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The Scarred Viking's Bride (On Temp. Hold) by Bookworm_Beauty96
The Scarred Viking's Bride (On Kass🌹
The ruthless Jarl of the rumored cold-blooded Dahlsten clan. A young maiden of the southern Haraldsson clan. Two individuals from very different worlds. One night that...
The Bride of a Viking by fish_out_of_water19
The Bride of a Vikingby Onyx Farrow
TRIGGER WARNING Sexual assault Domestic violence Highest Ranking: #4 in Betrothed. #11 in Viking "I told you not to move," the brute said as he turned...
That Look (Hiccup x Reader) by Orange6670
That Look (Hiccup x Reader)by Shiryō
Hi, I'm (Y/n)! This is my story; well, my version of it. This is the story of how I met my best friends, my absolute best friend (my dragon) and became an ultimate drago...
The Barbarian by Notascuteasbabyyoda
The Barbarianby Panda
Two worlds clash with each other. She is soft, loving and sensitive. He is harsh and merciless. But what if ? What if he isn't as cold as he seems? And what if she isn...
Her Viking by Jalisha_Love
Her Vikingby Jalisha Vega
Mariana moves from the U.S. to Norway, wanting to leave her old life and start a new one. Just like the mountains in Norway, love has a way of mounting itself into your...
Renegade  (a HTTYD runaway story) by Emoimerh
Renegade (a HTTYD runaway story)by Amaj Ikman
Complete!!! Hiccup was always a nuisance to the vikings on Berk. He was viewed as a runt, a shame, and a screw up. That all changed when he became the top of dragon trai...
Warlord in love by UltraaVioletSky
Warlord in loveby UltraaVioletSky
Fearless leader, genius warlord and ruthless man, Ivar the Boneless is about to fight the greatest war in his life, and this time he won't be the one who is asking for h...
In Lieu Of A Tail by AnjaWritesFanfiction
In Lieu Of A Tailby Anja
Hiccup runs away from Berk with Toothless (after the fight with the Nadder in the ring). Astrid never stopped him and the romantic flight never happened. Many years late...
I See You (Toothless ff) by karmela2004
I See You (Toothless ff)by karmela2004
Will follow the plot of the movie Meet a female night fury she has a blue tantalizing eyes but her right eye sight is the problem because she is half blind and did...
The Lost Soul (Toothless x Reader) by ZulukIgnites
The Lost Soul (Toothless x Reader)by Axel
A young Death Star was with her family for many years until one day her brother and herself went out to fly before they ate. When they came back her family was murdered...
visage ; bjorn ironside by triphlys
visage ; bjorn ironsideby triphlys
" i'm so in love with you. " " i've known you for, like, twenty minutes. " ---- In which a wild child from a clan considered feral even by N...
Mr Beast One Shots Boy x Boy by _multifandom_fangirl
Mr Beast One Shots Boy x Boyby _multifandom_fangirl
Just short cute fluffy\smutty one shots of these dudes. Will mostly consist of Jimmy x Chris and Chandler x Chris. In every one shot with Chris, he will be single or dat...
Emboite by Inforapound
Emboiteby Inforapound
Moving overseas in order to advance her career as a professional ballet dancer, Sarah Pearson meets a brash young businessman at a fundraising auction. After a near-miss...
When the cameras off (Completed) by Flower-Bloom
When the cameras off (Completed)by Flower-Bloom
A cold sweat ran down Karls face as Chris looked into his soul with pure anger covering his face. "for god sake Karl, you've messed everything up you pathetic waste...
OLD FASHIONED LOVE || DRON ✔ by khanyisilethato
OLD FASHIONED LOVE || DRON ✔by khanyisile
" SILENCE, This is a family lunch , we will respect each other . You will not act like hooligans in mine or my Queen's presence . Now you will eat and then help wit...
Soul Seeker by sambalazs
Soul Seekerby Samantha Balazs
In the destroyed arctic, a huntress sets out to kill a man, only to become entangled with immortals of fire and ice... She set out to kill him. Instead, she is drawn int...
Knight Male Reader X For Honor by Quantum_01
Knight Male Reader X For Honorby Spenser King Parker
(Name) Jonathan was born in a large kingdom life was peaceful until a legion in black attack it destroying everything and everyone he love. Now he shall search for the p...
The Rainbow Razorwhip by FeatheredDemon
The Rainbow Razorwhipby FeatheredDemon
RainbowFlash is a rainbow Razorwhip dragon who is raised by a Death Song dragon. Once old enough, she sets out on her own to see the world and meet her dragon species...
Circumspect [SnotLegs - HTTYD] by heartof-paper
Circumspect [SnotLegs - HTTYD]by Oneshot Writer
Snotlout was always wary of risks that needed to be taken. So now he forever regrets the time he didn't hesitate to confess his love to his friend. This happened to caus...
How To Train Your Viking by Moonstone360
How To Train Your Vikingby Sienna
Everyone knows the story of Hiccup and how he trained a dragon. Ever know how the dragon trained him? Ever wonder the Night furies past? Well, that's my story. I never u...