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unOrdinary | Cyffredin by Zedianx
unOrdinary | Cyffredinby Zedianx
Expelled from New Bostin, what if John changed his personoa differently from his experiences compared to canon? Our story begins after John was accepted to Wellston. St...
Unordinary Reacts by ITz_al_-
Unordinary Reactsby Ayanogod
Wellston reacts to John etc
EMBERS uprise |~| + John turns into a child  by CAS4N0VA
EMBERS uprise |~| + John turns casan0va
John reverts back into a child, and Blyke is left with a massive responsibility... By any chance, could EMBER be involved in this? If so, what are their plans? This con...
Unordinary Adventures by unOrdinary014
Unordinary Adventuresby unOrdinary014
This Chat fiction will be where the UnO friend group will be on a group chat and go on trips/adventures doing what they do best I suggest you read the original story on...
King [Unordinary] [Original Edition] by GildedPhoenix_
King [Unordinary] [Original Phoenix
What would happen that after the events of new Bostin, instead of completely shutting off his power John met someone who told him not to fear his powers, but completely...
ABNORMAL: The Past Is Crawling Back by RemedyBoiii
ABNORMAL: The Past Is Crawling Backby
I do not own anything except my Ocs. Ren Lestrol, he is a boy with a mysterious past, he had transfered from Cloud academy to Wellston. He claims to be a low tier, but i...
Unordinary | King's Return by Crasalty
Unordinary | King's Returnby
John has overcome the troubles caused by New Bostin and will turn a new page in his life and try not to make his old mistakes again, and if possible to make up for those...
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Black Frost // John Proudstar by Justeen_96
Black Frost // John Proudstarby Justeen on hiatus
"You don't understand I need to go back! I need to go back right now!" Akira screamed at them. Her hands were already frosting up. "You want to live like...
John Shelby Imagines by authenticmiya
John Shelby Imaginesby Imagines❄️
Peaky Blinders lover Felt the need to make a John series😍
Redemption | Unordinary | by GhostOfWellston
Redemption | Unordinary |by Ghost
He was raised as a cripple, but later got unthinkable power in his hands, making him stand among the strongest individuals the world had ever witnessed. Enrolling to Wel...
Minnie Rose Shelby by ProfessorHolmes
Minnie Rose Shelbyby ProfessorHolmes
Minnie Shelby has a pretty rough life, but how will she cope when it seems to be spiralling out of control? Plus her father's getting into big trouble with enemies who m...
A Couple Steps Back by UnOrdinary_Ships
A Couple Steps Backby UnOrdinary_Ships
【 He thought he lost everything after his Joker and King phase. Through all that he had done, he had no clue as to how Seraphina, his best friend, whose relationship had...
Twisted Healer - UnOrdinary (John x Elaine) by Cipher_301
Twisted Healer - UnOrdinary ( Cipher 301
(Don't blame me lmfao, but I thought this would be a lowkey hilarious idea. I've always thought that if Elaine could change her views on lower tiers, she'd be an amazing...
Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
ExtraOrdinary: An unOrdinary Fanfic by olibong8
ExtraOrdinary: An unOrdinary Fanficby 𝓸𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓪
John's missing. He disappeared from school a few weeks after becoming King. His whereabouts remain unknown, and nobody knows if he's coming back. The school year ends in...
John's Younger Sister (Unordinary Fanfic) by roxy639
John's Younger Sister ( roxy639
Yes I'm back with another one because the best idea just popped up in my head! This story is going to be a Blyke fanfic though because I love him just as much as John. A...
Exposed Secrets Lead to New Secrets by EmDoesntSleep
Exposed Secrets Lead to New Secretsby EmDoesntSleep
John is now the king of Wellston with no regards to anyone or anything around. After all, he has nothing left to lose with no more secrets of his to be exposed, right? W...
Unbearable by staidforsooth
Unbearableby staidforsooth
A very dark unOrdinary one-shot. You'll need some tissues. Also, trigger warning for suicide.
Always (John X Remi) by OrangeJuice457
Always (John X Remi)by T C
A little cringe but bear with me " All characters are from a webtoon called unordinary and belong to uru chan.
My Unordinary Academia by PainfulMelody
My Unordinary Academiaby
John Doe, former King of Wellston and was known and feared as Joker, was suddenly transported into the world of Boku no hero academia. How will John handle this new wor...