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Sherlock by G0ldenstateofmind
Sherlockby G0ldenstateofmind
Plot twist of season three of Sherlock Holmes.
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Your fading light, your growing shadows by janetimothyfreeman
Your fading light, your growing janetimothyfreeman
“I said: shut up!” Shouted John as he slammed one of his fists on the wall. Sherlock flinched, knowing it must’ve hurt a lot, but not daring again to open his mouth. “Ho...
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The Girl That Couldn't Feel(1) by luckie422
The Girl That Couldn't Feel(1)by ¡Meg!
(Sherlock Holmes) **Does not follow story line of BBC Sherlock** Hazel Malvin was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, until an unfortunate accident that left Her emo...
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Sherlock Headcannons by party_in_the_tardis
Sherlock Headcannonsby Kendra
pretty much what the title says
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Johnlock Fluff by Sherlocks_timelord
Johnlock Fluffby Claire and Lauren
Based on a post seen on Pinterest that inspired us to write a fanfic about each section. Each chapter will be a different scenario. See prompt here: https://www.pinteres...
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A soldiers path by marilynmontoe
A soldiers pathby Elliot
What begins as a new-found love between teenagers Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the year of 1996 quickly turns into something far more delicate when John is drafted...
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Coming Back by TheRedRoseMasquerade
Coming Backby Christina McKeefry
John's done with his own existence. With Sherlock and Mary both dead, there really is no point. So with a gun in his hand, he makes a brokenhearted alcohol fueled decisi...
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One-Shots {Anything and Everything} by CumberbatchedTom
One-Shots {Anything and Everything}by "You'll never win unless you...
This is basically whatever comes to my mind which I can't make into a story or I don't want to make into a story. I hope you enjoy! ~CumberbatchedTom @Copyright 2013
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May Your Heart Purr Like A Bumblebee [BBC Sherlock - Johnlock] by destinationtoast
May Your Heart Purr Like A destinationtoast
In which Harry is the biggest Johnlock shipper: Harry Watson is back from rehab and temporarily staying with John and Sherlock. She and John warily begin to rebuild thei...
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Johnlock one shots by sherlockhomles
Johnlock one shotsby Johnlock lover
Mildly inappropriate for young children viewers discretion is advised
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Human by Writing-Out-Loud
Humanby WritingOutLoud
One Shots of the BBC Sherlock characters based on songs I've heard. Multiple ships, although mainly Johnlock. Don't judge the stories because on the songs they're based...
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Again? by ForeverInTheClique
Again?by Don't Be Upset When I Disappe...
A smallish Johnlock fic where John finds a used needle of Sherlock's.
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Skyfall (Johnlock) by the_flying_ostrich
Skyfall (Johnlock)by Hogwarts Will Always Be There...
The world is about to end, and John and Sherlock are the only ones who know. A short oneshot about how they spend their last moments. I wrote this while listening to A...
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60 Ways to Say Goodbye - A Johnlock Fanfiction by doctorlocked10
60 Ways to Say Goodbye - A Brielle
John is devastated by his best friend and secret love, Sherlock's death. He copes by visiting his grave every day for sixty days. Will this be closure enough, or will Jo...
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What Once Was Mine by SherlockYoutube
What Once Was Mineby Symantha Ayeet
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Amnesia (Johnlock) by the_flying_ostrich
Amnesia (Johnlock)by Hogwarts Will Always Be There...
"He remembered the phone call vividly. Mrs. Hudson’s strained, sobbing voice telling him that John had been in an accident and was in the hospital. "
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Out Of My League by charlotte_rose__
Out Of My Leagueby charlotte_rose__
Teen!lock! Sherlock is an unpopular nerd whereas John is a popular kid who is captain of the schools rugby team. But this is fanfiction so stuff is bound to get mixed up!
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Johnlock:Engraved by 221benedicted
Johnlock:Engravedby 221benedicted
Angsty then fluffy johnlock at the beach. (This is my first fanfic. I don't own anything.)
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Eloquence of an Elusive Fangirl by focuspullingwords
Eloquence of an Elusive Fangirlby Lisa ^_^
She'd been involved in everything from petty theft to armed robbery, her role never differing from case to case. Dressed in a trench coat, hair curled and dyed, a young...
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Milk's Out by theholmessister
Milk's Outby Miss Write-A-Lot
John goes grocery shopping and Sherlock insists on coming with him. It ends with a bottle of lube, human body parts and a sexual frustrated shop assistant. Not what you...
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