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A Mute Friendship by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
A Mute Friendshipby Schizo Writer
A mute boy finds out about the Cybertronian race and befriends Soundwave, who was once also mute and deaf. Soundwave finds out the boy is Techno-Organic, and uses that t...
Human Decepticons by AngelBlade2000
Human Decepticonsby AngelBlade
What if the Autobots aren't the only ones with charges? What if the Decepticons have human companions too? Humans who have been working with them long before the introdu...
Soundwave's Sister by ironhide123
Soundwave's Sisterby Ironhide123
Ever imagined what it would be like if Soundy had a sister? That was his twin???
Raising a Sparkling Together (And Apart) by kaitlynn-bush
Raising a Sparkling Together ( sourcherry
From behind him, he heard Breakdown step closer and start the cannon on his back. Knockout pulled the object closer protectively before slowly turning to face his conjun...
Enter Dante, The Rev-9: Book 1: Rogue by DragonLord39
Enter Dante, The Rev-9: Book 1: DragonLord39
Legion's Terminators are generally self aware. So what happens when one Rev-9 decides to abandon what he was programmed to do and journeys to the past to stop his future...
Transformers Prime Jack Darby  One Shots by AlphaSnowWolfJones
Transformers Prime Jack Darby Wolf B. Jones
this stories are going to be based upon jack Darby
Another Earth (Pokemon X Transformer G1 AU Crossover) by Daisyle125
Another Earth (Pokemon X Daisy
When the Depecticons Time-Space machine failed, all Cybertronians on earth were transported in an alternate universe where creatures big or small possessed elemental pow...
Blind Logic (TFP Shockwave x Blind Femme Reader) COMPLETE by Yingying79
Blind Logic (TFP Shockwave x IRONHIDE’s_Girl❤️
Just a story of you and Logic senpai Shockwave because he's hot and adorable in TFP no matter what you think. I do not own transformers Set in TFP
Your Shadow (megatron x Male OC) by Katknightmare
Your Shadow (megatron x Male OC)by Clockwork Master Of Time
*Transformers Prime* Ashe is a bit of an odd ball, but that's only because he has a dark and mysterious past. He may seem like a happy go getter, but underneath is w...
Dogformers x human reader (COMPLETED) by RubyPasha
Dogformers x human reader ( RubyPasha
You are a 17 year old orphan who doesn't go to school. You are used to having a hard lonely life until you sine up at a dog rescue shelter. Most of the dogs there are up...
The Third Brother of Cybertron {TFP Fanfiction} by GhostWaveWrites
The Third Brother of Cybertron { Ghostwave
Andrew wasn't sure why he couldn't remember anything before William Fowler finding him in the woods. He was terrified of what others would do if they knew about his true...
Transformers Prime Knockouts sister  by kathrynjacob
Transformers Prime Knockouts kathrynjacob
I do not own the cover picture being used. When a femme wakes up on earth she has no clue where she is, but vaguely remembers what's happened to her home. Then she remem...
Merformers - To find the one you trust! by Whitewing123
Merformers - To find the one you Whitewing123
May Leval, is a vet doctor and marine biologist. She lives alone in her two story mansion like house. The entire city coast knows of who she is, but would never dare cro...
That monster is my brother by itz_nobody2008
That monster is my brotherby Dolores Smith.
Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons. and Marinette Dupain-cheng is the hero of Paris. Megatron has been searching for her little sister. she was missing before the...
The fallen, has risen by SAPwriter2005
The fallen, has risenby Sergio Paredes
Instead of being completely annihilated by Unicron, starscream somehow was transported to an alternate universe. Unfortunately he is badly damaged, but a teenage human w...
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction  by tfp-fanfiction
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction by ❤️TF bayverse💛
The young werewolf Skye serves the military after project Pegasus was set up by the government for secret missions all around the globe. A unit called K19. Skye's life...
Transformers Prime Reacts To: pics, memes, and stuff by Nebulaprime2468
Transformers Prime Reacts To: 🖤Shadow_Dragon
Team Prime, the Decepticons and the humans will react to thing of the author's and audience's chose. If you have something, it's got to be kid friendly though, you want...
Ratchet's Daughter X Skyquake and Dreadwing by Midnight_433334
Ratchet's Daughter X Skyquake Midnight_433334
I use to be an Autobot but not anymore. Now I'm a Decepticon. I didn't have the best childhood of all. My Carrier die by an unknown disease when I was only a sparkling...
Merformers: Friends from the Waves by SoundStorm88
Merformers: Friends from the Wavesby SoundStorm88
After the long search for her childhood savior, Robin ends up interning at the Oceanarium in her town, making a whole pod full of aquatic friends. ‼️I do not own Transf...
Ghost Of The Nemesis: TFP Deception x Reader (On Hold) by Fury1416
Ghost Of The Nemesis: TFP Dragon Master
Tfp Deceptions X Reader Scenarios Includes Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Knockout, Breakdown, Steve, Dreadwing, and Predaking. What happens when a human fi...