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Exposing Cheaters- OffGun  by LovelyJumpol
Exposing Cheaters- OffGun by ♡
Gun is a Youtuber who likes to go around interviewing couples to see if they are loyal. Off so happens to be one of the couples Gun interviews.
OUR DESTINY (On-Going)  by Miss_Teryoso_11477
OUR DESTINY (On-Going) by Binibining_J
"It's our destiny." "I don't know if life is cruel to me or it's just my fate that I have to learn importance of everything in life in a hard way."...
Changing Will [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Changing Will [boyxboy]by Jen
Ethan is sarcastic and sassy. Will is careless and troubled. When Ethan sees how bad Will is struggling, he decides to help the 20 year old. But in order to help Will, E...
On or Off by KhinEi9
On or Offby Park Chan Baek
အလုပ္ကမ္းလွမ္းခ်က္တစ္ခုေၾကာင့ ခနၶာကိုယ္ကို ေပးခဲ့မိၿပီး ထိုလူဆီမွမလြတ္ေျမႇာက္ေတာ့ဘဲ အစားခဲ့ရေတာ့သည့္အခါ အလုပ်ကမ်းလှမ်းချက်တစ်ခုကြောင့ ခန္ဓာကိုယ်ကို ပေးခဲ့မိပြီး ထိုလူဆီမ...
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Krist sighed and lifted up his face to have a good look on Singto. "P'....You're mocking me, aren't you?" "Mocking you?" "I know that I'm short...
Red's Riding Hood {ManxBoy} by InfiniteTeal
Red's Riding Hood {ManxBoy}by Senpai
Red is an oblivious fifteen year old boy who has to journey into the forest to get to his grandmother's house. On the way there, however, he meets a mysterious man holdi...
Theory Of Love [English Retelling]  by rxxxome_
Theory Of Love [English Retelling] by 너굴제롬
What kind of situation or time that makes you want to swear "Damn it!" the most? Is it when you're walking on the pavement and suddenly getting splashed by a c...
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
OFFGUN One shots by chanhuncs
OFFGUN One shotsby Yeolmaeexol
I have decided to do some one shots for offgun, romepick and romebright whilst writing my main offgun book. Hope you like it I do not own any of these characters. some s...
Blue sky (Completed) by happiix
Blue sky (Completed)by happiix
Singto is a high school student who lives with his older twin brothers, Off and Tay. Off and Tay are forming a band called 'Obsius' and run a bar while they study in Uni...
Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy]by Jen
17 year old Zeke is a normal enough boy. He's gay, friendly, a soccer player, and occasionally over hyper. His new boyfriend Tommy is relaxed and quiet kind of guy. Zeke...
Texts | OffGun by sbmetawin
Texts | OffGunby jan
Off is always receiving some text messages. But the thing is, he doesn't know who's that person who likes to send him those sweet messages.
ON OR OFF (book2......Myanmar translation ) by KhinEi9
ON OR OFF (book2......Myanmar Park Chan Baek
book1 ကိုဖတ်ပြီးမှာ book2ကိုဖတ်ပါ😁😁😁 book1 ကိုဖတ္ၿပီးမွာ book2ကိုဖတ္ပါ😁😁😁
Loss of Innocence by AwesomeCo-Writers
Loss of Innocenceby Mrs. Winchester
He gave me hope.... But he took away my innocence and crushed me into irreparable pieces. Arabella Baine, a shewolf who wasn't blessed enough to be able to shift. The...
Eyes Open by HonorInTheRain
Eyes Openby Ally
The unscripted pieces of the lives of Hadley, Archer, and everyone possible from their world.
Take A Chance》OffGun by sbmetawin
Take A Chance》OffGunby jan
Gun Atthaphan is very fond of showing his emotions to his friends. Off Jumpol isn't an exception even though Gun knows he isn't an affectionate person. Hugs, kisses, and...
Dear Heaven by Human_fo
Dear Heavenby Human_fo
OffGun oneshots. Characters like Rome, Phun, Liftoil and Third are played by Gun Atthaphan. Characters like Pick, Bright and Khai are played by Off Jumpol. Have fun and...
War Between Us: Mates // MewGulf by chocomilkkx
War Between Us: Mates // MewGulfby milkkx
The moon goddess is the ruler, no one should ever disobey the luna's rule for the luna knows best and it was meant to be. But what happens if Gulf Kanawut an alpha wolf...
IS REAL by mczkmczk
IS REALby mczk
Fan fiction about Off and Gun. About how they relationship may be like when we don't see them. It would be good to have a basic knowledge about who the characters are an...
As Bright As Rome by Human_fo
As Bright As Romeby Human_fo
What if Rome never met Pick but met Bright instead? What if Kongpob never got to confess his love for Arthit in his first year? What if Arthit loves to be in denial? Wha...