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Their Protector  by nottodaybetchess
Their Protector by nottodaybetchess
((TFP fanfic I've gone back into that phase)) After sleeping for millennia, a great beast that all thought went extint, arises. I dont own any of these characters but Y...
Lost souls - Sunstreaker  by tfp-fanfiction
Lost souls - Sunstreaker by ❤️TF bayverse💛
Skye is a 18 year old girl with a difficult past. No one really seems to understand her and often say she's unpredictable. After she was rescued by Lennox she was taken...
Keep The SunnySide Up! ( TF Gen1 Fanfic ) by Sheik1998
Keep The SunnySide Up! ( TF Gen1 The Knights who say " Ni!"
Ari had a love for fixing up old cars, restoring them and selling them. It was one of the few ways to keep her home. When passing by a carlot, two 1984 Lamborghinis catc...
Transformers Prime: Amulet of Life (#1) [Completed] by Mac-reader2004
Transformers Prime: Amulet of Mac-reader2004
Lora Creed, a 15 year old girl, comes across a lost Cybertronian relic in the middle of Jasper, Nevada. She is totally unaware of what will happen to her life after that...
There's a Autobot in my barn by FNAFToyChica
There's a Autobot in my barnby 💛Terror Twins❤️
Shadow is a 6 year old girl with many problems. 1. Her Dad abuses her 2. Mom died in The Chicago attack And now an Autobot?! Is Shadow's life gonna change or get even...
Gears and Pistons | | Bayverse | | Book 1 by Drag0nRider201
Gears and Pistons | | Bayverse | | Drag0nRider201
| |"Perhaps it's not fate then, perhaps its merely coincidence."| | | |"I have lost everything, and yet, I have gained everything too."| | Toby Willi...
Transformers X Reader // Highschool Scenarios by SunsetMagyk
Transformers X Reader // Camera_Kiddo
Do you like scenario books? What about in highschool? And Transformers? Here, you'll fall in love with a variety of Autobots and Decepticons. The ones I am currently...
Rush by AlexandriteTheGreat
Rushby AlexandriteTheGreat
All new life on Cybertorn was extinguished during the war. Not a single sparkling remained. But years later, on Earth, the Autobots uncover a small stasis pod, holding a...
Lost and Found (TFP) by _error_1010
Lost and Found (TFP)by Enigma Primo
The Autobots and Decepticons were fighting as usual for Energon when they plunged into a hole, falling unceremoniously into the abyss. There was one massive Energon in t...
⭐️ Transformers Oneshots ⭐️ by _CosmicBlizzard_
⭐️ Transformers Oneshots ⭐️by Xx¢σѕмι¢вℓιzzαя∂xX
Autobots, Decepticons, you name it. Whoever caught your eye can be found in here! Requests open
Thats only the half of it. (TFP story) by Shelby77gt
Thats only the half of it. (TFP Shelby
Shelby been on her own for quite sometime. Just her Cybertronian partner for company. Her and her partners past hasn't been a good one. They have gone though a lot toget...
Bumblebee's Twin(Transformers) by FlamingRiver06
Bumblebee's Twin(Transformers)by FlamingRiver06
Dynamite is Bumblee's sister. Twin is more like it. She's the older twin and will make sure Bumblebee knows it. She often makes fun of him being younger any chance she g...
~Worth It~ (Megatron x Starscream) by ParamoreShips
~Worth It~ (Megatron x Starscream)by MegaStar-009
[Cover art does not belong to me. Characters also do not belong to me and the story is not related to anything in the original show] Starscream feels as if he is unworth...
Street Racer Darling |:| Knockout X reader by DatFandomGirl1
Street Racer Darling |:| Dat Fandom Girl
(Y/N) sat down. Her day had been full of the impossible. Only one question remains: Is Knockout just grateful, or is there more to it? (TFP fanfiction. I don't own them...
The Hackers by PatchWorkAngel
The Hackersby PatchWorkAngel
A group of hackers and long term friends who had always caused mayhem in their school life as well as life on the internet, stumble on one of the most secure secretes kn...
Avenger hero (ON HOLD) by Dream_on_bish
Avenger hero (ON HOLD)by DreamLight17
What if there's an Ex- Hero in a small place known as Jasper Nevada. An Ex-Hero who watches over the town. He got a lots of attention from the ladies, Even men have inte...
Transformers *My Little Sister* Book One by Midnight_433334
Transformers *My Little Sister* Midnight_433334
This is a story about three siblings. A little sister and two older brothers. Moonlight is Optimus's and Megatron's little sister. Moonlight love both her older brothers...
Child of the Allspark (Transformers Prime) by Fanatic_Squared
Child of the Allspark ( Fanatic Squared
Sector 7 called her Subject 21153, but to the Autobots she was Pixel, a girl raised in the confines of a hidden base underneath the Hoover Dam all because an ancient ali...
The Mutated Predacon (Wheeljack X Mutated Predacon) by Midnight_433334
The Mutated Predacon (Wheeljack Midnight_433334
Transformers Prime (sparkling reader) by dyrbjyrnj
Transformers Prime (sparkling z star
The autobots found a signal coming from a stasis pod and want to find out if its a decepticon or an autobot and the results are a surprisingly shocking..........its a sp...