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Meant to be.  by lazarusbee
Meant to be. by lazarusbee
John had wanted to get out of his hometown the minute he turned eighteen. He graduated with full honors to study medicine, with a scholarship to play rugby at the Academ...
The Secrets They Hide by Detective4Death
The Secrets They Hideby Mayy
(TW for: biphobia, implied abuse, fights, blood, death, metal health, and murder) You changed my life For worse, for better You changed me For better, for much better
Charles Augustus Magnussen is dead. Jame Moriarty might be alive. Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be on a suicide mission. Needless to say, things aren't exactly what th...
Sherlock Preferences by BaileyMarie635
Sherlock Preferencesby Bailey Marie
Includes: •Sherlock Holmes •John Watson •Greg Lestrade •Mycroft Holmes •Jim Moriarty •Sebastian Moran •Molly Hooper •Mary Morstan •Eurus Holmes •Irene Adler
The Cold Tea by frazeologia
The Cold Teaby frazeologia
"I am perfectly sure everything will get back to normal without my interference", Sherlock eventually replied in an oddly calm tone. "Yeah, it's a possibi...
Through Sherlock Holmes's Eyes by thesciamachysociety
Through Sherlock Holmes's Eyesby <3
Here are some notes that I imagine Sherlock Holmes would be thinking when it comes to being with John Watson. This will mainly describe his thoughts towards John rather...
Sherlock Preferences by SummerRain20
Sherlock Preferencesby Summer Rain
We all love our resident crime solving sociopath and his band of mary men. I am sure we have all also fallen in love with at least one, if not multiple, of these fine ge...
Johnastian Oneshots by Detective4Life
Johnastian Oneshotsby May
Just some fluffy and angsty oneshots of Sebastian and John, the latest otp of mine eep.
It was just ELEMENTARY... by CeciliaPerazaArias
It was just Cecilia Peraza
William Sherlock Scott Holmes. After all this years I thought my life was just as normal as it can be for a highly-functioning sociopath like myself. Until that very day...
Meanwhile In Another Universe... by johnlocklover2006
Meanwhile In Another Addison
This is a Johnlock fan fiction i wrote (as requested by some dude on pintrest) i do not own any of the characters in this story all works in this are fictional also i e...
Childhood Heroes {Sherlock Fanfiction} by daydreamer_sophie
Childhood Heroes {Sherlock ᕲᖇᘿᗩᘻᘿᖇ
"Don't turn people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did... I wouldn't be one of them." × = × = × = × When all is lost and there is no light...
Deductions and Cigarettes (A Sherlock's Daughter/Sherlock's Son fanfic) by DLConter
Deductions and Cigarettes (A Delaney Conter
"Can I yell at him?" Angelica asked gleefully. Sherlock frowned and gave her a knowing look. "You let him smoke," He stood up straight. "I shoul...
Always by Johnlockbitch_2006
Alwaysby Bisexual Donut
Six years ago Sherlock Holmes found out about the wizarding world, for him it was an escape to his turbulent muggle life, a fresh start, a new beginning. Little did he k...
lucky people ~gawsten & johnlock~ by TheStrangerUniverse
lucky people ~gawsten & johnlock~by Parker 💕
Geoff is a skater boy, awsten is the mom friend. Sherlock knows jack shit about feelings and John can't handle it
(Rdj) Holmeshots by Sherlock_Stark_
(Rdj) Holmeshotsby Sherlock Stark
oneshots of our favorite (or second) detective and/or his best friend not x reader with sherlock ships of course this is like my tony centric oneshots but with Sherlock
inside 221b by Sherlock_Stark_
inside 221bby Sherlock Stark
bbc Sherlock oneshots not x reader sherlock ships this is like my tony centric oneshots and my (rdj) holmeshots
Little Oddball (James Moriarty x Sister!Reader)  by Seri_ri
Little Oddball (James Moriarty x Ri
" So, where do you stand in all of this? " The man in front of me, Sherlock Holmes, queried. His piercing gaze held a confused look as he scanned me over and o...
Perception of the Mind by mixxagonal
Perception of the Mindby mixxagonal
"Suicide." Was the word that caused Ophelia move to London, after her father, famous musician Lawrence Smith- was announced committing suicide. With only her c...
The Agent and The Deductionist by another-nerdy-girl
The Agent and The Deductionistby Calima
All she had was her, Father and best friend. When she lost one it flipped her life upside down. She dove into her work and that kept her sane for a while until she found...