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OC X Reader ONESHOTS by Aph_britain_America
OC X Reader ONESHOTSby Daisy Kageyama
Request are open! Song fic, scenarios and what ifs are allowed.
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Demon X Reader by Futago707
Demon X Readerby Futago707
Instead of having a guardian angel, you got a guardian demon. His methods are more brutal, but he always makes sure you are safe. Author: Kayla~ the twin with the glasse...
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Growing Fond Of You, Mr. Nian (Chapter 1- 200) by Whi5p3r3r
Growing Fond Of You, Mr. Nian (Cha...by Blank
*** NOT MY WORK.*** I am neither the author nor the translator. Just sharing here for offline reading purpose. Author(s) Leaf Snow,Ye Xue,葉雪 Summary It was supposed to b...
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Stepbrother's Bts x Reader UNDER HEAVY EDITING  by Edenisdead
Stepbrother's Bts x Reader UNDER H...by Eden
Y/n is sent to live with her supposed stepbrothers (BTS), in the gang-filled and dangerous Seoul Korea. The house is large as there are 7 brothers. Y/n is secretly depre...
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The Yakuza's son by Rin_Omar
The Yakuza's sonby Rin
[Y/N] [L/N] was the mysterious, secretive, quiet type among her peers, as a professional at blending in with the crowd she found life rather easygoing. That was until sh...
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Bnha Oneshots Fluff & Smut [over] by 04purpleDaDDy04
Bnha Oneshots Fluff & Smut [over]by lost one
Requests: open! Give details! Male reader: sometimes! Dominant reader: like 3/4 the time! Kinky reader: if requested! Threesomes: if requested! Update schedule: about...
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The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife by cats400
The King of Hell's Genius Pampered...by cats400
NOT MINE Link to original novel writer: http://volarenovels.com/king-of-hell/koh-chapter-55/
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The Real Behind The Fake by lunaa-tic
The Real Behind The Fakeby 『Blake』
Once again, just read the first chapter and it'll tell you everything you need to know!
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[✔] r (i) v a (l) r (y) // smeb x faker  by fakersgf
[✔] r (i) v a (l) r (y) // smeb x...by yana !!
smeb x faker ; chat au! - in which one wrong text to your rival goes a long way.
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Reincarnated As A Yakuza Heir [On Hold] by EssenceOf_Time
Reincarnated As A Yakuza Heir [On...by ×_Time_×
"if you want people to love who you are, Take the mask off" -Unknown _______ Sometimes people say that "Love is a symbol of peace" but the truth is...
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LUCIFER | Kim Taehyung (Completed)  by MKORFF6
LUCIFER | Kim Taehyung (Completed) by MKORFF6
'The devil has a name and it is Kim Taehyung' Every girl wants a bad boy who would be good just for her. But what happens when you get the ultimate bad boy, Satan himse...
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Think About It | CHANBAEK by exobubz
Think About It | CHANBAEKby Fara
Chanyeol's a gangster and Baekhyun digs that.
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Maid For You 2 by Little-Friend
Maid For You 2by Little Friend
Cassie used to think that her life as a maid for the terribly gorgeous Prince Coleman was complicated. She had no idea what was coming. Now with the crafty Queen Klara s...
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Sacrifice (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) by GalaxyNozomi
Sacrifice (Bakugou Katsuki x Reade...by Danique van Rossum
(SOME AU I MADE UP BC I WAS TIRED OF BNHA X READER STORIES IN UA) *** You are slightly different from the rest. No, scratch that. You're VERY rare in a world of quirks. ...
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The Seven Hidden Stones [BTS Supernatural au] by potatooangelz
The Seven Hidden Stones [BTS Super...by Lyn
"Find the seven hidden stones, and claim back what's yours." Glittery golden mist rose before they disappear completely. This is a supernatural BTS au fan...
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I Favor The Villainess by ryanmei
I Favor The Villainessby •Ryan•
"I am the heroine of an otome game, so is it wrong to like the villainess?" Corporate slave OL, Oohashi Rei, reincarnated as the heroine Rei Taylor in the worl...
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Lucky 13 (A Haikyuu Fanfic) by snorlaxc
Lucky 13 (A Haikyuu Fanfic)by snorlaxc
The number 13 is believed to be an unlucky number. For Shiruko Kanaro's team however, the number is even better than #1. Who knew a small mistake would turn 13 back int...
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My Bloody Love (Yandere!Male! rivals X Reader) by CrazyYandereGirl
My Bloody Love (Yandere!Male! riva...by °•.*• Yandere Life •*.•°
❝ But... Why me? ❞ ❝ Because you're the only one that drives me absolutely insane. ❞ ========== (Name)'s life wasn't ve...
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Jaemin the Icy Prince and Me - Na Jaemin NCT by Kainingwen
Jaemin the Icy Prince and Me - Na...by Kaizen22
Sixteen-year-old Mina has been in love with eighteen-year-old Na Jaemin, the boy next door, since forever. He is the most popular boy in school, despite his cold and alo...
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tsundere husband | jungkook ✓   by jellioi
tsundere husband | jungkook ✓ by rei.
in which, kang eunhee is married to a cold-hearted CEO, jeon jungkook. [Jungkook X reader AU] was #106 in fanfiction. thank you!
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