CHOSEN by JoshH1600
CHOSENby J.Harley
He's strong and can strike fear into the hearts of anyone. She's weak and scared easily. Nobody tells him what to do. She follows orders without complaint. He's an overp...
  • luna
  • gory
  • mate
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Jack In The Box by KittyKash92
Jack In The Boxby 👑K a s h👑
Jackson Wolfe is WoodVille Asylum's most notorious patient with a history of atrocious violence. The doctors and the nurses are aware of Jacks previous history. Jack is...
  • antihero
  • mystery
  • millionaire
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Unforgiving Shadow ✔ by anupamarc
Unforgiving Shadow ✔by A Roy
Wattpad Featured Story - Beneath what seems a straightforward lifestyle lies a dark secret. Someone is about to enter Alice Bennett's life and drag her to the depths of...
  • mystery-thriller
  • survival
  • crime
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Eridanus Flooding (WATTY 2018 WINNER) by RC_Pointer
Eridanus Flooding (WATTY 2018 Illiterate Author
Commander Jack Rhodes is a retired Navy Seal. Well. Retired isn't what he would call it. More like fired. Yes. Fired would be the correct choice of word. No one retires...
  • relationship
  • alpha
  • cop
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Revenge-A Love Story by Dreams_Valley
Revenge-A Love Storyby 👑
#2 Highest Rank in Spiritual This story is about a young girl Ruman Shah and Ali Khan. Ruman faces trouble in her life because of her brother deeds. A man named Ali Kha...
  • alphamale
  • beautyandthebeast
  • revenge
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Teenage Baby by Anyone187
Teenage Babyby Anyone187
Completed. #1 in Mystery/Thriller (29/5/2018) "No one will hurt you ever again, baby," he whispered. "Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Lou will make sure of that...
  • pastabuse
  • mystery
  • kidnap
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Ashley's Asylum (2) by Infamous
Ashley's Asylum (2)by Bea Infamous
Two Serial killers, one captive, chances of survival? Student psychologist Ashley is on a journey that will shake the foundations of her existence as she fights to stay...
  • convicts
  • suspense
  • murder
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Until Proven Innocent by AbbyRoseTyler
Until Proven Innocentby a.r tyler
Following the birth of her first child, Cordelia Waters suffered from a severe postpartum psychosis. When six months later, her baby goes missing, Cordelia becomes the p...
  • mystery-thriller
  • suspense
GENOVIA ACADEMY #PHTimes2019 by eyapurple
GENOVIA ACADEMY #PHTimes2019by Elieka Mae Rosales Lee
Hera Dominguez. Typical college girl. She grew up with wealth, fame and perfect family. She is smart, the kindest in her circle of friends and a total nerd in disguise...
  • goddess
  • magic
  • action-adventure
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Hidden University by Julieepao
Hidden Universityby Julieepao
Highest Rank:#4Mystery/Thriller *School for Secrets* Some secrets might kill you. Prepare yourself when you already get the secrets you want to know, they might give you...
  • love
  • mystery-thriller
  • gangs
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His Little Demon is Home  by Salujaka
His Little Demon is Home by Salujaka
Henry thought his hell was done. He thought he had gotten rid of his creation, he thought he had finally stopped Joey's madness and freed the ones who were trapped... B...
  • henry
  • regret
  • tragity
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Dying Embers  ✔ by anupamarc
Dying Embers ✔by A Roy
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY A drone is found on Mars on the same day Zoe Blackwell starts her new career, hoping the past will leave her alone. But an innocent interview with...
  • egypt
  • action
  • fiction
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The Truth Between Friends by Kthomas325
The Truth Between Friendsby Kat Thomas
She was in a new place, alone and secluded. He was in the same place and offered her friendship. time will tell what exactly the truth between friends really is.
  • mystery
  • modernau
  • love
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Hogwarts x Reader || Blood On My Name by venusiian
Hogwarts x Reader || Blood On My mikey
❝life is a fight, but not everyone's a fighter❞ y/n is the youngest of her family; a very dangerous family of Wizards and Witches with a bad reputation. -updates every ot...
  • fiction
  • hp
  • hogwarts
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Midnight Encounters || BTS/Jungkook 🌒 by silverstorme
Midnight Encounters || BTS/ silverstorme
"You can't tell me you don't feel this," he whispered huskily. "Tell me you don't want me as much as I've wanted you everyday for the last two years."...
  • ssawards
  • jungkookff
  • suga
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The MVW Awards 2018 NOW JUDGING  by writeordie0214
The MVW Awards 2018 NOW JUDGING by Alyvia Hutley
OPEN [] JUDGING [✔️] CLOSED [] Welcome to the MVW awards! I love helping aspiring writers and one of the best ways to do it, in my opinion, is to help get them more rea...
  • judge
  • vampire
  • prizes
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His Obsession |Taehyung AU| by kathySaphireblue
His Obsession |Taehyung AU|by Kathy 轉 ೃ༄
I was once invisible. Hated, alone. They couldn't care less about me. That was until you came into my life. You gave my life a purpose. People noticed my presence. I bec...
  • lovestory
  • obsessive
  • jimin
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Sin (Wattys Winner) by ShaunAllan
Sin (Wattys Winner)by Shaun Allan
WATTY WINNER! Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just another word. What would you do? Could you kill a killer? Does the death of one appease the deat...
  • england
  • chiller
  • wattpadstars
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Trouble in Paradise (Romantic Suspense, Completed) by EliseNoble
Trouble in Paradise (Romantic Elise Noble
When Callie Shawcross's fiancé jilts her days before the wedding, her best friend insists a relaxing break in the sleepy Egyptian town of Fidda Hilal is just what she ne...
  • humour
  • wedding
  • heartbreak
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Crowd: A Dystopian Social Network Thriller by MarsDorian
Crowd: A Dystopian Social Mars Dorian
What if an algorithm controls your life? In the near future, California is plagued by civil riots. Exploding rent, high crime, and political corruption threaten the live...
  • near-future
  • utopia
  • dystopian
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