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Caterpillar by Raihantheruler
For decades, he had traveled from one corner of the known Universe to the other, searching for a way back to his home planet. But after nearly 100 years of fruitless eff...
Batman's Secretary by Shadowedmoon13
Batman's Secretaryby Shadowedmoon13
Bruce Wayne needs help, his company is crazy with work at the movement, and with villains like the Joker and Ridler on the loose, Batman's life is crazy with work. And o...
Little Beacon- A BATFAMILY X OC FANFIC by JumpyBox13
Little Beacon- A BATFAMILY X OC FA...by Jumpy
Julianne Cress is a foster kid, one that always jumped from home to home, so she's an expert in keeping under the radar and being unnoticed. At her school, Midtown Hall...
What Side Am I On? (Young justice fanfic) by workinprogresslol
What Side Am I On? (Young justice...by Someone
Sandy was adopted by the Graysons when she was just a baby. Years later, when her mom and dad falls to their death. Instead of sticking with her brother and getting adop...
Zip by MarilynneCadance1218
Zipby Marilynne Cadance
In the world of heroes like Superman and Batman there's a kid who was blessed with the ability to teleport anywhere he can think of. Despite the powerful gift he doesn't...
Justice League: Zootopia's Flash of Lightning  by Flashbolt157ninja
Justice League: Zootopia's Flash o...by Flasheart Wolf 157
While practicing his speed, Barry Allen once again breaks the dimensional barrier, traveling to a different Earth in the Multiverse. Now, stranded in Zootopia, he finds...
Fangirls are Heroes by -Cotyc-
Fangirls are Heroesby Coytc Writes
When one young fan girl falls through a portal to the DC Universe will she be able to save the world from plot holes and contingency errors? (Warning: I like to curse an...
The Villain Wrangler by lilhawkeye3
The Villain Wranglerby lilhawkeye3
When a sick child asks to meet a villain (instead of a celebrity or superhero like with most wishes), someone's got to have the guts to track these wanted individuals do...
Shrunk (Complete/Editing) by MarvelandDCunite
Shrunk (Complete/Editing)by Ginny A. /GFA
Nightwing got shrunk by Poison Ivy. It's up to his friends and family to reverse it. This story will show family bonding, violence, heart to heart romance, and characte...
Heroic Cognizance | Shazam by Starkvenger
Heroic Cognizance | Shazamby Starkvenger
On the surface, Captain Marvel seems like an air-headed, cheery, carefree guy with way too much power on his hands. The League knows next to nothing about the guy, save...
Tsunade, The Healer of Superheroes (Naruto X YJ)  by Arrowgirl051601
Tsunade, The Healer of Superheroes...by Arrowgirl051601
Tsunade gets reincarnated in the Young Justice universe.
All About Billy Batson by kesalvador
All About Billy Batsonby Ke Salvador
Billy Batson, aka Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, One Shots. Some are interactions between Captain Marvel and the Justice League, some are about Billy and his foster family...
A Saiyan in Young Justice by Seraphina0901
A Saiyan in Young Justiceby Seraphina
I used to be a regular human, on a regular Earth, with a regular life. Until one day I was given a chance to do something great. I am now a Saiyan, being transported to...
Demon of the Justice League by ZombieCurse
Demon of the Justice Leagueby ZombieCurse
Narumi Uzumaki hero of the hidden leaf must leave her home dimension to protect her loved ones from the remains of ten-tailed beast that she sealed into herself. Rewrite...
Young Justice: Pure Chaos by Ara598
Young Justice: Pure Chaosby Ara598
After the death of his family due to the war in his home country of Sokovia a young boy volunteers for a program designed to create superhumans. During his time in the p...
finding a demigods home (fempercy Jackson x justice League) by eveaning_stars
finding a demigods home (fempercy...by Lj
This isn't that good. It could've been good but it turned out bad. *Warning* it isn't that good; neither is it accurate, I'm just bored; I'm older. Monsters are more afr...
Ghost King Meets Batman by Sparrow-_-2020
Ghost King Meets Batmanby Sparrow-_-2020
Nico di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce, but seeing as he can't...
Justice League, meet the Bats by erisofnyx
Justice League, meet the Batsby Eris of Chaos
Tim is kidnapped, the Justice League come to the rescue because Batman is off world. Little do they know that the Waynes are not normal people.... Characters belong to D...
Green Lantern's Child by Shadowedmoon13
Green Lantern's Childby Shadowedmoon13
Hal Jordan was a fun loving, easy going guy, fighting the bad guys to protect earth and fitting in with his new team, the justice league! Then he found out that a gir...
Double Trouble by gotthatbrainrot
Double Troubleby beans
((Young Justice//Maximoff Twin cross over)) Twin meta teens Pietro and Wanda Maximoff have no one in the world but each other and they would do anything to stick togethe...