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Team Prime's Lovable Blue Idiot  by BattleDroid1106
Team Prime's Lovable Blue Idiot by BattleDroid1106
Caboose, the most lovable blue idiot of Reds and Blues ends up in Jasper Nevada after a slipspace malfunction. Due to this he meets up with Team Prime, will he help them...
Cursed With Silence(A Transformers Prime FanFiction) by Stephanie_alaska
Cursed With Silence(A Transformers...by Stephanie
This is the story of Reign. A mute. She was born without vocal cords and without a voice box. People tease her because of this. Reign is a fighter, she never runs from a...
Without a Word-a TFP Ratchet Guardian Fanfic (Completed) by Bumblemus_Prime
Without a Word-a TFP Ratchet Guard...by Bumblemus_Prime
You all know Ratchet, the grumpy Autobot medic. You know he isn't exactly "on board" with humans around the base. Okay, Raf, Jack, and Miko could be an except...
Short Stories From TFP by Black_Angel_of_White
Short Stories From TFPby @White_Angel_of_Black_Music
Hmm... Only small stories and one-schots. What can I add? Only: ENJOY!
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I Walk a Lonely Road (TFP  Optimus Prime X OC Fanfiction) by WhiteWolf815
I Walk a Lonely Road (TFP Optimus...by WhiteWolf815
I have done many things in my life. I have run away, I have lived on the streets, I have learned to fight, and much more. But the one thing I have never learned how to...
Metal and Stingers by mushroomfriend
Metal and Stingersby Enemy of the State
{TFP Bumblebee X reader} [Cover is credited to Uwall on Deviantart] [COMPLETE] Jasper. A small town in Nevada, smack in the middle between nowhere and boredom. You have...
Angel of Darkness → Transformers Prime by bangbangitsprime
Angel of Darkness → Transformers P...by Makayla
Y/n lived in the dark for way too long. Jack has been telling her for a while now. She always stays in their home, she doesn't even go to school. Why? Her abilities. Her...
Transformers Prime; Fate Leads to Destiny by Detectivegel
Transformers Prime; Fate Leads to...by Mystery A
Living in Jasper Nevada, Nova's life takes a turn when she becomes part of the Autobot and Decepticon war. What secrets and adventures lies ahead of her? What choice wil...
My Dark Secret [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction] by saibugs
My Dark Secret [A Transformers Pri...by Chelsea McPherson
When a Decepticon vessel crashes on Earth, Team Prime goes to investigate, prepared for anything… except for the discovery of a sleeping Autobot femme. This discovery le...
Watching Legacies(COMPLETED) by autrupert1105
Watching Legacies(COMPLETED)by #EllieGrace
Right after Alaric and Hope talk both he and Hope plus some chosen people from New Orleans and The Salvatore School is flashed to a room that looks like a movie theater...
Transformers Prime Oneshots by Soaring_Heart
Transformers Prime Oneshotsby Soaring_Heart
I will be shipping any TFP character (Decepticon or Autobot) with the reader. I will try my best to do whatever you guys ask for. And if you ask for smut then I will try...
2. Charge (A TFP Fanfiction) by Fan_FictionGirl1
2. Charge (A TFP Fanfiction)by Author-Chan (Scout)
Taylor's life has flipped upside down, but that doesn't mean she dislikes that. While she misses her mother, she is back on track with finding herself again with the hel...
T H E  S T O R M  W I T H I N ➵ T F P  L O V E  S T O R Y by Rainystarrynights
T H E S T O R M W I T H I N ➵ T...by ⇞Just A Girl⇟
D I S C L A I M E R ! ! -I don't not own any of the Transformers characters except for my Ocs. There will be a lot of a certain Disney references ( I DO NOT OWN THESE) ...
Transformers Prime: Shattered Glass (Completed) by Bumblemus_Prime
Transformers Prime: Shattered Glas...by Bumblemus_Prime
After a GroundBridge malfunction, the kids find themselves warped to another dimension, where everything is switched for them. They find that the Decepticons are on thei...
What Is Light? by smileforSmilez
What Is Light?by Smilez
Knockout finds a being close to human but not quite. Other dimension shenanigans would follow suite.
 Two Sides To Choose (Megatron X Sparkling!Reader) by GlitchesAreTheBest
Two Sides To Choose (Megatron X S...by So Many Glitches
You were just a newborn lucky you just happen to be born when the war started your sire Megatronus now known as Megatron. Had no idea that your carrier Orion pax known a...
Incorrect Transformers Prime Quotes 0.1 by Bumblemus_Prime
Incorrect Transformers Prime Quote...by Bumblemus_Prime
Exactly what the title sounds like! Have a quote? Submit it in the submissions chapter, now in the second book! Otherwise, have fun reading!
Incorrect Transformers Prime Quotes 0.2 by Bumblemus_Prime
Incorrect Transformers Prime Quote...by Bumblemus_Prime
More quotes to bring more joy and humor into your life. Have a quote? Submit it in the submissions chapter! Cover art made by BrookRiver on DeviantArt
Angel Friends - 3rd Season by dyesabel2119
Angel Friends - 3rd Seasonby dyesabel2119
The new Season of the TV Series Angel's Friends Reina is back with chaotic plans that challenges both the Angels and the Devils to protect their own terrestrials, and wi...
The path of darkness ~ A WW2 pilot story ~  by ONCKIND
The path of darkness ~ A WW2 pilot...by The Ringleader
One RAF pilot crashes in the Netherlands trying to find a way back to England. It's a dangerous journey.