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Wanting Her by simxmy
Wanting Herby simmy
He watched her for months, craving every curve on her beautifully sculptured body. She was innocent and clueless of his intentions. He was going to do anything to make h...
MR. BILLIONAIRE  REVENGE by soulsisters1318
#1 In Love Again "I hate you Jade, and always will" He said to me. I hold back my tears , '' Well the feeling is mutual''. ...
The Boy (Brahms x Greta) by sonjoee
The Boy (Brahms x Greta)by sonia
It leaves off at the end, from when Cole smashes the doll and so on. Brahms is a boy who "supposably" died in a house fire on his 8th birthday. But what they d...
Yandere Boyfriend by SugaSkye
Yandere Boyfriendby Skye
{Completed} "I fell in love with a psychopath"
hes a psychopath / slow updates by paytonsfuturewifeduh
hes a psychopath / slow updatesby Localwhore
Payton a murder and psychopath falls for an somewhat innocent girl that he kidnapped
Was Once That Girl  by blueberry432
Was Once That Girl by blueberry432
'He set fire to the world around him but would never let a flame touch her' ----------------------------------- Camilla lastra Morroti, daughter of the worlds most dange...
𝐎𝐥𝐝 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬 by -Demonn
𝐎𝐥𝐝 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬by -200mgz
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚃𝚘 𝙵𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝙾𝚞𝚝 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 💗
Evil Sisters🔫🌚 by t4frmda813
Evil Sisters🔫🌚by t4frmda813
Read to find out‼️😭 It's 2 of the same book out.
Collected by Bayleezay
Collectedby Leezy
í'ʍ ղօԵ ցօօժ ɑԵ ԵհíՏ Տօ յմՏԵ ɾҽɑժ 😄😄😄😄
UNEXPECTED by pussytalks
UNEXPECTEDby blissfuli
__ In which young -soon to mafia leader falls in love with a girl he cannot have, but is ready to take any risk to make her his but the things she does only makes it w...
𝐊𝐄𝐍 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐁𝐀𝐑𝐁𝐈𝐄 ❘ ʳⁱᵖᵛᵒⁿ↗↖ᶠʳᵉᵉᵗᵒᵖ
"I love you to Kentrell" Barbiie lied as she smiled. "So how do i help ma?" He asked her as he placed his finger under her chin looking into her eyes...
Control (Complete) by Pannteelay
Control (Complete)by Pannteelay
မိဘတွေရဲ့ ပယောဂကြောင့် လူတွေကို မယုံကြည်တဲ့ စိတ်တွေ စွဲနေတဲ့ သူတစ်ယောက်ကို စိတ်ပညာရှင်တစ်ယောက်က ပုံမှန်လူငယ်တစ်ယောက်လို နေထိုင်မှုထဲ ဆွဲခေါ်ဖို့ ကြိုးစားချိန်မှာ .....
I looked up fearfully in the eyes of Dominic as he peered down at me. Our eyes met and the first thing I see was fire. He has control,over everything. Even me. I cried s...
Till Death do us Part by csloan2539
Till Death do us Partby csloan2539
MUST READ THE MAFIAS HEIR FOR THIS TO MAKE SENSE After moving in with Nicolas, Kailani is faced with more problems than she thought possible. While taking care of two ki...
- A Bloody Fantasy -  by Itz_neom
- A Bloody Fantasy - by - Siren -
------ A boy... A boy who's so many things.... A boy who has two paths... And a Bloody Fantasy... ------ By Itz_neom Thank you @Sayacielkill for making my cover...
don't get me wrong () prodigal son SLOW UPDATES by frogsrcoolll
don't get me wrong () prodigal frogsrcoolll
we're not born broken. people break us. prodigal son season one based on fox's tv show prodigal son STARTED 9/30/19
ကျွန်တော့်ရဲ့မိုးသားတိမ် by phoongonkhin
ကျွန်တော့်ရဲ့မိုးသားတိမ်by chacha
ခင်ဗျားရဲ့အချစ်က ခန့်မှန်းဖို့မလွယ်တဲ့မိုးသားတိမ်တွေဆို ကျွန်တော့်အချစ်က မိုးသားတိမ်တွေကိုအမြဲထွေးပွေ့ထားမယ့် ကောင်းကင်ကြီးဖြစ်နေမှာပါ ခင္ဗ်ားရဲ႕အခ်စ္က ခန္႔မွန္းဖို႔မလြယ...
SHE IS MINE by dharshiniT0
SHE IS MINEby dharshini .T
y/n as a normal grl Tae fall in love with her and stalk her daily his love is more than obsession he cant live without her