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The Maid (P.Sh) by ClumsyPotatoes
The Maid (P.Sh)by Sunny
"My son can be mean and cruel if he doesn't want someone to be around him. And he surely doesn't want a maid nor an assistant at the moment. But the house needs it...
Why Fall In Love With Me? [Taekook] by Ggukie_Tokki
Why Fall In Love With Me? [Taekook]by ♡(˙८ ˙)♡ 𝕄ɪ𝔫𝔫ɪ𝕖⟬⟭ ⟭⟬ ⁷
Jungkook's only a maid for the royals. Taehyung's a prince who fell in love with him immediately at the ball. What if Jungkook isn't really who he is?
His Dirty Little Secret by x_Dreamcatxher_x
His Dirty Little Secretby Entering The Next Step In Life
"My Love, I apologise and beg for your pardon a thousand of times" I rubbed her beautiful strong current hair. Lillian turned her head and saw the healer rubbi...
The Alpha and the Maid by punkin818
The Alpha and the Maidby punkin818
Most of her life all Sasha Stone has ever known is pain. After her pack was attacked when she was 6, she had been taken prisoner. After years of abuse Sasha finally runs...
The Kingdom  by M_Chow_xo
The Kingdom by 𝓶.𝓬 ♡
In the City of Pearl, once every girl turned 16 years old, they would be torn away from their families to become an obedient slave to the royal family. In the captivatin...
The Maid of Baybrook by Talia_Brandeis
The Maid of Baybrookby Lia
Nora saved her family's farm and future at the cost of her health. Knowing that the cost of her care would run her already poor family broke, she left. She built herself...
app13pi3 ~ K. Kozume [TEMPORARY HIATUS] by TiredOfFakeFriends
app13pi3 ~ K. Kozume [TEMPORARY 𝙙𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙚! 🦆✨
"ι мєт тнιѕ gυу αи∂ нє нα∂ ¢σσℓ нαιя" "ωнαт'∂ ιт ℓσσк ℓιкє?" "ρυ∂∂ιиg." ".... тнαт ιѕ ¢σσℓ" - in which a girl meets her online be...
Ciel x Shy! Reader. Lemon included. by LadyHylian
Ciel x Shy! Reader. Lemon LadyHylian
You are a shy maid who works for lizzie. But what happens when you meet Ciel?
The Iron Maiden by Huwake_43
The Iron Maidenby Huwake
21-year old Kawataba Junko was a workaholic that unfortunately died due to a supposed truck accident Was what it's supposed to be. But after discovering that her death w...
Maid for Him. by Suziejayauthor
Maid for Suzie Jay
Tess, a hot-headed, tutu-wearing maid from New York City, gets a job working for a rich and powerful Virginian family who come from old money. When the family's devilis...
Hurting Emma by Longweavelast1010
Hurting Emmaby Daddy thicc
A mute 16 year old girl Emma started working at the Williams mansion after her mother got admitted to the hospital for lung cancer. When she meets the reckless son of th...
The Playboy's Maid by virtualcry
The Playboy's Maidby virtualcry
Amelia Sage is trying her best to help her family get more money. Since Amelia lives with her divorced mom, things are much harder, they have many debts to pay including...
A Maid? Really?! by BestChapter
A Maid? Really?!by BestChapter
Mizuno, Miya. A highly proficient assassin from the twenty first century was betrayed by the organization that nurtured her to become a ruthless killer, and reincarnated...
Match Maid in Hell by mizpanda
Match Maid in Hellby Panda
Evangeline. An innocent, sweet maid with a tragic past. Seth. An arrogant, rude jerk with a troubled past. When Evangeline is 'forced' to be his maid and Seth is 'forced...
Vansh Rai Singhania, one of the richest business tycoon and Black Mafia King of world who have almost all states under him. He is the king of the Mafia world. He is also...
His Loyal Servant ✔ by Zaynab10_
His Loyal Servant ✔by Zainab Hassan
"We can't do this Ethan". I jerked away, my back hitting the wall. "And why can't we?" He asked watching me with his intimidating eyes. "Because...
The Tales Of A Pregnant And Rejected Luna|✔|2fab4reads|#projectcharacter  by RamataMaguiraga
The Tales Of A Pregnant And RamataMaguiraga
Highest ranking: #25 in werewolf L- life giving U- useful and strong N- natural care taker A- attractive That's what Luna stands for, all the things I was told I was...
His Innocent Mistress by AshlehQueen
His Innocent Mistressby AshlehQueen
"Are you firing me again?" Her voice trembled. She knew he won't choose a woman like her working at his place. He was way too good. "No...I can't do that...
His property. by yanglovesyin
His Miranda
" Sometimes we need to forget the people in our past, because they don't belong in our future." At least that is what Fay told herself. Fay is an omega in her...