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7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Days in Florida (DNF) by Ship_On_The_Sea
7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Ship_On_The_Sea
It's one thing flying out to another country and spending a week in your best friend's home, but it's another thing if you're in love with said best friend. That's a who...
feel my hands. (dnf x gream) by skinny-lovee
feel my hands. (dnf x gream)by amfi 🎸
"You see the good in everything, George. That's why I like it when you look at me." From a young age, Dream has come to realize that love is complicated. Love...
Love Knot (Short Stories) by dazzling_glitter
Love Knot (Short Stories)by ♡
♡ Your hand touching mine, This is how galaxies collide ♡ If one smile from you to me could be transformed into stars, then I might as well be holding up the entire sky...
Oikawas Last Wish by Hisoka_Sangwoo_stan
Oikawas Last Wishby Markus
This story is not mine i just saw that it wasn't on wattpad and some people do not have access to the story so here you go. CREDITS GO TO Danaiacake.
Strings of Love by dazzling_glitter
Strings of Loveby ♡
(♡ A Mafia Love Story ♡) No matter, how tangled the strings of my heart get, they'll always find their way to you ❤️
Well, That Was A Thing (Good Omens One-Shots)  by Zakani_Donovan
Well, That Was A Thing (Good Dragon Girl
Random AU's for the Ineffable Husbands that either come out of my mind or got inspired by other AU's in the community (if that is the case, I'll specify from where and w...
I Adore You by ames0420
I Adore Youby Amie Browning
George is head over heals in love with Dream. George didn't realized the feelings may be mutual tell an accident happens, causing Dream to make a spontaneous decision. T...
BRUTISH PASSION by zaib9hasan
Best Ranking 2# love confession 9/3/2020 5# Desi on 22/9/2019 "when will you accept ,that you are mine ?? His hold on her wrist tighting . But girl to hell bent on...
Finding Ourselves  by dazzling_glitter
Finding Ourselves by ♡
(♡ Rich Politican and an Orphan Girl Love Story ♡) Always keep my love in your heart ❤️ Pairs are made in heaven! Right? A beautiful love story of simple and kind girl...
Vegeta's Hidden Talent (COMPLETE) by ThunderBandito
Vegeta's Hidden Talent (COMPLETE)by ThunderBandito
Vegeta has an amazingly beautiful talent. No one knows about it, up until a certain optimistic saiyan stumbles upon Vegeta doing his thing. Goku starts to find out new...
All I Want. [ WWE Seth Rollins x Reader ] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
All I Want. [ WWE Seth Rollins x Alcauter_
You're in average person working at a semi-boring job. All you have is your best friend Christian, but an unexpected man shows up creating something much troublesome. I'...
OffGun Fun Night Live by SpellWolf
OffGun Fun Night Liveby SpellWolf
Completed ✅ Off and Gun host another episode of OffGun Fun Night (Live Stream). They have some special guests and things go further than they ever have in terms of fan s...
The Kiss Of Tomorrow✧||Tsukishima x Reader||✧ by vvaronz
The Kiss Of Tomorrow✧|| tsukkisbitch
Moving to the Miyagi Prefecture was never in your plans but seeing that you are starting your first year of high school, it really doesn't seem that bad. That is until y...
Everything  by AkiKyuuka
Everything by AkiKyuuka
Mistuki knew they would be fine but something about this was making him feel uneasy. What bothered him most was that there wasn't a rational reason for it. It was just a...
Broken Silence by BrendaWalsh18
Broken Silenceby BrendaWalsh18
"Do you love her?". "What?" said Benny rubbing his eyes tiredly. "Um". "Look, Benny," said Harry, "I don't know you very wel...
Queen of miyagi-do  by mgglover200
Queen of miyagi-do by mgglover200
This story is about a girl named y/n and after her mom dies she has to live with her father Johnny Lawrence she trains at cobra Kai. Then she realizes it changed her not...
Melting Me Softly by dazzling_glitter
Melting Me Softlyby ♡
(♡ Mermory Loss Love Story ♡) I love you the way a drowning man loves air and it would destroy me to have you just a little ❤️
What Could Go Wrong? by Glowstyx_
What Could Go Wrong?by Megz
Castiel has finally found an amazing boyfriend and wants him to meet his best friend/collage roommate, Sam. Dean finally found someone to love and is meeting their prote...
Declaration or Separation  by abasI7
Declaration or Separation by abasI7
It's either let her go or hold her with everything you have. It's whether stay with him or leave to overseas. It's now or never! Pride or love? Confession or partition...