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second lead. | 정원  by ohmyoons
second lead. | 정원 by ‹3
𝐉𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐖𝐎𝐍. in which two characters thought they can be their crush's end-game, only to realize they were the second lead all along. who would have thought they woul...
The Prank Caller Is An Idol!? ⚊ Enhypen Sunoo Text AU [ #2 ] by solivagante
The Prank Caller Is An Idol!? ⚊ 𓆩♡𓆪
In which a college student accidentally leaves her number on a sticky note in an ice cream shop and an idol decides to prank call her after being dared by their maknae.
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Unconditional Feelings (Heesun) by teoddeonu
Unconditional Feelings (Heesun)by ☆
"I hate you so much, but why do I want to kiss you right now?" HeeSun Au Based on the K-drama Love Alarm, but with a completely different plot. Enemies to lov...
Falling For You - ENHYPEN FF by yeahjongsaeng
[ON GOING] "You are ENHYPEN's girl ♥" said one of the seven boys. ------------------ When seven mates fall for one girl. This is just a story about an ordinary...
Absolutely Incorrect Enhypen by JaneIzAlone
Absolutely Incorrect Enhypenby __Jane
A collection of Enhypen incorrect quotes. Please don't reuse them without telling me. contains *jayhoon *heejake *sunki *sunwon *wonki and whatever tf there is I'll make...
radio show , sunwon by jaysmaid
radio show , sunwonby ★
"now that we are both single . . ." "go suck a dick, yang." ©jaysmaid / 2022.
Little space with troublemakers?  by Sunooscrown
Little space with troublemakers? by 🍯 Crownies 🍯
Kim Sunoo,a boy with a sick heart who has a secret.Only one of the members knows it but everyone needs to know it..right? Sunoo tried to talk to them but some of them ca...
Dancing with Love |sunsun| by serenitxty
Dancing with Love |sunsun|by serenitxty
A short love story of Sunoo and Sunghoon dancing at a dance company Started: February 2023 Ended: March 2023 THANK YOU SM FOR 1k READS <33333333 #7, #4, #2- on sunsun...
Mr. Park | Sunsun by 999th-queen
Mr. Park | Sunsunby ❤︎
Sunoo works in one of the biggest company of korea. AKA the Park company. But the weirdest part is..he never saw his boss...but he admires him alot for his success and h...
What I Said • Jakehoon by mylovenomin
What I Said • Jakehoonby jakeybaby
They are the bad boys of Seoul International High School. The thing is that they hate each other for some reason. "-Look I don't wanna be a jerk to you anymore and...
with you ‣ n.rk by flauvier
with you ‣ n.rkby 𝒕
after a long nap, yeseul soon unfortunately discovers that she was stuck in the library with her ex boyfriend. © FLAUVIER 2022 ENHYPEN FANF...
My Ex, Baby | Jake by jaeyunssi
My Ex, Baby | Jakeby Avri
The whole night was drunk, wild, fun, and free for the two ex lovers that said their goodbyes years ago. But what will happen if a new little human was created at that s...
roommate lovers || Kim sunoo  by User908757
roommate lovers || Kim sunoo by skz_07
"just shut up!! Shut the freak up!" She yelled . "listen .." , " no get aw-" and that's when i was cut off , by a plump pair of lips .. Kim...
✓ nostalgia | jungwon by charcoalate
✓ nostalgia | jungwonby eya<3
"Have you ever met a stranger you recognized?" One in ten thousand- that's how many people have someone predetermined for them. It's even rarer for them to act...
~Mine~ {Kim Sunoo} by Livi_en
~Mine~ {Kim Sunoo}by Livi_en
When Yang Y/N's worst enemy moved into her house, she's horrified. Slowly though, she learns that Sunoo makes a pretty good friend. But will it eventually lead to more...
My MC partner | Jungwon | by ilovejung1
My MC partner | Jungwon |by ilovejung1
She is a member of one of the most famous K-pop groups and so is he. Their paths will intertwined when they are selected to be this season's Music Bank MCs but eventuall...
The Sun In Our Eyes by wintervix
The Sun In Our Eyesby wintervix
"I'm glad Sunoo hyung is with us." -Jungwon "I can't imagine a life without him in our team." -Ni-ki Kim Sunoo is one of the member of a rising K-Pop...
Your typical enemies to lovers story• Sunki• by 00SUNK1M
Your typical enemies to lovers ☀️SunnySunSunSun☀️
You know how it is. Enemies to lovers. But this time maybe or maybe not with a twist. You'll find out sooner or later but for now sit back and relax~ "I hate yo...
My Little World (Little Space Kim Sunoo x Enhypen) Ft. TXT by Lhacky_prr
My Little World (Little Space Shion_Chira09
A cute little who just wants to be loved by everyone, but how can they accept him when he hides this fact from others? Some say unexpected things happen in the worst pos...
Back To Me   : Sunsun by ecrivaine_18
Back To Me : Sunsunby KIRA
"You are fucking crazy!" -Sunoo "We are all crazy.., you just refuse to see it Sunoo-ya.." "Let me go.. ple...