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Obsessed |18+ by _omanita
Obsessed |18+by Nita Ogueri
"Stand in front of me and undress." I shut my eyes, taking one more bitter gulp before creeping forward. As I did as he'd demanded, tears streamed down my face...
The Alpha and the Maid by punkin818
The Alpha and the Maidby punkin818
Most of her life all Sasha Stone has ever known is pain. After her pack was attacked when she was 6, she had been taken prisoner. After years of abuse Sasha finally runs...
Sinner  by cheriefics
Sinner by 𝓥𝓲 🌟
Is it a crime to fall for a man who has already been claimed? When Joanne finds a job as a maid in Jungkook's mansion, it's all fine. She thinks it's harmless to fantasi...
Little Maid by goddessofgreatness
Little Maidby Liya
After they won the war, Dabi got a hot maid. Dabi x black reader
I Became the Tyrant's Maid and Ran away! by PinP0nn
I Became the Tyrant's Maid and ꧁ SImP ꧂
I traversed into the world of my favorite novel, "Colliding Hearts", and Tried to save the cursed Crown prince from his nightmare! I ran away, hoping he'd meet...
An Heir's Forbidden Love by queen_ebony001
An Heir's Forbidden Loveby Queen_ebony
Sasha works as a maid for the Jefferson's, she gets bullied by the only daughter of the family, Ashley both at home and in school since they go to the same school. Ashle...
EVE by Katty_0149
EVEby omgOlivier
When a beautiful African girl just starting her adulthood is kidnapped from her country and sold off to the Mafia, her life does a full 360. Will she be able to cope? #...
Maid for Him. by Suziejayauthor
Maid for Suzie Jay
Tess, a hot-headed, tutu-wearing maid from New York City, gets a job working for a rich and powerful Virginian family who come from old money. When the family's devilis...
His Slave  by fearless123456789
His Slave by fearless123456789
This is how the world works, I've been in slavery my hole life. It's all about money in this world and that's something my family didn't have, I'm a maid in the Mccartan...
The Prince's Choice by morgie_321
The Prince's Choiceby Morgan
In the Kingdom of Ostium, once children reach the age of seventeen, they are assigned a job that they must work for the rest of their lives. Seraphina Lyton has suffered...
Maid For You by Little-Friend
Maid For Youby Kayla LaFroth
"GET OUT!" After kicking an egotistical, rude (albeit gorgeous) jerk out of her store, Cassie thinks she's seen the last of him. Too bad he's a prince. And tha...
The Tales Of A Pregnant And Rejected Luna|✔|2fab4reads|#projectcharacter  by RamataMaguiraga
The Tales Of A Pregnant And RamataMaguiraga
Highest ranking: #25 in werewolf L- life giving U- useful and strong N- natural care taker A- attractive That's what Luna stands for, all the things I was told I was...
The House Keeper by LJMay03
The House Keeperby LJ May
Montana Kelly had no where to go. She needed a job, a place to live. Oliver Black was the billionaire that needed a housekeeper. What would happen when they get to know...
Saving My Cinderella[COMPLETED] by kalechip31
Saving My Cinderella[COMPLETED]by Kale
WARNING: Story contains things that may trigger, and some rude language. Brittney, a slave in her own house. She is sold for a month's period to anyone who will buy her...
His Little Maid - Rewriting - by maycrusade
His Little Maid - Rewriting -by May
Lark is an Alpha of one of the top packs in the state. He is a great leader but he has spent his days lately on a huge mansion in solitude since he is still mateless at...
Taekook love Dose  by namjesusblessus
Taekook love Dose by Sanchita Luthra
A oneshot book Top tae Bottom Kook ~ In some books jk is a girl Chapter 1 - Family Chapter 2 - Not cruel Chapter 3 - Remember me Chapter 4 - My model baby Chapter 5...
Being loved by a Millionaire by thewritingmama
Being loved by a Millionaireby thewritingmama
(In the process of being heavily edited! Chp 1-6 finished) His eyes sparkle wickedly, as he smirks down at me. "You obviously don't know who I am do you?" He r...
Unknown Skies (SCP 953 X insanely OP male reader) by BB-Hime
Unknown Skies (SCP 953 X Battleship Demon
You are a godlike being and rule as an emperor over an interstellar superpower that slowly but surely devours time and space. One day on the way to a war council you wil...
Random Roleplay by campcamp_trash9
Random Roleplayby campcamp_trash9
Just a bunch of nonsense and horny rich people making moves on servants
Especially Ruth by mariaeyison
Especially Ruthby Maria Mensah
Ruth Alba, was sack from work due to her, coming to work late, she was a waitress at Love coffee shop. she later ended working as a waitress again in a club. she has to...