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Merformers by The_Nightmare_Siren
Merformersby The Nightmare Siren
Hi, this is my first story on Wattpad and I am so excited to be writing. This story is about how my OC, Ezili "Kai" Sedna, (I'm not sure if people like reading...
2. Charge (A TFP Fanfiction) by Fan_FictionGirl1
2. Charge (A TFP Fanfiction)by Author-Chan (Scout)
Taylor's life has flipped upside down, but that doesn't mean she dislikes that. While she misses her mother, she is back on track with finding herself again with the hel...
Transformers The Hatchling by slyfox18
Transformers The Hatchlingby Carly
The decepticons began digging up something up deep in the mines when autobots intercept the transportation of the object and unleash a creature within something that has...
Burned (Transformers Prime) by Fanfic_Fanatic13
Burned (Transformers Prime)by Fanfic_Fanatic13, obviously
"Let her pass." Megatron ordered his subordinates, holding up a hand to indicate they should hold their fire. Smokescreen's faceplates furrowed in confusion. W...
Rise | Transformers Prime fanfic by agirlinsomefandoms
Rise | Transformers Prime fanficby Professional Fangirl
"Don't be surprised, I will still rise!" - Before Agent Fowler, Jack, Miko, and Raf met the Autobots and saw what the Decepticons were capable of, there was a...
The Female Titan [Transformers Prime x Reader] by angelisaweeb
The Female Titan [Transformers angelisaweeb
You're a Titan Shifter known as the Female Titan, but nobody knows this. They're giant alien robots from the planet Cybertron and fighting a battle on Earth, what a grea...
TRENDSETTER - [Optimus Prime] by astridcamia
TRENDSETTER - [Optimus Prime]by astridcamia
[TFP Optimus Prime x Reader] You seem to have it all. That's what many others believe. Your looks, your talents, your social, career and personal life seem to have stabi...
Transformers: The Spirits Of Yin And Yang. by Unthinkable175
Transformers: The Spirits Of Yin Estatic Think
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any material for anything related to the Transformers franchise.
All I Want - Megatron X Reader by WingedVigilante
All I Want - Megatron X Readerby WingedVigilante
"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become one." Megatron fought against the Council's tyranny, only to unleash his own once h...
Transformers Prime FaceBook by Sheik1998
Transformers Prime FaceBookby The Knights who say " Ni!"
Miko did it again, she gave the team some dumb idea, it's called Facebook, all the bots are addicted to it and are constantly on....even Prime.....and somehow the cons f...
Transformers Prime: Way of the Flame by SilverJay3709
Transformers Prime: Way of the SilverJay
Lena is a mutant. And of course, she is forced to keep in secret, especially when her ability is one that people either find beautiful. Or genocidal. I DO NOT OWN TRANSF...
Counting Blessings by GeminiWishes
Counting Blessingsby GeminiWishes
A simple recon mission for a possible energon deposit goes sour fast. Knock Out knew he should have stayed on the Nemesis. He manages to escape, but one of the Vehicons...
Expect The Unexpected by sparkstrappedindark
Expect The Unexpectedby Ghostie's Pad
Skylar Chamberlain is 16 years old. She was born, and has lived in Jasper Nevada all her life. Sky has a track record for getting friends, and losing them just as fast...
A Half Spark(discontinue) by SilverJemmy
A Half Spark(discontinue)by Blacklight
A legend, a myth, the sparkeater is a cannibalistic creature thats eats the sparks of cybertronians. But what if this sparkeater comes out of hiding on Cybertron and hea...
Jack's Older Sister by CommentsByAyla
Jack's Older Sisterby Ayla Draculia
This is the story of Ayla Darby, who is taken in by the Autobots at first, then gets kidnapped by the Decepticons, but finds that she relates to the Decepticons more tha...
Tfp x Spider-girl Reader by El3tricWolf
Tfp x Spider-girl Readerby ⚡️🐺
Hi my names (Y/n)! I was bitten by a radioactive spider and moved to a small town of Jasper, Nevada. I just save people from robbery's, and shootings, and this came up r...
Transformers prime x reader one shots by Syvis_
Transformers prime x reader one Kana
disclaimer: mine are just stories, those are my ideas. TFP belongs to Hasbro and u belong to u I don't own the picture that is a cover for this book I don't own the pict...
The Daughter of Primus by AlithShepard95
The Daughter of Primusby Alith Shepard
Julianna Harth is a seventeen year old gaming youtuber (quite a popular one at that) trying to finish her senior year of high school in Jasper, Nevada. When her friends...
Other Half [Completed] by IttyBittyMouse
Other Half [Completed]by Yin Koi
Stella was always moved from house to house due to people that adopt her keep dying and only one 'person' stayed with her: Blue, a blue crystal that she talks to and 'he...
Enter Dante, The Rev-9: Book 1: Rogue by DragonLord39
Enter Dante, The Rev-9: Book 1: DragonLord39
Legion's Terminators are generally self aware. So what happens when one Rev-9 decides to abandon what he was programmed to do and journeys to the past to stop his future...