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Actions have consequences by knightwing28
Actions have consequencesby knighwing28
This takes place after chapter 155 with John in the infirmary with the royals after their battle and John is much calmer now that part of his goals are complete. Tens...
The God And His Goddess, Unordinary x Male reader  by sonic674
The God And His Goddess, isssa q
The God And Goddess of Wellston, I DO Not Own Unordinary all rights go to Uru Chan on webtoons
What if.... by YonderBacchus64
What YonderBacchus64
What if... John acted as a God-Tier instead of a cripple? Well the answer isn't in the description, its for me to know and for you to find out! Read the story if you wan...
What if John never hid his ability? by Kudos1922
What if John never hid his ability?by Bluelock kudos😮‍💨
What if even after those readjustment classes John learnt his lesson but never hid his ability when he first got into wellston well let's find out
Unordinary x Male reader  by TheRealzGodz
Unordinary x Male reader by TheRealzGodofOfCreation
Female Characters of Unordinary fall in love with an extraordinary boy. One who goes through a lot, but will his past get in the way of his progress of loving people? Fi...
Unordinary|| What could of been by GOmessiAT
Unordinary|| What could of beenby Zeref_Dragneel
We all know John's story, but what if we change the beginning of his journey in Wellston. What if John never said he was a cripple and openly talked about his level and...
John is in a pretty dark spot. Having been forced back into the hierarchy and losing his only friend in Wellston, John is alone. Looking for an answer to this terrible...
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unKnown by Anonymous-Cow
unKnownby Anonymous-Cow
A new student enrolls in Wellston, with a secret that will change everything. Two weeks before the main story starts heros begin dropping like flies. The authorities hav...
irReplaceable | John x Cecile| unOrdinary by Tortollino
irReplaceable | John x Cecile| Tortollino
The secret is out. John is now the feared king of Wellston. Abandoned by the only important person in his sad life, he is left to stand alone against all of his worst f...
UnOrdinary: The Unknown Knight by zombielols4
UnOrdinary: The Unknown Knightby zombielols
Wellston High. The school highly regarded due to their increasing amount of high-tiers and the high academic standards. But what if a boy, unknown to anyone, transfers i...
True Self. (unOrdinary x Male Reader) by PerfectInferno
True Self. (unOrdinary x Male Far
Who are you? Is there any way to tell you, to remind you, who is the identity you hold in yourself? Or is it just a lie, deception from the truth? (Note: Other than Y/N...
The Little Brother (Unordinary x Oc) by Uzamaki-nii-chan
The Little Brother (Unordinary x Uzamaki-nii-chan
Jake Doe, the younger brother of John Doe was always a special case, after realizing that his ability was Vampirism, that also meant there was other abilities to come wi...
New Me. -Unordinary by Johnnyboiii2
New Me. -Unordinaryby Johnnyboiii2
John recently returned from his readjustment classes. And he's been different. However with his dad's continuous support and a certain book called 'Unordinary' He uses h...
"There is no evil in sorcery. Only in the hearts of men." - Merlin Almost everyone in the wizard community know who the Weasley Family is; an old line of pureb...
DEVIATE / / (An unOrdinary fanfiction) by gwenchicle
DEVIATE / / (An unOrdinary gwen
This world is much different than I imagined. You give a sliver of power to every individual in this world, and it shifts the Earth slightly, ranging from the social hie...
unOrdinary: The Alternative[REWRITTEN] by EternalOG
unOrdinary: The Alternative[ Eternal
After John had finished reading unOrdinary, what if he had taken what his dad was trying to tell him to heart and used his powers for the benefit of others? #1 in unOrdi...
Into UnOrdinary as John by InfernoXtreme
Into UnOrdinary as Johnby Inferno X
A guy with hero like morals becomes one of the most violent people in fiction.
Drugs Are For Losers. Do Alcohol Instead! by w4stedT4lent
Drugs Are For Losers. Do Alcohol W4stedUtens1ls
What if the cast got along? what if sera never lost her ability? but instead... Story starts right after the turf wars incident/ Arlos ass beating session (Uno chatfic +...
the shit that goes on at wellston | chatfic by theparkedcar
the shit that goes on at theparkedcar
"'ASSLO.'" Remi makes a group chat, but whoooo the UnO cast is NOT easy to deal with. Crack ensues. Achievements: #1 in Jeraphina #1 in Blemi #1 in Asslo #1 in...
Unordinary Group Chat! by ILoveWriting186
Unordinary Group Chat!by ILoveWriting186
Seraphina is a goddess, John is (questionably) trying to be better, Remi and Blyke are giving him a second chance, Elaine is dumb while Isen is weird as always... and Ar...