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Grimm Boy by Light123hazerd
Grimm Boyby Light123hazerd
A boy named West woke in the middle of nowhere in a forest of a burned town. When he woke up he noticed his features were different. He almost looked Grimm Don't own RW...
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Is This The Real Life?: Blake x Male Reader x Neo {COMPLETED} by Super761
Is This The Real Life?: Blake x Super761
She was flung away by the drafts from her umbrella she knew she was going to die either from grimm or falling so she closed her eyes but she was able to open then and fo...
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A Certain Remnants Accelerator by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Remnants Acceleratorby Tristan Alexander Abel
y/n Nikos ( nicknamed Accelerator) is the younger brother to Pyrrha. Even though he is quite intelligent and has a powerful semblance ( pretty much a progedy since he wa...
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Baku Takes on Beacon by your-local-disaster
Baku Takes on Beaconby YourLocalDisaster
Baku, from the famous Baku Series by Sethical, gets invited to the prestigious Beacon Academy along with a few of his "friends". What comedic exploits will ens...
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The Damaged Dragon Of Remnant  by ivoDave
The Damaged Dragon Of Remnant by ivo Dave
Abused Male Reader X RWBY Will have aspects from High school Dxd, but will take place in the RWBY Canon. Please enjoy the story
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Wilted Frenzy by Light123hazerd
Wilted Frenzyby Light123hazerd
Lisa Rose was a girl that wanted nothing more then to be loved by her parents but sadly they only focused on her twin sister Ruby. She soon left only to find more despai...
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I Am The One Eyed Owl (RWBY X Abused OC) by tapir07
I Am The One Eyed Owl (RWBY X Tapir07
You were once a member of the Rose/Brawnen/Xialong family. But however they abused and neglected you. When you left for beacon things didn't get better since you were bu...
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Qrow Branwen X Reader by Michaelis14
Qrow Branwen X Readerby Miriam Michaelis Acosta
Qrow Branwen X Reader Despite what the world thinks, we're not just teachers, or generals or headmasters, the people in this room, the leaders of the other two academies...
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Yang's Little Dragon by Arkadium29
Yang's Little Dragonby Arkadium29
Male child Reader x Motherly Yang
Parental Instincts by NixiumDonuts
Parental Instinctsby Nix
There was a young man who ended up taking care of four little girls the moment they appeared in his life. A father of four at a young age is a hard task for him, especia...
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Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x Abused male reader) by MFC4Graafschap
Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x MFC 4
On a stormy night, a child was born in the Belladonna family. His name was (Y/N). But once his parents saw him, one thing was missing for them: the physical features of...
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Ice Cream Cat (Neko reader X Neo)  by FlamingSea52
Ice Cream Cat (Neko reader X Neo) by Flame
It was another beautiful day outside. It always feels so good laying on top of buildings with the sun shining on me. I start to doze off from how relaxing it is. Just be...
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No More RWBY by thedoctorgonepale
No More RWBYby Tristan Alexander Abel
(No more heroes/RWBY fanfic) So I get a call from a bud of mine, he tells me that a evil cult of Salem worshipers are going to turn a old teleporter into a time machine...
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(Dragon)Mreader X RWBY by The_Night_Stalker
(Dragon)Mreader X RWBYby The_Night_Stalker
The dragons used to live all over the world of Remnant and then they all disappeared. All, except one and he is going to have to make his presence known, one way or anot...
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Affection (Male Reader x Salem) (Completed) by Kaltias
Affection (Male Reader x Salem) ( Kaltias
"Today I was out a bit longer than usual, and the sun was already setting by the time I got home. Seeing my house, I got the keys ready in advance, reaching into my...
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The Flames of Betrayal (Blake Belladonna x Male Reader Brother x Harem) by T0xicRhin0
The Flames of Betrayal (Blake T0xicRhin0
After being betrayed by Blake on the train, her younger brother Y/N was taken prisoner by Atlas. Experimented on by a mad doctor, he becomes the first ever human/Faunus...
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Gmod Gamer X RWBY by imabread108
Gmod Gamer X RWBYby Just Fluffybuns
On Philippines Usually Play Gmod Sandbox and some crazy lua broken Stuff Happens when Stupidly using a Portal Gun on Some Wall and Manage to Open a Another World. I Don...
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Gamer Of Remnant by Cmdpancake
Gamer Of Remnantby Cmdpancake
Ok help me understand this i died and now i'm given a chance to to come back with the powers of a gamer. And get thrown into a world of Grimm and other shenanigans. *S...
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ender man reader x rwby by sketchmaster64
ender man reader x rwbyby Xavier Masters
whilst wandering in the end waiting for your friend Alex to show up and slay the ender dragon and free your kind you decide to visit her and teleport to the over world b...
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