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Written in Flesh and Blood - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Written in Flesh and Blood - • K •
John hates the idea of soulmates. The scar covered, cursive writing of the word 'Willaim' haunts him with childhood trauma made worse by his experiences from the war. S...
Secretly I Think You Knew by DrJohnHolmes
Secretly I Think You Knewby DrJohnHolmes
John Watson never really bothered to notice the strange boy in his grade, the self proclaimed sociopath that lingered in the back of the classroom, that is until a chanc...
Johnlock Oneshots by HAMMYLOVER16
Johnlock Oneshotsby HAMMYLOVER16
YAY! JOHNLOCK! Anyways these are little one-shots about John and Sherlock! Some will be cute, smol fluff! And some WILL BE SMUT SO WARNING!! Oh and uno más....I LOVE YAL...
These Days by DrJohnHolmes
These Daysby DrJohnHolmes
John has the perfect life, he has a beautiful wife, a adorable little kid, and a large, cozy house. He hates it to death. Sherlock has the worst possible life, his job...
Johnlock - Oneshots by Fanfictomholland
Johnlock - Oneshotsby • K •
Some johnlock oneshots cause they're easier than committing to a whole new fanfic. Oneshots include: - Fall in Love Tonight Inside the Backseat - A Dare - I Put Produc...
"I Don't Mind" by gay_otp_shipper
"I Don't Mind"by DEAD ACCOUNT
(short story) as Sherlock and John play a drunken game of Celebrity Heads, confessions arise, creating some issues the next morning. As they discuss the events of the pr...
When Luck Runs Out by DrJohnHolmes
When Luck Runs Outby DrJohnHolmes
Sequel to Luck Goes Both Ways One year after John Watson escaped the Hunger Games, he and his mentor, Sherlock Holmes, embark on their victor tour. But with the coming...
A Drunken Christmas at 221B - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
A Drunken Christmas at 221B - • K •
On the days leading up to John and Sherlock's second Christmas together at 221B the pair find themselves very drunk, leading to long withheld confessions, and ultimately...
A Rainy Day (Johnlock Fluff) by adaptingrose
A Rainy Day (Johnlock Fluff)by Jaidin
Sick Sherlock and John are alone in their toasty flat on a cold, rainy day~ No smut, no cursing, purely fluff (◡‿◡❀)♥
The signs of death by Johnlock_fluf_lover
The signs of deathby Johnlock_fluf_lover
Spoilers ahead!!!!!!!!!!! During the wedding of John and Marry Sherlock realizes that someone is about to get murdered. But it is not Major James Sholto. No, it is him...
John's Birthday Surprise. by marilynmontoe
John's Birthday Elliot
Sherlock takes John to Scotland for his birthday, where he plans a huge surprise for him. Very fluff, cute (and a lil saucy) johnlock.
johnlock: I do (fluff) by marilynmontoe
johnlock: I do (fluff)by Elliot
John and Sherlock's wedding is fast approaching, and they have a tough time to get it all sorted. Who's the mystery guest, and who takes a fancy to Molly?
Sexual tension by OhWatson
Sexual tensionby "Oh, Watson"
Sherlock and John have sex after their first case
Where We Started by DrJohnHolmes
Where We Startedby DrJohnHolmes
When John Watson breaks into the creepy old house, he only expects spiderwebs and maybe a trespassing fine. But when a mysterious angel statute sends him back in time to...
Johnlock fluff (A short story) by gay_otp_shipper
Johnlock fluff (A short story)by DEAD ACCOUNT
John and Sherlock have an argument about Sherlocks case obsessions and lack of socialising. Making them both emotionly vulnerable when the topic of dating is brought up...
The Holmes of Hogwarts by disenlockment
The Holmes of Hogwartsby she/her :)
"You're very loyal, very quickly." John Watson, a talented Quidditch Chaser, starting off the year with casually getting a girlfriend and falling victim to som...
Beloved My John - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Beloved My John - Johnlockby • K •
John, You asked me once why I loved you. You asked me why someone as extraordinary as me could love someone as ordinary as you. To me John, you are extraordinary. I h...
Finally Falling In Love by johnlocker02
Finally Falling In Loveby Dan
Sherlock Holmes is not afraid of being alone. He has been alone his whole life, he loves being alone- that is until he met John. Now every day apart from him is like Hel...
The House and its Boy {Book One in the Runaway Holmes Quintology} ~kid!lock~ by bloodylaundromat
The House and its Boy {Book One Kate
John Watson, a healthy, friendly, English boy stumbles upon Sherlock Holmes, a runaway living in the abandoned house next door. At first, Sherlock is standoffish and col...
What Camp Does to You (Johnlock) by Potterwholock_
What Camp Does to You (Johnlock)by The Doctor's companion
John is having trouble keeping in his love for his camp best friend, Sherlock, when the perfect opportunity to say something comes along. This is a fluffy, Johnlock/Teen...