional world. Filled with kids with weapons bigger than themselves and people who...
Y/N vs Union by DJMM15
Y/N vs Unionby Vortex’s Multiverse
This isn't a part two of Y/N Sparda vs Union no this is something different this will be an area we're you will be different kind of Y/N's abs in each fight you'll fight...
"Family? I have a family?" by Ant357627
"Family? I have a family?"by Ant
What if Summer & Tai adopted another kid in their lives. Or more?
Male Reader x RWBY: Binding Vow by Toist_
Male Reader x RWBY: Binding Vowby Toist
"I will be the strongest." Y/N is untalented, normal and just your everyday guy, but he has a strong desire for battles. Unfortunately for Y/N earth is too saf...
Jaune Reincarnated - as a Sword by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune Reincarnated - as a Swordby Jaunedice Forever
After the Disaster at the Paper Pleasers Village Jaune walked away from everything. Team RWBY brought nothing but trouble to both Remnant and Ever After. And Jaune got t...
Peerless Gleam ( Willow Schnee x Male Reader) by batmanbeyondis
Peerless Gleam ( Willow Schnee x GogetaBlue
(y/n) Branwen was one of, if not the strongest member of the Branwen Tribe back in the day, along with his siblings, Qrow and Raven. Sent to Beacon to learn how to lead...
Blink and you'll miss it by Tonkatsu__
Blink and you'll miss itby Tonkatsu__
Hi. It me the author. I like RWBY, I also like reading fan fiction. Figured I'd try it out my self. I did this for fun and also this is a first for me I hope at least so...
We'll always be by your side (RWBY Harem x Winter Soldier Male Reader) by DaceRed
We'll always be by your side ( DaceRed
This is an RWBY fanfic in which the Winter Soldier meets RWBY. The reader was born without Semblance or Aura. He had to train himself to achieve his objective of adapti...