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Slacker {Yoonmin Fanfic} by Yoonmin321
Slacker {Yoonmin Fanfic}by Rin(Yoonmin321)
Park Jimin is the director for the team who has to work on articles for music in his company so which means he's the boss of the whole team. Min Yoongi is his new secret...
The annoying Sugar Daddy (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The annoying Sugar Daddy (Yoonmin)...by RosetheK
Jimin was dragged against his will to a sugar baby event by his best friend and now he has a sugar daddy following him around. Jimin does everything to avoid him but not...
My love for a human (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
My love for a human (Yoonmin) *Com...by RosetheK
Jimin is a hybrid that was mistreated by his old master and because of that he is petrified of humans. While in a adoption center, he got adopted by a man who he knows i...
Hymen [Yoonmin] by Ilove1D1237
Hymen [Yoonmin]by Ilove1D1237
"I want you to break my hymen." "Jimin, you do know men don't have hymen's, right?"
The King's toy (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The King's toy (Yoonmin) *Complete...by RosetheK
The King's heart belonged to one man, Hoseok. But after a "accident", his heart found another. *Strong language *Violence *boyxboy *mention of self harm This i...
Dancer of Hearts (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
Dancer of Hearts (Yoonmin) *Comple...by RosetheK
Yoongi is a guy in love with his best friend Hoseok but when Hoseok leaves for two months due to personal matters, a new dancer comes along to teach them. Will Yoongi le...
Game Lovers (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
Game Lovers (Yoonmin) *Completed*by RosetheK
Ahela, A virtual reality game that you can be anything you want to be and escape from the real world and that's what two men do. A man disowned by his family because of...
Always and Forever (yoonmin texting) by Gangie86
Always and Forever (yoonmin textin...by Gangie86
[completed] A text from an unknown number. We have all gotten them. Scams mostly. Quickly dismissed and never thought of again. For one boy, Min Yoongi, an unknown text...
Text Me This.. || YoonMin✔ by TheAmateurStoryMaker
Text Me This.. || YoonMin✔by Myrthandel
"Hyung, send me the text you sent Kookie and Tae! Tell me that you love me too!" Sweet Hyung sent you 1 message. Started: 4/1/19 Finished: 10/3/19 Warning: boy...
Future Yoonmin  by minimini029
Future Yoonmin by Sun
'I am afraid you don't want me as much as I want you' Thumbnail by : yoonmin__x on ig and yoonminx5 on wattpad Sequel to "present time" . You can treat it as y...
DREAMING (Yoonmin) by mimi-joon
DREAMING (Yoonmin)by ✨👁👄👁✨
[COMPLETED] Jimin has a secret. Yoongi is a secret. Jimin is warm. Yoongi is cold. But they're both dreaming... together. - - - a fluffy short story of Yoonmin that's ba...
Stepbrothers {myg+pjm} by blue_mold8
Stepbrothers {myg+pjm}by ~ san
Where Yoongi's new stepbrother is way too sassy and way too sexy to be just a stepbrother
Él es una zorra │Yoonmin│ by TheStalkerCat
Él es una zorra │Yoonmin│by 0 stalker, mucho cat
Jimin necesita algo de Min Yoongi y por suerte tiene un secretito con que chantajearlo. Pareja principal: myg&pjm Pareja secundaria: knj&ksj Omegaverse AU.
#sleepisforlosers 수면은패자입니다(Yoonmin fanfic)(Mpreg) by Yoonmin321
#sleepisforlosers 수면은패자입니다(Yoonmin...by Rin(Yoonmin321)
Yoonmin fanfic in text for and some without. One boy named, Park Jimin with the username "Jiminie" posts about how he can't sleep at all Another boy, Min Yoong...
Photoallergy •Yoonmin• by Yoonmin321
Photoallergy •Yoonmin•by Rin(Yoonmin321)
In which a pale boy has an allergy to light and needs a home with a bunch of curtains. And another boy welcomes him with open arms into his own home. Start: 4/14/16 End:...
Dream: Fate | Yoonmin fanfic (2nd book) by Bangtaninfiresme
Dream: Fate | Yoonmin fanfic (2nd...by Bangtaninfiresme
¤ Sequel to the Yoonmin Fanfiction: "Dream" ¤ @bangtaninfiresme
Primer Amor Borroso [YOONMIN] by BlackCat_Yoonmin
Primer Amor Borroso [YOONMIN]by Min Jimin
Jimin es un estudiante de secundaria con una personalidad brillante. Él está enamorado de Kim Sowon, la chica que se sienta junto a él en clase. Pero se desespera cuando...
『 Whipped 』; Yoonmin  by -cyphr
『 Whipped 』; Yoonmin by 魈.
❝ Yoongi hyung? I think I'm gay for you. ❞ ❝ Okay. ❞ But for sure, Yoongi knows he was kidding. Or so he thought. Wrote the story with @Yoongaychim Date started: June 9...
The Night Show ✓✓  by Minnyoongzz
The Night Show ✓✓ by yoongzzᶻ 𝗓 𐰁☁︎
" මට විතරක් ඔයාගේ කටහඬ අහන්න දෙන්න පුලුවන්ද?? " " මට රස්සාවක් නැති කරන්නද යන්නේ?? "
will you keep it secret - yoonmin by gissyland_
will you keep it secret - yoonminby 🌙
"holding hands under the table, meeting up in your bedroom...Making love to other people, telling each other it's all good.." loving feeling-mitski story conta...