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She's Just a Human | Transformers by EverySingleDream
She's Just a Human | Transformersby Dream Catcher
If you were told nothing is what it seems, would you believe it? Before all this happened, I wouldn't have. But now I'm sure. Because I'm caught up in the middle of ev...
Megatron's twin by Emil678
Megatron's twinby Emilyh
Quillux is Megatron's twin, he is the complete opposite of him in every way. He was neutral in the war (mainly hiding) but now wishes to join the Decepticon cause. This...
Guardian by _storm_hope_
Guardianby storm_faith
Indiana Witwicky - Sam's younger sister - always had something different about her. But no one knew how much. She didn't even know. Not until her older brother buys his...
Bumblebee x OC [Books 1 - 6] (Old Series) by geo-writes
Bumblebee x OC [Books 1 - 6] (Old...by Georgia ✨
Hey Guys! Since I'm rewriting the series, I thought I'd keep up the old version for those of you that still want to reread or finish the series. Love you all to the moon...
Centuries || Transformers (COMPLETED) by -Interstellarflare-
Centuries || Transformers (COMPLET...by Emily Edmonds
You may lose faith in us, but never in yourselves. From here, the fight will be your own. -Optimus Prime
Prime Moon (Completed) by Miller5526
Prime Moon (Completed)by Miller5526
I'm Lilly, a 15 year old werewolf living in Jasper Nevada, and I know about the aliens. 47,320 words (I DO NOT OWN TRANSFORMERS OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS)
Transformers: The New Beginning (Fanfic) by BeMine_YoursTruly
Transformers: The New Beginning (F...by BeMine_YoursTruly
Before the discovery of Megatron by Sam Witwichy's Grandfather. The Government already had a cybertronian under their belt, or so they thought. Locking her down in stas...
Uneasy ~ Transformers [Bayverse] Fanfiction by WaywardBumblebee
Uneasy ~ Transformers [Bayverse] F...by Bee
Elaina Witwicky is Samuel's older sister, who despite wanting to "get the hell out of dodge", is still in her hometown and can't seem to escape the crazy antic...
Spark (Bumblebee Love Story) by DarcyNoir
Spark (Bumblebee Love Story)by Darcy
*I do not own the Transformers Franchise! Michael Bay and Universal Studios own Transformers! I only own my OC!* "I can take care of myself, Bee!" "I ca...
Sweet Like Honey But Sting Like A Bee by krazygirlo900
Sweet Like Honey But Sting Like A...by krazygirlo900
Layla is the crazy half sister of Sam witwhicky. She was drawn into the crazy world of the transformers after buying her first car that they were suppose to be sharing...
Transformers One-Shots (Requests Closed) by Adsystle
Transformers One-Shots (Requests C...by Red
Some one-shots for ya kiddies . . . This is my first book...don't hate please ╥﹏╥
Transformers Prime; Fate Leads to Destiny by Detectivegel
Transformers Prime; Fate Leads to...by Mystery A
Living in Jasper Nevada, Nova's life takes a turn when she becomes part of the Autobot and Decepticon war. What secrets and adventures lies ahead of her? What choice wil...
Sam's Older sister Re-written by kn0wn45
Sam's Older sister Re-writtenby kn0wn45
Re-written version! Warning! There is some Mild language! Meet Sam witwicky, he has an older sister named cole. Sam hasn't seen his sister for five years, since she is...
I Will Protect You || Book 1 || by TianaAndTheAutobots1
I Will Protect You || Book 1 ||by TianaAndTheAutobots1
Transformers After the war in Mission City... Ratchet was taking a drive, but then he gets into a situation. A Decepticon scum, ambushed him and thought that he killed R...
Transformer Prime One Shots by NotSoPowerfulOz
Transformer Prime One Shotsby TheNotSoPowerfulOz
What it says on the title. I am now taking requests, for TFP only. I don't feel comfortable doing smut or lemons or whatever you want to call it.
Bumblebee X Reader (2018) by OsitaBear26
Bumblebee X Reader (2018)by 🐻Grizzy-Gab🐻
When Optimus Prime sends B-127 to earth to establish a base, the yellow robot befriends teenager, Y/n L/n. Y/n does what she can to defend her friend whom she then falls...
TFP Oneshots by Nerdy_Wolf_
TFP Oneshotsby WolfWriter
So I decided to make a one-shot book for Transformers: Prime. Requests are Closed I'm only taking a few at a time as to not get overwhelmed, and I'm very thankful to tho...
Daughter Of A Prime. by Kayrae2001
Daughter Of A Prime.by KaykayRenee
19 year old Lila Jane Witwicky is just a normal girl who loves to get dirty and work on cars. Her brother buys a car who was secretly a giant alien robot. Until one day...
Adventures of Raf's Babysitter by Naaen_Willow
Adventures of Raf's Babysitterby Naaen_Willow
Amelia Moore is Raf's babysitter since she was thirteen and has known Raf for three years. She is known to be cold and angry at everyone at Memorial High School but sin...
Transformers: Bumblebee x OC  by natyliebautis14
Transformers: Bumblebee x OC by Natylie Bautista
Katherine Witwicky is the older sister is Sam Witwicky. She is the popular one while Sam isn't. Follow Katherine and Sam on their crazy journey. Bumblebee X OC Follows...