The New Girl
By paislydot13
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"I asked curiously, " this boarding know, fun? Boring?" Grace Ross is an ordinary girl who expects ordinary things. She was never popular back home in America, so when she moves to England, she tries her best just to fit in with the other kids in the boarding school. But what happens when her vision of staying out of the way, suddenly spirals her straight into the heart of the drama, secrets, and crushes of this new and foreign school? Unexpected things happen, and Grace is pushed into another world she never imagined for herself. She's introduced to unlikely friends and boys, and sees herself for the first time fitting in. But what happens when she finds herself torn between the school's untouchable hottie, a blond irish cutie, and a curly haired troublemaker? Will her heart be broken, or will she break theirs? Is there a way for everyone to be happy? Or can she pick just one..... *** "Grace.... you have no idea how much fun your going to have here." *** © Copyright 2014, paislydot13 (please don't copy my book w/o permisson.)

The New Girl

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The New G...
by paislydot13