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Hello, How Are You by Charukia
Hello, How Are Youby Cherry
Since I don't plan on writing any fanfics or books on this website, I thought I'd make this rant/life book just so you guys could get to know me better. As a human being...
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I'm Being Sold To  A  Vampire by LOVESICKFEARS
I'm Being Sold To A Vampireby LOVESICKFEARS
Legion was just a normal girl until she is kidnapped by a man named Mason and sold to a family of vampires. Will she escape or will she stay?
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Away From The City by EllieeRobyn
Away From The Cityby EllieeRobyn
"I'm in love with the cities I've never been to, and the people I've never meet" Many say you can't change your fate, but that's exactly how I altered my city...
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Meat eating sprite by meatwadsprite
Meat eating spriteby meatwadsprite
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The Outcast (BoyxBoy) by devyyynn
The Outcast (BoyxBoy)by Devyn
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Project Freelancer by AgentAlaska12
Project Freelancerby AgentAlaska12
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Powersons Chronicles by CatatonicKuroneko
Powersons Chroniclesby Ariana
When you think school cant get any tougher.......
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PSA (to whom it may concern) by LittlestBeatle
PSA (to whom it may concern)by Ashe White
Just a Public Service Announcement
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Australian Princess by xXMade2LoveXx
Australian Princessby Scarlett
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Time by dreamsoffantasy
Timeby dreamsoffantasy
Time is an illusion, waste it wisely. Please enjoy these random poems that I've written and put into this Wattpad story.
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Red-Headed Randoms by country_love53
Red-Headed Randomsby Hawindaji
This is a book of things I have been tagged in, random late night thoughts, and just in general goofiness.
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Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hea...by Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
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Still The One (Sequel to On Holiday With One Direction) by 1Dforeveryoungxx
Still The One (Sequel to On Holida...by Alice
Hollie had left, she left her feelings , she left her best friend and most importantly she left the only guy she had ever truly loved. But what happens when a big secret...
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Once Upon A Dream: A Tom Hiddleston Oneshot Imagine by asgardianhedgehog
Once Upon A Dream: A Tom Hiddlesto...by asgardianhedgehog
They say that in the final moments of life, a person can communicate with the dying. Warning: This may be a tearjerker. You might get wet. Make sure to keep your feels i...
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I'm glad we met... A Shisa Fanfic by louise__
I'm glad we met... A Shisa Fanficby louise__
This is a lovely shisa Fanfic about two hilarious and loving people, we know as Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz. (This story will be hopefully frequently updated.) '...
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Mituna x reader by pigletqueen
Mituna x readerby Kill me
Ok so leik der is Mituna den der is u but oh nu reader chan found a wild Eridan STRIFE! Dats pretty much it so far but I ain't giving all of its away until all of its is...
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Justin Blooper Times (which is apparently the x symbol) Hairy Stills by SuperFarOutAlien
Justin Blooper Times (which is app...by SuperFarOutAlien
I will do a human "fanfic yaoee" which is male times male (or what is preferably called boyxboy"
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