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Tell Me Lies | Mystrade | by consultingmoonwalker
Tell Me Lies | Mystrade |by Clara
Gregory Lestrade was London's Most Wanted criminal. He stole, threatened, and murdered. He was gorgeous - deadly so. All he had to do was smile and his victims would wil...
Breaking the ice {Mystrade} by WholockedEllie
Breaking the ice {Mystrade}by Eleanor Holmes
After the Sherrinford incident, Mycroft finds himself lost, cold and afraid. But mostly bored. Luckily for him, one phonecall from a certain Detective Inspector is abou...
I Think We Need Counseling by 1bluewriter1
I Think We Need Counselingby I don't understand. Why do I...
John, Sherlock, Jim, Molly, Mycroft and Greg all go to the same group counseling sessions with Kelly Stanford. This is a story of all their "Team Building" exe...
Call Me Darling by mycroftlovescake
Call Me Darlingby Mara Anderson
Greg is at this posh school on scholarship, but his grades are getting low; if he doesn't find someone to help him, he won't be able to stay. Luckily for him, Mycroft Ho...
Goldfish by Fandom_Rubbish
Goldfishby Cas
After their father walks out on them, everything goes wrong for Sherlock and Mycroft. Beloved childhood dog Redbeard dies in an accident that seemed a tad too planned to...
Mystrade: Face to Face with the Government  by bbhrupp
Mystrade: Face to Face with the bbhrupp
[Prompt: Mystrade mpreg! but this time Greg is the one that's pregnant. Starts Pre-Mystrade. It's not omegaverse or carriers, instead it's one of Sherlock's "experi...
Just One Try [A Mystrade Romance][ON HOLD] by MusicGirl66
Just One Try [A Mystrade Romance][ SexyMindPalace
Lestrade and Holmes had never met. They had no reason to. When Mycroft goes to Greg for help, will romance bloom? Or was it just for the older Holmes entertainment?
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferencesby Just_A_Sherlockian
Hi, reader! In this book, you will find lots of imagines with the various characters from BBC Sherlock. Most imagines are Sherlock x Reader, but you will also find plent...
Hogwarts by DrJohnHolmes
Hogwartsby DrJohnHolmes
John is the Quidditch star and Sherlock is the school freak. They hate each other at first, but what's to say old resentments can't be forgotten? Johnlock Potterlock ...
Deduce Me by eyesfilledwithstars
Deduce Meby Han(nah)
A BBC Sherlock fan fiction *Teenlock* *Johnlock* *a bit of Mystrade* Welcome to Baker Street Secondary... Are you in the mood to read an EXTRAORDINARILY long teenlock...
||SHERLOCK ONE SHOTS||REQUESTS OPEN||Random Updates|| by FanficTrashBean
The description is in the title. Accepting requests! - Y/N x Character - Character x Character - OC x Character Also, Benedict really does look like an otter
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2 by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2by Just_A_Sherlockian
Hi, reader! I'm glad you've stumbled upon my book. You will find plenty of Sherlock x Reader imagines in here, but I also write imagines/preferences with other BBC Sherl...
BBC Sherlock Memes by KendraNullings
BBC Sherlock Memesby KendraNullings
It has been over a year since "The Final Problem" aired, and I have taken it upon myself to collect the best memes, Tumblr posts, and fanart this flaming pile...
Sherlock: His Lover Called A [Sherlaide II] by Uilosris
Sherlock: His Lover Called A [ Uilosris
[Semi-Canon] [Highest Rating- #1 in sherlocklovestory] It's Autumn in London and Love is in season for one Consulting Detective and Zoologist. Sherlock Holmes and Adelai...
Mystrade Oneshots  by Professor-Stealyarty
Mystrade Oneshots by ...
I have been writing these for so long jesus christ. It's been like a year someone stop me. I have proof read these so many times but if you see anything that I've missed...
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlockby May
Sherlock Holmes a seventeen years old teenager got expelled from school. The reason of that was because he burnt his dorm room. He went to a new school together with his...
Consider love - A Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Consider love - A Johnlockby May
Dr. John Watson thirty-four years old got shot in his shoulder during an army training after struggling with a depression. He decided to study Dutch for a new army train...
Oh Brother... (Sherlock & Mystrade FanFic) by miraclelock
Oh Brother... (Sherlock & miraclelock
D.I. Lestrade was on his way to St. Bart's to talk with Molly. He wanted to see if she had found out anything new about a recent case. Once he got there and walked into...
Finally [Johnlock] by JawnnnnnAndSherly
Finally [Johnlock]by ben wyatt
[Completed] [Five years after the end of Series 4] Life has moved on. Everyone has moved on. Except for two of London's most important people. #2 in johnlock :: may 2019
Sherlock Imagines by julzrulz4ever
Sherlock Imaginesby ✗𝙹𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚊 ✗
Imagines of the reader and characters from BBCs Sherlock. I don't own Sherlock characters. BBC does.