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Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge) by frogofwisdom
Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge)by Overlord
George is ftm trans and he's excellent at keeping the secret from the others, but when George, Dream, sapnap, karl and Bad all move in together, it becomes a harder secr...
God I love him... || Skephalo Smut by 0Rebooting0
God I love him... || Skephalo Smutby 0Rebooting0
In this story, bad chooses to say that he doesn't have feelings for skeppy until something interesting happens... [skephalo Smut] [art not mine]
Sticky Notes by TheKidWithANotebook
Sticky Notesby PenAndPaper
Prom was a big deal. But George had no plan of attending until someone started planting sticky notes wherever he went, nameless, flirting with him and saying he should g...
Geppy! | Skephalo by DaddyHisokasTongue
Geppy! | Skephaloby DaddyHisokasTongue
COMPLETE!!! Dream organizes a trip for everyone from the smp that could make it. This gave the opportunity for Bad and Skeppy to finally meet in person. And everything f...
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Bromance - A Skephalo Fanfic by digitallyhypnotized
Bromance - A Skephalo Fanficby Audrey
(Thank you for all the reads + the votes ❤️) PLOT: Skeppy has become tired of waiting to meet up with Bad, so he decides to show up on his own. He already has suspicions...
𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐑. dreamby 𝕽 ࿐ྂ
𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐑 ༉‧₊˚✧ . do you watch dream? the minecraft youtuber? yeah! © -ʀᴇɴʙᴏᴏ ˖⋆࿐໋₊ ⁰⁸ ⁰⁸ ²⁰
Light Blue Backpack (Skephalo High School AU) by OhMary_
Light Blue Backpack (Skephalo MaryM
This is a story about mcyts Skeppy and BadBoyHalo. We follow this adorable duo as they struggle through high school, finding love and making new friends along the way. Y...
The Forfeit [DISCONTINUED] by Baby_Whiskee
The Forfeit [DISCONTINUED]by Baby_Whiskee
Skeppy lost against Badboyhalo and now he has to pay the price #1 in skephalo #28 in gayaf #3 in skeppy #4 in Badboyhalo
"14 Cheers" // SkepHalo Fanfiction // Cheerleader AU by Quackitys_OwO_Drugs
"14 Cheers" // SkepHalo Skephalo
Zak and Darryl are best friends. But when the basketball championships begin, Darryl seems a bit more distracted than usual. So, naturally, Zak tries out to be a cheerle...
Popular (MCYT Skephalo Fanfic)〈COMPLETED〉 by ThatAmazingSis
Popular (MCYT Skephalo Fanfic)〈 SisTheSinister
Skeppy and BadBoyHalo are YouTube enemies. Each of them wishes they could top the other when it comes to being known the best by YouTube viewers and subscribers. Why do...
The Muffiny Prince (Skephalo) COMPLETED by Littlefufferfish
The Muffiny Prince (Skephalo) Littlefufferfish
Badboyhalo is next in line to be king of his kingdom. After his parents step down suddenly from the throne, he's in a rush. He must pull himself together to be the best...
Only friends by Grayissupergay
Only friendsby ghost bones
A mcyt groupchat fic dreamnotfound, karlnap, and skephalo THERE WILL BE NO SMUT but a few dirty jokes most of the flirting is just jokes and some of the things in this s...
My little detective~ Skephalo Mafia Omegaverse au by HaLo18753
My little detective~ Skephalo HaLo18753
Skephalo, Dnf, Karlnapity (COMPLETED) Darryl is a very skilled and smart detective he always gets the Job done with ease ,his under cover and doesn't want his identity p...
You Are Mine, No Else's *DreamnotFound Fanfic* by LisatheWerewoof2029
You Are Mine, No Else's * Lisa2029
Clay(Dream) and George were friends since they were 3 years old, they will always having each other's back. Dream moved away when they were both 9 years old, but they pr...
Dream SMP age regression one shots by ThisIsWater00
Dream SMP age regression one shotsby Good_girl_halo
Just a bunch of sweet stuff, give requests if you want to!
The boy nextdoor {Tommyinnit x reader} by _Lostinspace
The boy nextdoor {Tommyinnit x 🌙𝙇𝙤𝙨𝙩💫
Knowing him since you were children Tommy and you have been quite close. Both of you started YouTube channels and you saw him grow to such a big streamer. Wanting you to...
Lies {DREAMNOBLADE} by Justsomeloser69
Lies {DREAMNOBLADE}by Justsomeloser69
IRL MCC. What could go wrong when techno and dream are secretly engaged? Scott invites everyone to an IRL Minecraft Championship. Dream and Technoblade have been hiding...
~SkepHalo Oneshots~ by Pastel_Scribbles
~SkepHalo Oneshots~by Pastel
[REQUESTS CLOSED] [Art by me] Just some oneshots of these two, if you don't like the ship please don't send hate, you don't have to read it NOTE: I have no intentions of...
Marked by Skeppers14
Markedby Skeppers
[COMPLETE] At the age of 20, everyone on Earth has two tattoos form on their arms. One matches their soulmate, the other matches their enemy. Nobody knows which is which...