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Dirty Diana by mjfanfic123
Dirty Dianaby mjfanfic123
Will Michael get over his obsession with the love crazed drug addict Diana?
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SnapBack // l.h. by _WeTheStrange_
SnapBack // l.h.by Kat and Emily
In which a soccer star and "it" girl chances throwing away her parent's and friend's approval and predetermined future for a boy covered in tattoos with an ado...
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Daylight by richie96
Daylightby richie96
When 18 year old Rachel Diamanté goes to a concert for her birthday with her two sisters, and she has an unforgettable night. However a week after the concert she will...
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Hey, let's rewrite songs! by accc10
Hey, let's rewrite songs!by accc10
a whole bunch of 5sos shiz that can 100% guarantee smells good and tastes good all original songs are by 5sos, however all ideas are via us and blah blah blah co-writte...
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Side Effect || Michael Clifford by HannyaRq
Side Effect || Michael Cliffordby hannya
As you know, everything has its catch to it. Even happiness. Imber is just a normal New Zealand seventeen year old girl who is kind of rebellious. When she goes to Sydne...
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It's Not Easy Being Me by rude-dude
It's Not Easy Being Meby Rude Dude
It's a Percy Jackson fanfic. And a Michael Vey fanfic. Caution: Major Fangirling was released in the production of this story. Might be a short story. Only time will tel...
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Dance With Me by hugginhemmo
Dance With Meby hugginhemmo
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Angels vs. Demons Book One: Michael -On Hold UFN-  by KodyTegan
Angels vs. Demons Book One: Michae...by Kody Mockingjay Jabberjay Ger...
The first in the series, this shows Demon Hecate's point of view after the Armageddon was fought and Lucifer won. After she was kidnapped by 'puny humans' and an archang...
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Random Fangirl Musings by SHIESTYGAYFACE
Random Fangirl Musingsby I'm Here and Queer
Yeah so this isn't really a story it's more just random one shots inspired by dreams I've had and late night thoughts I have about my friends and I dating 5 Seconds of S...
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The one who answered ||Mashton|| by MashtonIsReal
The one who answered ||Mashton||by Cristina
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Lost Boy (cashton 5sos fanfic) by MrsHaggerty
Lost Boy (cashton 5sos fanfic)by Brianna Marie
Hopelessy, Calum, Asthon, Luke, and Micheal are trying to make their dreams come true. They all want the same thing. To avoid oblivion. But two boys feel they will destr...
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Hashtag Goals // Calum Hood by lowkeyvero
Hashtag Goals // Calum Hoodby veronica
'you have this thing about you' [in progress]
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Innocence by missbehaves98
Innocenceby Bhairavi Venkatesan
I'm Bonnie. I used to be called something else before. But that was in my past life. I'm here to be remade. Never again will I think about that horrific life ever again...
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Pieces by nirvanafthoran
Piecesby Ninaaaa
Chapter 1
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Adopted by a band... by KaylaVisnaw
Adopted by a band...by loser with no life
Hiya. My name Jessie Carter, I born and grew up in London, England. My favorite food in the world is Mac & Cheese. I love Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Peirce The Veils...
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5SOS Pregnancy Series by ostricheatingcheese
5SOS Pregnancy Seriesby A loser
Just another 5SOS pregnancy series. Oops.
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Tumblr Famous || Muke by GalaxyCat10
Tumblr Famous || Mukeby Pepe
Michael Clifford is a boy with a dirty secret. He likes to dress up girly and he likes to post pictures of himself on Tumblr. He accidentally became Tumblr famous, and e...
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Age Difference || Michael Clifford [m.c] by HoodlingC
Age Difference || Michael Clifford...by ☻☹
"I'm nineteen, am I old enough for you yet?" "You honestly have to stop, it was one time. I can't do this to him.." "You did it once, you can...
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How Luke Hemmings IS illuminati confirmed by Iamnotnormalbtw
How Luke Hemmings IS illuminati co...by :3
This is a book proving how Luke is in the illuminati. You cannot argue with my obviously true facts.
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