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Flying into the Spider's Web [OC x Soi-Fon] by Senjumarus_Plaything
Flying into the Spider's Web [OC Senjumaru's_Plaything
While on a mission in the World of the Living, Captain Soi-Fon has a run-in with a mysterious individual, who catches her interest.
KILL LA BLEACH  by omegacrow-nexus
KILL LA BLEACH by omegacrow-nexus
Welcome to my first anime crossover fanfiction. Combining bleach and kill la kill. Summary: After the life fiber war and the death of Ragyo kiryuin, Ryuko, Satsuki, and...
Love And Loyalty ( Naruto and Bleach Crossover) by ErinLindsey97
Love And Loyalty ( Naruto and ErinLindsey97
Soifon and Sasuke Uchiha are twin siblings who reside with their elder brother, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi has been their caregiver ever since their parents were tragically k...
Re: Bleach by ProfessorAutism420
Re: Bleachby ProfessorAutism420
Haha funny isekai moment, now he in Bleach. That is literally all you need to know. Abandon all Sanity, all ye who enter here.
What if I was in Bleach (isekai self insert) by biostryke
What if I was in Bleach (isekai biostryke
My first harem story and my second bleach story so ill only add 3 girls
Bleach Fanfiction by KanaeItsuki
Bleach Fanfictionby Kanae Itsuki
Kanae Itsuki was once a stray living in the outskirts of the Southern Rukongai District who would get beaten up almost every day, until she was taken into the care of th...
l'histoire d'une shinigami by chien_noire
l'histoire d'une shinigamiby chien_noire
voici ma oc Tobari ^^ et voici sont histoire en ésperent que cela vous plaisent^^
Bleach: Betrayal of a Bond by GodKakrot9076
Bleach: Betrayal of a Bondby GodKakarot9076
This is the backstory of how Chihiro went from a kind Soul Reaper to one that is cruel, and disrespectful to the captain of the 2nd Division, Soi-Fon. Will Soi-Fon be ab...
First of Iron by Great_Red
First of Ironby Amal
After a raining day Yoruichi takes a young boy.she names him and teaches him to fight,years later he dragged along to help rukia and begins an Adventure love pair: oc x...
Change one side.... Change the story by NarutoHitsugaya
Change one side.... Change the I need a life
I know this will be different compared to the others but I don't give two shits. This is about Toshiro being born as a noble. The Hitsugaya Family is a family about holl...
Into the Past by AngelMcGuay
Into the Pastby Angel McGuay
(Note: this is before any of the battles with Arrancars.) Soi Fon was watching over her troops training when a sudden flash of bright, white light blinded her. When she...
Two Worlds by Firewolves16
Two Worldsby Firewolves16
Soifon and Kazeshini go on mission to stop swordbeasts. But what happens when the cold captian and the zanpakto fall in love? How will the Soul Society react?
Kamen Rider Bleach/Ichiruki: Rise of Legend, Beginning of War by GodKakrot9076
Kamen Rider Bleach/Ichiruki: GodKakarot9076
Alternative Version/Crossover of Bleach: TYBW and Kamen Rider Geats. Tyranny is decided by the German-themed species, known as Quincy, who has declared war towards the S...
Bleach: A necessary job by Giddy-on-up
Bleach: A necessary jobby Giddy-on-up
After the war, the soul society had to rebuild and focus on raising the numbers of the Gotai 13. Soi Fon and the members of squad 2 have plenty of work to do as thing se...
Bleach : Adapt And Overcome by BhekiSithole7
Bleach : Adapt And Overcomeby Bheki Sithole
Follow Suika's escapades as she tries to find a place where she belongs in the harsh world filled with dangers that are of supernatural degrees.
Magic islands River and Rhine by Spirithawk16
Magic islands River and Rhineby Spirithawk16
The magical islands that no human has ever been and no magical being has left due to the dangers inside and out. Recently there have been some very odd happenings on thi...
Bleach Alternate Universe by Gyakkou
Bleach Alternate Universeby Gyakkou
synopsis: this story first takes place around the time when shinji and gang became hollows. this story will be about an oc named Amatsuki REWRITING