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Sherlock pics  by Squipy123
Sherlock pics by Squipy🏳️‍🌈
I got into Sherlock I think I bit to late but! I love it so I'm making a book about it!~ hope you enjoy ☺️
Written in Flesh and Blood - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Written in Flesh and Blood - • K •
John hates the idea of soulmates. The scar covered, cursive writing of the word 'Willaim' haunts him with childhood trauma made worse by his experiences from the war. S...
Between The Raindrops- A Johnlock Fanfiction (Sequel to Beside You) by SherlockedDoors
Between The Raindrops- A the rest: rust&stardust
(Sequel to 'Beside You- A Johnlock Fanfiction') Now, finally reunited and married, the consulting detective takes his blogger for a honeymoon in Paris- but not is all as...
A Change Of                                                       Heart by sociopath_at_221b
A Change Sociopath_at_221b
On the chase and Sherlock manages to end up needing a dentist. Drugs have a habit of making you say the maddest things as well as your inner thoughts- how does Sherlock...
Johnlock Smut by brokenbackyard
Johnlock Smutby brokenbackyard
Just some smutty Johnlock oneshots, enjoy!
One shots (johnlock fluff mostly)  by sociopath_at_221b
One shots (johnlock fluff mostly) by Sociopath_at_221b
Send me any ideas you have- prompts/pictures/fan art/anything I am taking requests and will happily accept anything Mostly fluffy
Johnlock Oneshots (On hold) by amwyatt
Johnlock Oneshots (On hold)by The Prince Of Flies
Just some Johnlock one-shots. This will include Mystrand and Mormor. I really like writing soulmate AUs so lots of those. Please request thank you!! Remember to vote and...
Hurts Doesn't it? by sociopath_at_221b
Hurts Doesn't it?by Sociopath_at_221b
John leaves Sherlock to face the world on his own. It was either John die, or Sherlock and John die and so he made the decision and he pulled the trigger. Leading up to...
My Doctor (Johnlock) by Nip-Noop
My Doctor (Johnlock)by Bitch
just a quick johnlock story. I'm sorry for eny spelling mistakes this is my first fanfic story
Intrigue me [Johnlock Teenlock] by Euphoria_Sam
Intrigue me [Johnlock Teenlock]by Euphoria_Sam
What will happen when John becomes Sherlock's roommate? *Johnlock teenlock au*
Beloved My John - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Beloved My John - Johnlockby • K •
John, You asked me once why I loved you. You asked me why someone as extraordinary as me could love someone as ordinary as you. To me John, you are extraordinary. I h...
Secrets [Johnlock] by Euphoria_Sam
Secrets [Johnlock]by Euphoria_Sam
Sherlock is not one for relationships, yet he has feelings for John Watson. John Watson is not gay, yet he has feelings for Sherlock Holmes. At a time when feelings can...
Nightmares - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Nightmares - Johnlockby • K •
Plagued with memories of the war, John Watson tries his hardest to stay busy, to keep awake., burying himself in cases and work until his body can't tske it anymore. Slo...
To Be Happy by OhhManWhatANerd
To Be Happyby cas
"I'm in love with you, John." In which John and Sherlock navigate their awkward and tense life after Sherlock confesses his feelings. An angst-ridden tale of d...
Love:The Power of Life and Death- Johnlock by Tink_1507
Love:The Power of Life and Tink_1507
It has been 3 years since Sherlock Holmes fell to his 'death', suddenly he discovers things that he never noticed about his companion, John Watson who is now suffering w...
The Game is On (A Johnlock FanFic) by emelgibbons
The Game is On (A Johnlock FanFic)by Kyle Gibbons
Sherlock and John are just friends... aren't they?
That Which is Buried (Sherlock/Harry Potter Xover) by NatashaDuncanDrake
That Which is Buried (Sherlock/ Tasha (Natasha Duncan-Drake)
🕵️When Sherlock starts acting strangely after a case, John recognises the signs of possible repressed memories. He goes to Mycroft to find out what could be wrong with...
Please Be John by aphjohnlock
Please Be Johnby Keith
In this (BBC) Sherlock AU Sherlock Holmes is given a pen pal named John Watson for an university assignment. Finally. Sherlock has made a friend. A best friend, and he h...
A Strange Meeting by Ciel_the_Writer
A Strange Meetingby 🖤𝕾𝖆𝖒𝖍𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌🖤
It's Valentine's Day, Sherlock's least favorite day of the year. It was like any other Valentine's Day, that is, until he received a letter that had him reminiscing.