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A Change Of                                                       Heart by sociopath_at_221b
A Change Of...by Sociopath_at_221b
On the chase and Sherlock manages to end up needing a dentist. Drugs have a habit of making you say the maddest things as well as your inner thoughts- how does Sherlock...
Written in Flesh and Blood - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Written in Flesh and Blood - Johnl...by • K •
John hates the idea of soulmates. The scar covered, cursive writing of the word 'Willaim' haunts him with childhood trauma made worse by his experiences from the war. S...
Hurts Doesn't it? by sociopath_at_221b
Hurts Doesn't it?by Sociopath_at_221b
John leaves Sherlock to face the world on his own. It was either John die, or Sherlock and John die and so he made the decision and he pulled the trigger. Leading up to...
Missing Piece - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) by strawberryrhapsody
Missing Piece - BBC Sherlock (John...by strawberryrhapsody
John is furious and leaves the flat after an argument with Sherlock. A short while after that he wents missing and now Sherlock tries his hardest to get his only friend...
Nightmares - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Nightmares - Johnlockby • K •
Plagued with memories of the war, John Watson tries his hardest to stay busy, to keep awake., burying himself in cases and work until his body can't tske it anymore. Slo...
Beloved My John - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Beloved My John - Johnlockby • K •
John, You asked me once why I loved you. You asked me why someone as extraordinary as me could love someone as ordinary as you. To me John, you are extraordinary. I h...
Fall in Love Tonight Inside the Backseat - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Fall in Love Tonight Inside the Ba...by • K •
John and Sherlock find themselves in an extremely long and awkward cab ride home after solving a case outside of London.
Cuddling on a Rainy Night - Johnlock by Fanfictomholland
Cuddling on a Rainy Night - Johnlo...by • K •
Sherlock and John are locked inside 221B Baker Street during a downpour. Sherlock finds himself getting increasingly bored.
Johnlock One-shots (Fanfiction) by ayamerocks
Johnlock One-shots (Fanfiction)by Ayame
A collection of Johnlock one-shots (fanfiction)! These do not contain any sexual/mature content (unless kissing counts, which, probably doesn't). Enjoy!
One Week by Maxx_ChMcD
One Weekby Maximilian Mann
After John returns from being kidnapped, Sherlock is beyond worried, and the only thing that comforts him is striking up a week-long deal. But will they manage to fulfi...
Gratificación by FluffyDame
Gratificaciónby Lilieth Herly MM
No hay muchas razones por las que Holmes pueda sentirse agradecido; solo hay una. -La imagen de la portada no me pertenece.
a private detective and an army doctor walk into a tea shop by mahmfic
a private detective and an army do...by mahmfic
Well, they had to have a conversation about living together, right? Hound/Watson gen or pre-slash depending on how you read it. Set right after the first episode.
Sherlock's Secret by Gothicbabe666
Sherlock's Secretby Gothicbabe666
A dark secret that Sherlock can either let tear him apart or bring him closer to understand the John is the closest he will ever get to a friend. We all have a choices...