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My Favorite Shipper (AU) by ceeLexxx
My Favorite Shipper (AU)by JeyceeL⚠︎✍︎
This story is about two friends (Jungwon and Niki) who like to ship people around them. Until they met Jay and Sunoo. They planned to ship the two , but they didn't expe...
✓ | hit me up. (heejake) by taehyunsbicep
✓ | hit me up. (heejake)by ッ
in which jake sim finds a stranger's phone number written on a bowling ball and decides to call it. (bxb university au)
what's mine is mine ( hoonki ) by fourth_nfotfot
what's mine is mine ( hoonki )by sui hanbai <3
two boys having the same crush? ships : heejake jaywon hoonki yeongyu and otherss
insta. | jaywon. (social media ff) by yjeonginz
insta. | jaywon. (social media ff)by sammi☆
park jay is the most popular model/ instagram influencer. jungwon is jays biggest fan who owns the most followed jay fan account. russian translation by: @_neoblako_ fre...
camp ♡ jaywon by HVNLYWON
camp ♡ jaywonby jo ☆
wherein two cabin roommates find themselves infatuated with each other during a summer camp. 💌 camp, jaywon. this is actually my cringiest book, why are you guys eating...
ស្នេហ៍ដំបូង by neangwonie
ស្នេហ៍ដំបូងby neangwonie
ស្នេហាដែលកើតឡើងពីការស្រឡាញ់ ប៉ុន្តែ....
Forbidden to love (Jaywon)✔️ by Jay_wonniverse
Forbidden to love (Jaywon)✔️by Haerie
Where Jay is forced in an arranged marriage with the rich CEO's daughter in order for his family company to prosper. But what if he ends up falling in love with the CEO...
Stalker 🚩🔞(jaywon) <Slow Update> by ceeLexxx
Stalker 🚩🔞(jaywon) by JeyceeL⚠︎✍︎
"are you okay Jay?" Jungwon asked and handed his hand to Jay "Yeah.. I'm okay, thank you" Jungwon smiled. He saw Jay's glasses on the floor so he pi...
~Unrequited love ~ (SLOW-UPDATE )  by coconut_kita
~Unrequited love ~ (SLOW-UPDATE ) by takii
" ចាត់ទុកថាវាជារឿងចៃដន្យទៅចុះណា ដូចនេះយើងធ្វើជាមិនស្គាល់គ្នាទៅ ខ្ញុំសុំអង្វរណា៎ " "អត់ទេ " រឿងរ៉ាវដែលកើតឡើងដោយសារតែការភ្លើតភ្លើនរបស់យុវវ័យមួយដែលនៅ...
អាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍-Wedding❤️ by CuteCatJungone
អាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍-Wedding❤️by CutieCatJungwonie
Jaywon Sunki Jakehoon (សាច់រឿងភាគច្រើនadminសរសេរពីJaywonអញ្ចឹងបើសិនជាមិនសូវឃើញឈុតSunki&Jakehoonកុំសួរអី😅)
The Phone Switch-Sunki by Tia9254
The Phone Switch-Sunkiby Tia9254
"Wait this isn't my phone" Sunoo said "Did we get a new update why is everything pink" Niki said Started: Aug 4, 2022 Ended: May 12, 2023
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Forget me not   || Jaywon ✔️ by _whitesuga_
Forget me not || Jaywon ✔️by whitesuga^_^
Jay lost all of his memory of his boyfriend Jungwon after the car accident, but jungwon choose to stay as stranger to him, What will happen if Jay falls in love with...
You Started As My Tutor. || Jaywon by kittykils
You Started As My Tutor. || Jaywonby kittybuns
jay, as jungwon's assigned tutor, had a crush on jungwon, jungwon is also known as the cute flirt to half the school. he likes flirty jokingly to almost everyone he knew...
Right One | Jaywon by cranberryroses76
Right One | Jaywonby bluepepper
"My heart is so full of you, I can hardly call it my own. I'd be yours in a heartbeat, only if you asked." - an enhypen texting/twitter au story [Book 2 of the...
Elite Pack l Jaywon by Hisoka1930
Elite Pack l Jaywonby Jaywon
A myth about an elite wolf pack consisting of other kinds of creatures. One day, their parents finished their war with Eligor, the black bad wolf that wants a valuable...
Met at the ice rink || Jakehoon by wonniehourr
Met at the ice rink || Jakehoonby v&e
"Now I can barely feel my lips anymore. Can we get off the ice" Sunghoon suddenly stopped and looked at Jake, his eyes slowly went down to his lips. "I c...
Too Late | Jaywon by svnooshine
Too Late | Jaywonby svnooshine
It's all too late... Jay finally confirms his love for Jungwon but he has to go ⚠ This is a bxb story and it contains gay stuff. If you dislikes those stuff, go away! Do...
strict  / jaywon by classichoon
strict / jaywonby classichoon
Jungwon hated school, but the handsome new teacher Mr Park was a nice distraction. - Jungwon, Sunghoon and Ni-ki are known as the biggest slackers at Yongsan Academy. Th...
PUNISHMENTS by Snehal132
Niki being a brat was now getting out of control for his friends and family. So sunghoon took the opportunity ..................
Mate || Jaywon  by jung_one01
Mate || Jaywon by Jung_to_the_one<( ̄︶ ̄)↗
jungwon never once thought of thinking about having someone as a lover....nor ever wanna have mate. As a person born to be an omega...he had a lot of things in mind. Wha...
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