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Sherlock Imagines by CrazygirlP13
Sherlock Imaginesby CrazygirlP13
Hello to the Sherlockians of the vast Wattpad world! I am happy to present a whole bunch of BBC Sherlock imagines! I understand if some of you read this and think &quo...
My brother's archenemy (Moriarty X Reader) by A_Loki_Variant
My brother's archenemy (Moriarty X...by 🥀🌸💫💭🐉💮
(Jim Moriarty X Reader) [COMPLETED] y/n Holmes, the youngest of the three Holmes siblings, decides to visit her brothers in London, fascinated by "The blog of Dr. J...
y/n Holmes (Loki x reader) by marvel7starkid
y/n Holmes (Loki x reader)by marvel7starkid
"So you want me to interrogate him? That's why i'm here? To babysit a bloke you have locked in a cage" You asked in your heavy English accent that you had pick...
Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock) by BadWolfBlue
Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock)by BadWolfBlue
Kyna Jocelyn Graham is unusually talented and intelligent, much to her mother's unending and embarrassing horror. For sixteen years Kyna's mother has been desperately tr...
The Swan Queen | Sherlock by justadreamertoo
The Swan Queen | Sherlockby Laura T
'I remember when I met him, it was so clear he was the one for me. We both knew it right away.' Samantha Holmes is the 22-year-old cousin of consulting detective Sherloc...
Little Games [Jim Moriarty] by DeadHead_Fics
Little Games [Jim Moriarty]by 🌸 𝕊𝕜𝕦𝕝𝕓𝕪 🌸
A new life. A new city. And a hell of a lot of trouble. Renzo, otherwise known as Rens Drake, is a Scottish boy, recently moved to London for a fresh start. However, wit...
His ransom - Moriarty x Reader by StayinaliveOrnot
His ransom - Moriarty x Readerby Ah-ah-ah-ah stayinalive
You are 19 years old. You've lived in France for the past 5 years, until your brother Sherlock called you, obviously terrified and back on drugs. He asked you to stay as...
~Sherlock Preferences~ by TenebyCat
~Sherlock Preferences~by Eden's Serpent
BBC Sherlock Preferences: ~Sherlock Holmes ~Greg Lestrade ~Mycroft Holmes ~Jim Moriarty ~John Watson
Partners In Crime - A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction[COMPLETED] by TheWeepingAngelOfCas
Partners In Crime - A BBC Sherlock...by EmmiStabdEmAll
Authors note: I do not own BBC Sherlock. I only own my Original Character. I simply added some words to the cover. The rest I found online. Summary: Two Consulting Det...
annabel lee┃sherlock holmes (✓) by -asgardians
annabel lee┃sherlock holmes (✓)by alylah
" Memento Mori." | Annabel Lee should be dead, and yet she stood on the doorstep of 221B under the rain, shivering as she looked up the consulting detective's...
Jim Moriarty's Daughter by butchersmiles
Jim Moriarty's Daughterby amanda
A series of one shots about Jim Moriarty and his daughter, Jen.
Mental: Sherlock x fem!Reader x Moriarty by 221b_blogger101
Mental: Sherlock x fem!Reader x Mo...by Anna Watson
You move into 221A. You're a forensic scientist. You fall for a sociopath and a psychopath. What more can I say? Oh, and did I mention the men you fall for are arch-enem...
The Heart of a Sniper (MorMor) by Chaserjinx8065
The Heart of a Sniper (MorMor)by CW
"This is your heart, and you should never let it rule your head" Sebastian Moran is a criminal. A sniper for one of the worst criminals in the world. Jim Mori...
Vampire on Baker street ( A Sherlock fan-fiction) by Cynder15
Vampire on Baker street ( A Sherlo...by Sara
Sara Knightly is a 300 year old vampire. While in London she decides to pay her old friend, John Watson, a visit. There she meets a man named Sherlock Holmes. How will S...
It Started With Stealing | Sherlock Holmes by Mickey_Fable
It Started With Stealing | Sherloc...by Yelena
Elizabeth Parrish is a thief but not just any thief - She is Moriarty's personal thief. She made a deal with a devil and she enjoyed it: the thrill, the challenge, the m...
Jim Moriarty Imagines / One Shots / Short Stories (BBC Sherlock) by MoriartysProdigy
Jim Moriarty Imagines / One Shots...by R. Holmes
If you're like me who's in love with this psychopath, you came to the right place! This book is a collection of Jim Moriarty Imagines, One Shorts, and Short Stories! Enj...
You can't "fix" a Psychopath by Lehnsherr1011
You can't "fix" a Psychopathby The Critic
No matter how many times you tell yourself you can change him. You can't. There is nothing left in this world, that can help Jim Moriarty.
A Consulting Detective, Ex Army Doctor, and Child Mercenary Walk Into A Room by betweenthehashmarks
A Consulting Detective, Ex Army Do...by Samantha
A child mercenary gets whisked away to London where she finds two men. The only consulting detective in the world and an army doctor. She's bound for adventure as we all...
Jim Moriarty x Reader by BusyBeesKnees
Jim Moriarty x Readerby BusyBeesKnees
You are on a trip to London, England. While you are there, you run into none other than Jim Moriarty himself. Of course, being as you don't live there, you have no idea...