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On her feet she died. by AbsynthZaraki
On her feet she AbsynthZaraki
Arashi is a mere 4th seat, but she is the 4th seat of squad 11. She is the long time girlfriend of Renji Abarai and daughter of Ikkaku Madarame. What happens on the day...
The Heat of a Demon by Sellersjade12
The Heat of a Demonby Feuerengel32
A new woman enters into Squad 11 per Captain Kenpachi's request. She has to stay as tough as she showed off during the selection process. How does she deal with the squa...
Shatter: A Naruto Fanfiction by Aizen_Counter
Shatter: A Naruto Fanfictionby Aizen_Counter
A man who wanted absolute control over everything he set his sights upon... The very man who wanted to overthrow the god of the place he lived in. The man who was just a...
bleach fics by topmagtiger
bleach ficsby your local angst specialist 🌸
Various Bleach oneshots and stables featuring a variety of characters, pairings, and genres. There are plenty of fics of varying lengths for everyone to enjoy!
Kenpachi X Reader Oneshot- Equal by CursedTiger
Kenpachi X Reader Oneshot- Equalby Mouse
Kenpachi from the Bleach Series
Kenpachi Zaraki's Hidden story ( Kenpachi x Reader ) by msrenji
Kenpachi Zaraki's Hidden story ( Ms.Cc
Story is being revamped!! Please click on my profile to see new revamped story!!
Ichigo's Twin by Otaku913
Ichigo's Twinby Otaku913
You are Ichigo's Twin and your moto is I'm just as strong as anyone
Mad World [Kenpachi Zaraki] by Animemadness101
Mad World [Kenpachi Zaraki]by Animemadness101
They took everything from her. Left in the desert to die, Ellie will do anything to return home. To survive. But they aren't the only monsters in Las Noches, and now the...
Bleach One Shots by MayArclight
Bleach One Shotsby MayArclight
(Requests are: OPEN) Includes: Ichigo, Ulquiorra, Izura, Shuheim Yukio Hans, Captain Ichimaru, Captain Hitsugaya, Captain Ukitake, etc. Request your favorite male charac...
Bleach Boyfriend Sceanarios by alex_the_kind_one
Bleach Boyfriend Sceanariosby Alex
Come in and see! I will try updating once a month the characters are Ichigo Shunsui Jushiro Byuakuya Chad Uryu Kenpachi Toshiro Renji Kisuke, hisagi Kaname, Kira Is...
Bleach One-Shots *Closed to Requests* by Animemadness101
Bleach One-Shots *Closed to Animemadness101
A collection of Bleach one-shots I wrote between 2010-2018. I am no longer open to requests for one-shots as my interest has switched over to longer stories, but I wishe...
Anime one shots by Misuteri
Anime one shotsby Shitsuren Misuteri
Want to read some awesome anime one-shots? Then you have come to the right place!!
The Long Way Home by Farley_Moon
The Long Way Homeby Farley_Moon
After being attacked in the world of the living, Ichigo must try and find the culprit in the Soul Society. Update: It's finally finished. I really hope you enjoy this...
Tears of confession [Bleach] by kurenohikari
Tears of confession [Bleach]by kurenohikari
What happens when five kind, strong and beautiful souls are hurt by the ones they love the most? Ichigo, Renji, Hiromi, Yumichica and Hanataurou are mistreated by their...
All Things End (male child reader X adoptive mother Retsu Unohana) by ChrisReiniger
All Things End (male child Shadow Nexus
After a fierce battle with Kenpachi Zaraki, Unohana died from her wounds and from the effects of her Bankai. After she was put to rest something strange happened, she wo...
Bleach [One-Shots] by Ckirch
Bleach [One-Shots]by Dragona22
This is my VERY first story, its one shots with X reader I kind of know what I'm doing since I've read so much before,also I don't own Bleach Or the picture for the cove...
Shinigamis Joining The Survey Corps (A Bleach and Attack On Titan Crossover) by AphiosAllehan
Shinigamis Joining The Survey Aphios Allehan
I noticed that there are no Bleach and Attack On Titan Crossover ,so i made this book. The Head Captain Yamamoto ordered some shinigamis to go to a different wor...
Demigod (A Bleach Fanfic) by AphiosAllehan
Demigod (A Bleach Fanfic)by Aphios Allehan
He didn't know where he came from. Who's his mother and father? What if one day he met a person who claims that he is his father? What will he say? A/N I don't own the B...
Bleach x Reader by KuudereNekoQueen
Bleach x Readerby KuudereNekoQueen
A collection of oneshots. I don't own the characters.
Kenpachi en Zero No Tsukaima  by DanielKurosaki935
Kenpachi en Zero No Tsukaima by Daniel :v
Estuve buscando un Fanfic de kenpachi pero no hubo ninguno XD, asi que decidi crearme el mio... Supongo xd El Kenpachi que usare será meses después de la guerra contra a...