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A Detective's Case (Yandere Shuichi x Reader Fanfic) by YandereShuichi
A Detective's Case (Yandere Shuich...by Shuichi <3
It's your first year going to Hope's Peak, the best school around the whole world, or so everyone thought. They only select the best students, and somehow, you got in. Y...
Love Game (Yandere Kokichi x Reader x Yandere K1-B0/Kiibo) by YandereShuichi
Love Game (Yandere Kokichi x Reade...by Shuichi <3
Not like you were a total weeb or anything... but maybe expectations for a Japanese school were slightly too high. It's your first official day being a transfer to a Jap...
Shifting Realities || A Pro's Book About Shifting by blxue_bunii
Shifting Realities || A Pro's Book...by blxue_bunii
If you don't know me, I'm Bunii, a successful shifter. I wanted to make this book to share all my experiences, stories, tips, tricks, methods, etc!
Heart of Stone (Senku x Reader) by runescapeRULZ
Heart of Stone (Senku x Reader)by runescapeRULZ
y/n and Senku have been friends since middle school. Helping him with his crazy experiments, and helping him excel in science. In this Stone world, you tend to help him...
Danganronpa/sdra2/dra one shots  by Nazarath74334
Danganronpa/sdra2/dra one shots by Ace
Welcome to the one shot book of danganronpa where you will see me doing "Shut up dad I do what I want" ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ "WHAT YOU SAY?!?!?" "DADDY NO...
Be My Liar 《Kokichi x Reader》 by Cookiestar16
Be My Liar 《Kokichi x Reader》by SHSL Fanfic Trash
In the killing game, only two can remain alive. Kill someone to leave. Survival of the fittest. In the fight for survival, bonds are made and broken. And these bonds cou...
chibi creepypastas x reader #2! [Not this again!] by SidV73
chibi creepypastas x reader #2! [N...by Sid V
this is a sequel, if you haven't read the first one, please read it before this. (Y/n) missed her friends, it's been three months since they defeated alex and saved her...
I'm Ten Billion Percent Sure I've Fallen For you || Senku x Reader || by SenkusWife
I'm Ten Billion Percent Sure I've...by 血液
"If there is one thing I didn't comprehend in this world, it would be how I didn't tell you I was in love with you sooner." -Senku Ishigami ________ I do not...
♡ Shifting Methods ♡ by strxwbxrry_mxgic
♡ Shifting Methods ♡by strxwbxrry_mxgic
I've never actually shifted before this is just a catalog of some shifting methods I found on amino.
SEX THERAPY «d.s.» by CullenKing
Daniel Simmons, better known by his clients as Dr. Diggy, makes his living as a sex therapist with high profile clientele. He works in Los Angeles, the city of angels an...
《°•× Underneath the Lies ו°》 [Kokichi Ouma × Reader] by Vichi_V
《°•× Underneath the Lies ו°》 [Kok...by Viko
Kokichi Oma, the Ultimate supreme leader. Y/n L/n, the Ultimate peace maker Childhood friends. Y/n came from a negative home while Kokichi..well she doesn't know yet. Bu...
Suicide Squad: His Queens by BriCo978
Suicide Squad: His Queensby Brittany
Martha Wayne is not exactly the perfect daughter that Bruce was hoping for. Her life had been one big downward spiral ever since he mother walked out on them. Then there...
Shifting Starter Guide by hieub123
Shifting Starter Guideby Gothchan666
In this book i will share shifting advice on how to shift, how to script, how to create yourself, how to do things safely and properly, methods to shift, and many more s...
Scp Preferences and More by PhyraEssence
Scp Preferences and Moreby DemonMary
It's whatever comes to mind
Avengers X Reader by kaddaku
Avengers X Readerby kc
shifting to my waiting room by shiftingrealities
shifting to my waiting roomby shifting realities
i am just gonna be scripting about my wr on here since i dont want to do it on a notebook because im too scared my parents or siblings are gonna find it
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Oneshots by Gabi_Angel87
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Oneshotsby 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝𝕎𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤𝕎𝕣𝕚𝕥�...
Him as any of his characters he plays Warnings- Smut, Trigger Warnings, Cursing
【"I'll win your heart!"】Kokichi X Reader by -_-Lyrica-_-
【"I'll win your heart!"】Kokichi X...by Lyrica
Y/N L/N, the Ultimate Socializer, was participating in a killing game. She didn't understand why she was participating in this horrible game of murder. As time passed, s...
Danganronpa x female oneshots!!--On Hiatus!!  by Miss_Ridai
Danganronpa x female oneshots!!--O...by Its_miss_ridai
A Danganronpa oneshot book made by a shitty authorrrr. This book is mostly x fem readers but feel free to change that. I sometimes take requests unless I say I'm not so...
The Man in the Library  by strawberrysugar30
The Man in the Library by StrawberrySugar
Being the new recruit with the FBI can be tough. Especially when you have already made a fool of yourself in front of your new colleague, Dr. Spencer Reid. How will your...