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Just Some Johnlock Oneshots by justagaygirl18
Just Some Johnlock Oneshotsby justagaygirl18
Just some cute and fluffy Johnlock oneshots written years after the show came out (cuz I'm obsessed with it)! There probably won't be any sad ones cuz I read to get away...
Intrigue me [Johnlock Teenlock] by Euphoria_Sam
Intrigue me [Johnlock Teenlock]by Euphoria_Sam
What will happen when John becomes Sherlock's roommate? *Johnlock teenlock au* Highest rankings: #1 in Teenlock #2 in Consultingdetective #2 in JohnxSherlock #2 in John...
Johnlock Oneshots by mostlymal
Johnlock Oneshotsby Mostly Mal
Johnlock oneshots, alternative universes, and songfics. [COMPLETED]
Waiter in a suit - A Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Waiter in a suit - A Johnlockby May
John Watson thirty-two years old wasted his entire life with failing dates with women. Until someone simply told him that he was gay. A Johnlock fanfiction ~ Johnlock ~...
Prank Call (Johnlock) by Wholockedjohnout
Prank Call (Johnlock)by wholockedphanout
Johnlock/teenlock/messages fanfiction.
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlockby May
Sherlock Holmes a seventeen years old teenager got expelled from school. The reason of that was because he burnt his dorm room. He went to a new school together with his...
Can't go back by belinda822
Can't go backby Trisha
Teenlock! Like I said before, I don't usually do AUs, but I had the sudden urge to do a teenlock. I sent this to a friend and asked her to come up with a title with me...
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2 by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2by Just_A_Sherlockian
Hi, reader! I'm glad you've stumbled upon my book. You will find plenty of Sherlock x Reader imagines in here, but I also write imagines/preferences with other BBC Sherl...
Johnlock Oneshots by HAMMYLOVER16
Johnlock Oneshotsby HAMMYLOVER16
YAY! JOHNLOCK! Anyways these are little one-shots about John and Sherlock! Some will be cute, smol fluff! And some WILL BE SMUT SO WARNING!! Oh and uno más....I LOVE YAL...
And Together We Fell (prev. "Teenlock") - An AU Sherlock/Johnlock Fanfic by forensicartists
And Together We Fell (prev. "Teenl...by forensicartists
Meet Sherlock Holmes- a 15 year old sociopath; arrogant, tactless, rejected, but enjoys a life of solitude and deducing. Meet John Watson- a 15 year old footballer; qu...
Like a Fairytale by DrJohnHolmes
Like a Fairytaleby DrJohnHolmes
Sherlock is the son of a rich business man, and there was only one thing that he wanted but couldn't have; John Watson. There was no way the Freak and the star football...
A Study In Him (Teenlock) by Garnent
A Study In Him (Teenlock)by FOX 🦊
19-year-old John Watson has finally gotten his chance to start on his course in becoming a doctor, and has landed at Sir Arthur University in Central London. Here, he me...
Mistress of Deception | A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction by wittyglasses
Mistress of Deception | A BBC Sher...by Dana A.
Sometimes they called her a traitor, or a liar, or a thief. She denied nothing, because maybe she was. It wasn't a secret that Anthea Carter and Sherlock Holmes were inc...
Think about me - A Johnlock fanfiction by xMaaaayx
Think about me - A Johnlock fanfic...by May
John sees that something is wrong with Sherlock. - Avoiding John - Ignoring texts - Decling incoming calls - Acting strange - New flat mate John wanted to find out the r...
Soulmates // Johnlock🦔 by BlindBirdy
Soulmates // Johnlock🦔by Blind Bird
-Johnlock Fanfic- 🍩-What if in an alternate reality people have visual signs of soulmates identity? Names written on their wrists? 🍪-And what if William Sherlock Scott...
Hooked (teenlock) by Striksette
Hooked (teenlock)by Striksette
Sherlock Holmes is a teen with a curse. Well, not exactly a curse- in fact, some call it a gift. His mind automatically analyzes any item or scene in front of him, unwel...
Johnlock Oneshots by johnlockapples
Johnlock Oneshotsby johnlockapples
//Its all in the title// Just some little stories I've come up with or prompts I've seen on social media :) If you have any requests feel free to message me and I'll tr...
Getting Through (Teen!lock) by missdeathfrisbee
Getting Through (Teen!lock)by Viv
When John first arrives at his new boarding school, he was expecting a normal room mate. God, he was wrong. Sherlock may be far from normal, but this only attracts Joh...
lost in space by 221bgaykerstreet
lost in spaceby honking heck
WARNING: RAPE AND ABUSE. john watson wants to get lost in space. sherlock holmes helps him come back to earth.
Shut Up And Kiss Me by moriartyhimself
Shut Up And Kiss Meby moriartyhimself
Jim came from a broken home, but soon ruled the school. Sherlock came from a loving home, but was bullied at school. An unlikely pair who cause a lot of trouble.